Tribe Floor 100 Guide

Boss information and attack patterns

The boss has no Destructible parts. Core is bright red.

1st image is his most dangerous move (indicated by right arm glowing red), able to severely damage or one shot a unit if out of cover. 2nd image is what the boss uses right after his laser in the first image. In the 3rd image, the boss uses this attack if you’ve dealt enough damage (around 14x hp bars left~), you might be caught unprepared if you are not in burst mode or in a reload animation. Luckily the move itself does not do much damage and can be easily tank by covering. 4th image is a move unlocked after the first prompt of the circle breaking move, slightly hurts but nothing too dangerous.

Dangerous Mobs

Spawns in third mob wave, debuffs your units attacks, destroy asap.

Spawns in fourth mob wave, They hurt, destroy Asap.

Sneaky units, spawns at fifth mob wave, not noticeable when they first spawn, they appear at the edges of the screen. Kill them as they can severely injure/ one shot units.

Annoying, Deals a hefty amount of damage if kept alive, Destroy ASAP.

Suggested Team Comps

Run this team if you do not have a Centi and has trouble living through the boss. Manual Noah and spam her rockets for burst gen, if you’re able to gather enough burst gen and time everything right, you’re able to Block/I-Frame every laser shot the boss does, keeping your units safe. Although high Single target DPS’s are preferred such as drake and scarlet to compensate for the DPS loss for running 2 defenders.
(Poli can be substituted for Aria, Although Poli is still preferred for her attack buff, use Aria if you don’t have Poli. don’t replace Noah as she is your main Burst energy generator).

Centi is MVP here, her shields are able to block the laser shot from boss and is not tied to a burst skill, you may have to manipulate her shield timings via her skill 1 if you can’t consistently block the boss’s laser shots when leaving her on auto. Modernia is also a good pick here as she is able to clear out the more dangerous mobs consistently with her extended Full burst timer and burst. Drake or DPS shotgunners are good here just because the boss is big and they eat pellets, last slot is Flex pick. You can use helm For more sustain if needed, or Scarlet and the sorts for more ST damage.

Example of Centi blocking his laser Shot (Works for Poli and Aria shields as well)

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