Arena (PvP)

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Arena is a new PvP game mode where you battle against other players on your server for rewards.

Rookie Arena

Rookie Arena is unlocked after clearing Campaign 3-16.

Arena is a game mode where you challenge opponents on your server in battle to gain arena points. The amount of arena points you have determines your ranking. You are rewarded a number of arena shop vouchers depending on your rank that you may exchange with rewards.

You must set both an attack and defence team in order to participate. We have confirmed that changing equipment for units on your defence team will change your defence team’s equipment. In other words, your defence team equipment and cube set up does NOT save. Opponents may attack your defence team when you have your units left without equipment if you are not careful.

You must challenge an opponent’s defence team with your own attack team. Upon victory, you gain arena points. The amount of points gained increases the higher your opponent’s points is.

Upon a loss, you lose arena points. The amount of points lost increases the lower your opponent’s points is. This includes defence losses. When a battle runs out of time and results in a draw, the defender will win by default.

There are 3 free daily Rookie Arena entries per day. Additional daily Rookie Arena entries can be gained by upgrading the Infrastructure Core. You gain 1 extra daily entry at Infrastructure Core Stage 6, and 2 extra daily entries at Infrastructure Core Stage 11 for a maximum 5 free daily entries. You can purchase additional entry chips at 100 gems per entry.

You are able to choose from 3 different opponents. You are matched with opponents that have a similar amount of arena points as you. If there are no available opponents, you will be matched against AI or random unranked opponents. When matched against AI, it will have extra combat power. Refreshes are free and unlimited, meaning it is possible to battle to same opponent 5 times in a row a day for free and lowering their Rookie Arena Points for each victory.

Victory rewards are rewarded immediately. Daily rewards are rewarded through the mail. For detailed information, see the Rewards section below.

Special Arena (SP Arena)

Special Arena is unlocked after clearing Campaign 11-13. SP Arena is cross server between 10 servers (or 9 for servers 1~9) and a bot server.

Special Arena requires 3 attack teams and 3 defence teams to participate. You may not attack nor be attacked until you have set all 6 attack and defence teams. Like with Rookie Arena, changing equipment for units on your defence team will change your defence team’s equipment. In other words, your defence team equipment and cube set up does NOT save. Opponents may attack your defence team when you have your units left without equipment if you are not careful.

Available opponents will be displayed by battle rank, with the first opponent being the highest ranking opponent. You may only attack opponents of a higher battle rank than you. Refreshes are free and unlimited.

The battle is divided into 3 rounds: in round 1 your first team will fight, in round 2 your second team, and in round 3 your third team. The player to win 2 rounds in the best of 3 will be the victor. Battle mechanics are otherwise the same as Rookie Arena.

When you win against a player, you swap battle ranks with that player. E.G. if you are rank 4 and you win against the rank 1 player, you become rank 1 and they become rank 4.

You receive 2 free Special Arena entries daily. After the 2 free entries, you may spend SP Arena Chips for additional entries. SP Arena Chips can be purchased at 100 gems each.

It is important to participate in Special Arena as it rewards gems, and points that are prerequisite to participating in Champion Arena. For detailed information, see the Rewards section further below.

As the season end gem rewards are rewarded based on point ranking, it is important to begin accumulating points as early as possible. For F2P players, it should be fairly easy to reach top 10% for 1200 gems without spending any gems on extra battle entries.

For more competitive players, it is crucial to gem before the first hour reset (as soon as SP Arena opens) for a spot at the top of the battle ranking to begin accumulating points. This is because even a single hour of a difference between rank 1 and no rank is 600 points. Even if you steal rank 1 and set them behind to rank 2, the difference of point income between rank 1 and rank 2 (and between all top 10 battle ranks) is only 5 points per hour. Therefore, a 600 point difference will require 5 days to overcome. This means a 3+ hour difference of 1800+ points can never be overcome, as it will take 15+ days and the season ends after 14 days. This fact will only change if the season reset does not reset players’ battle rank in future SP Arena seasons. It costs 1400~1500 gems to reach rank 1 from beginner rank. Refresh to find the highest rank opponents possible for each battle. Refreshes are free and unlimited.

Hourly rewards are claimable by entering the Special Arena page and clicking on Muscat. Hourly SP Arena Points will not overcap after Muscat reaches 100%, but Hourly Arena Shop Vouchers can overcap if left unclaimed.

The Special Arena Season lasts 14 days. SP Arena Points and Point Ranking is RESET after a season ends. Battle Ranking is NOT reset after a season ends.

