Stage and Boss Guide

Stage and Boss Guide: Common “Stuck” Stages Guides

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General Tips

Bring weapons that are strong against the stage.

  • Near: Shotgun, SMG
  • Far: Sniper
  • Mobs/AoE: Rocket Launcher, Machine gun
  • Boss/ST: Assault Rifle

Burst gauge seems to fill on individual enemy hit, meaning AoE damage (Harran), Rocket Launchers, and (sometimes) shotguns are more valuable than initially thought against mobs.

DestroyFocus high priority targets such as stunners, bombers, lasers, etc. Kill the boss before time runs out.
Defense BattleUse special raptures to your advantage. They will stun or group enemies when destroyed.
Base DefenseKill all ground enemies. Once only flying enemies are left, go into cover. Wait until timer runs out; the progress meter will fill for an easy win (not sure if bug).
Boss BattleTurn off aim assist, as aim assist makes it harder to aim at red circles. Focus green circle > red circles > boss parts. Allow mobs to die to aoe, unless they have special debilitating moves (stunners, bombers, lasers). Bring good dps.

Campaign Normal

It is important to not be too far below the CP requirement in Campaign mode, as you will receive a stat penalty.

If stuck: level units, skills, equipment, cubes, recycling.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

  • 8-27 Remember to take cover against big attacks.

Chapter 9

  • 9-27 The lasers can be tanked at sufficient health. Bring a shielder and/or a healer.

Chapter 10

  • 10-27 Focus the floating enemies. Bring a shielder, taunter and/or healer

Chapter 11

  • 11-27 DPS the main body until x14 bars of health are left, then kill the legs. Each leg deals x7 bars of health. Alternatively, bring a shielder and/or a healer for auto. The laser can be tanked at sufficient health.

Chapter 12

  • 12-9 Some defensive utility preferred. Bring AoE burst if possible to quickly clear waves, and time with waves. Focus the boss at end.
  • 12-15B
  • 12-14 Towers at the back deal much more damage than towers that spawn at the front. If you’re taking too much damage from towers, just keep restarting until you get a front tower, then keep that tower alive as long as possible. You can even put the AI in cover and DPS the boss alone to ensure a back tower won’t spawn.

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Campaign EX

EX battles fix your units’ levels to a certain level and have no BP requirement. However, other stat sources and skill levels apply.

If stuck: level skills, equipment, cubes, recycling.

  • 8 EX (Defense): Bring sufficient AOE and close/mid range DPS. Manual on your best ST dps and focus stunners.

Campaign Hard

It is important to not be too far below the CP requirement in Campaign mode, as you will receive a stat penalty.

If stuck: level units, skills, equipment, cubes, recycling.

Hard 1

Hard 2

Hard 3

Hard 4



Simulation Room Guide

Tribe Tower

Lost Sector

Refer to the Lost Sector Walkthrough guides.


  1. Tips for 16-22? At a high power deficit, I’m hard convinced this isn’t doable without Noah/Centi and Harran/Modernia.

    • I am using Noise + Centi + Modernia + Drake + Volume at levels 152, with a 12k CP deficit. Let me tell you, even with Centi and Modernia it’s not doable at this point, I think it will be at 155 maybe. I can get the boss down to about 2 health bars. I tried Privaty but she’s anti-synergy with modernia tbh, the attack buff is good but you’re gonna need the ammo here

      You need to deal with the suicide bombers at least half of the time even if the timing on Centi’s walls are ideal because of the sheer number of them, at this point it’s all about damage numbers, I dont have enough attack and you need Noise or someone equivalent to stop you getting one shot sometimes if Centi fails and you cant get them all.

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