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ImageTitleRarityBurstWeaponClassCodeCompanySquadOverallWaveWave BossSingle BossTribe TowerIf No BugPositionRoleBurst CDSkill PrioritySynergiesSummary
Rupee: Winter ShopperRupee: Winter ShopperSSRIAssault RifleDefenderElectricTetraTalentumSupport 1Buffer, Healer, Tank20
Anne: Miracle FairyAnne: Miracle FairySSRIIRocket LauncherSupporterWindMissilisRecall & ReleaseSupport 2Buffer, Debuffer, Healer
NeveNeveSRIIIShotgunAttackerWaterTetraUnlimited5.344765.8Burst 3DPS402 > 1 > BShotgunFirst impression: Great F2P SR shotgun DPS for Interception S and other boss fights. Outclassed by SSR shotguns.

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Event Quick Guide

  • Do NOT buy stamina until hard mode unlocks (December 15)
  • Event stamina is worth buying if you have 100% drop rate
  • Farm the material that you need. At level ~121, cores; level 121~141, data and cores; level 141+, credits and data is recommended to farm.

Latest Bugs

  • Focus Fire Bug (Gameplay Bug) New!
  • Snow White Burst Bug (Unit Bug) New!
  • FPS Drop/Lag (Other Issue) New!
  • Laplace (Death) (Unit Bug) Fixed!
  • Laplace (FPS) (Unit Bug)
  • Harran Range Bug (Unit Bug)
  • Scarlet Skill 1 Bug (Unit Bug)
  • Aim Reticle Burst Bug (Gameplay Bug) (Previously known as “Soline Bug”)
  • See the bug guide for more bug information

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