It is possible to still battle and claim SP Arena Points while the remaining Season time displays as 0D 0H. However, as you can claim SP Arena Points as soon as the next season begins, it is advised that you save your SP Arena Points to claim for the next season after you have reached your desired Point Ranking in the current season.


Every day you receive rewards depending on your arena rank. Arena rank is evaluated by arena points. The arena season lasts 2 weeks. At the end of the season, all players receive rewards according to their rank, and the rankings are reset. You must participate in arena at least once to receive rewards.

Arena exchange vouchers can be exchanged for rewards through the arena shop. Code Manuals and Code Manual Selection Boxes are the recommended purchase. If you are able to maintain a high ranking, you can buy out all Code Manuals and Selection Boxes every day. If you are low ranking, only buy the code manuals for the element(s) you need. Do NOT buy equipment.

Rookie Arena Daily & Season Rewards

Rewards are sent through the mail.

RankDaily Arena Exchange VoucherSeason Arena Exchange Voucher1 Win Arena Exchange Voucher

Special Arena Hourly Rewards (Battle Ranking)

Rewards must be claimed by clicking on Muskat in the Special Arena page.

TierHourly SP Arena PointsHourly Arena Exchange Vouchers
Challenger 1600400
Challenger 2595399
Challenger 3590398
Challenger 4585397
Challenger 5580396
Challenger 6575395
Challenger 7570394
Challenger 8565393
Challenger 9560392
Challenger 10555391
Diamond 1525390
Diamond 2495389
Diamond 3465388
Diamond 4435387
Diamond 5405386
Diamond 6375385
Diamond 7345384
Diamond 8315383
Diamond 9285382
Diamond 10255381
Platinum 10380
Platinum 20379
Platinum 30378
Platinum 40377
Platinum 50376
Platinum 60375
Platinum 70374
Platinum 80373
Platinum 90372
Platinum 100371
Gold 10370
Gold 20369
Gold 30368
Gold 40367
Gold 50366
Gold 60365
Gold 70364
Gold 80363
Gold 90362
Gold 100361
Silver 10360
Silver 20359
Silver 30358
Silver 40357
Silver 50356
Silver 60355
Silver 70354
Silver 80353
Silver 90352
Silver 100351
Bronze 10350
Bronze 20349
Bronze 30348
Bronze 40347
Bronze 50346
Bronze 60345
Bronze 70344
Bronze 80343
Bronze 90342
Bronze 100341

Special Arena Season Rewards (Point Ranking)

RankingSeason End Reward
Top 0%~10%1200
Top 10%~50%900
Top 50%~100%600


  1. Will there be a PvP addition to the tier list in the future? I’d love to have a PvE and PvP side of it when its updated!

  2. Note that refreshes on opponents are infinite and free with no cooldown.
    Since defeating an opponent results in their ranking going down, it is possible to “snipe” your enemies

    • It is not a currency that can be spent. They are arena points that determine your final sp arena ranking for season rewards, and qualification for entry into championship arena.

  3. I really appreciate this resource! The numerous example teams make this page too long. It would be cleaner to make one page with the mechanics and another with the teams. It would also be nice to elaborate on the importance of the roster order. It sounds like the Nikke’s on the ends are the most vulnerable, so you want the most important Nikke in the middle somewhere.

  4. Hi, great works!
    I do have a question about Yulha, why is she rated that high and present in some burst comp? Her skill 2 buffs while being the highest atk buff seems to never get activated for 1st full burst and match (at least in my current CP around 60k) never last long enough for it to activate.

    Is it her skill 1 that make her good in arena because it’s easy to activate and gain crit rate?

    • Yulha is specifically used to counter tanky units (primarily Noise) and Noah, since they make it difficult to end the fight with one burst rotation. Since some of your units may die after the enemy’s first burst rotation, the second burst rotation is not guaranteed. However, if Yulha and another DPS unit can survive, she provides a strong attack buff that may be enough to kill the remaining enemy team.

      • Thanks for your answer.
        It make senses, Yulha def look like underatted.
        wish I could test her again against the only noise user in my bracket but he actually farm me (because his cp too high imo 60k vs 78k) and our point range is too high and can’t meet him. In my observation you can’t meet someone that has more than 100pts than you, which is kinda dumb.

  5. Thanks for the useful advice and tutorial, really appreciate it!
    However, there is a typo at the “daily attempt” in Rookie Arena (it says 3, but the correct one is 5 attempts)

  6. I don’t get it the special arena reward thing. The season ended but I never received any gems from it like, just the 600 gem and all that. How do I get the rewards even though season ended? For example, right now I’m rank 9 Platinum, current rank is 134. Shouldn’t I at the very least receive some rewards from this???

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