Harmony Cube Guide

This guide aims to help you towards the placement of cubes, while informing the costs and resources needed to upgrade cubes.


Cubes are obtained from Lost Sectors, finishing all lost sectors will at least give enough mats to level 2 every possible cube, the rest are obtained through Union shop. Union shop currency is obtained via union raids and placement.10 Batteries are worth 2000 union chips. There are 3 cubes that will get used more often that others. Resilience, Bastion, and Wingman. These cubes give reload speed, ammo refund and ammo capacity respectively. The other cubes are pretty much situational and/or for stat purposes.

Any units not specifically listed means that they are not of priority to give the cubes to or do not have any notable special interactions with said cube. If the User does not have any units that is mentioned, read the cube overviews and make a personal judgement on which Nikke’s should a cube be placed on.

The “Damage as strong element” Is an addition to damage against enemies that are weak against the Nikke’s element with the equipped cube. (ex. Scarlet has equipped cube that is level 5 which is the level said passive unlocks, she will do additional damage against lightning weak enemies in addition to the 10% base additional damage, so 10 + 8.48% = roughly 18.48% more damage towards element weak enemies)

Cube Unlocks

Assault Cube = Lost Sector 01
Assault Battery = Lost Sector 03

Onslaught Cube = Lost Sector 02
Onslaught Battery = Lost Sector 05

Resilience Cube = Lost Sector 04
Resilience Battery = Lost Sector 06

Bastion Cube = Lost Sector 07
Bastion Battery = Lost Sector 08

Adjutant Cube = Lost Sector 09
Boost Battery = Lost Sector 10

Wingman Cube = Lost Sector 11
Augmentation Battery = Lost Sector 12

Cube Effects


Increased Reload Speed

This cube is the best cube at early – late game as it is very versatile. Every core dps will want to hog this cube. Resilience increases reload speed, which is vital for units such as Scarlet, SG’s, RL’s, and other units that have long reload times.

Units listed above are units that benefit greatly from this cube. Pepper may look like the odd one out, but if the user uses Privaty + Resilience cube with manual play, Pepper’s healing dramatically increases via her last bullet skill; Fast reload + Mag debuff procs her last bullet more often because of lower bullet count and faster reload speed.


Ammo Refund

This cube is very good for late game units where Users have Max ammo + rolls on their Overloaded gear. Bastion Cube can outperform Resilience cube in certain scenarios, but more often than not, Resilience cube is a slightly better comfort/versatile pick for all Nikke’s with the exception for MG Nikke’s. As MG’s also want to avoid reloading at all costs, for there is a wind up time for MG’s, which reduces DPS.

Scarlet (with at least =>50 Ammo), and Modernia benefit from this cube quite a bit. other MG’s or AR’s of your preference will also work with the bastion cube. The reason why this cube is good for MG’s and AR’s to an extent is because the larger the mag a unit has, the more benefit this cube gives as refunded ammo is able to refund itself in a sense.
So if Scarlet is at 50 ammo, this will refund 10 bullets at bastion level 2 per mag, the refunded 10 bullets is enough to refund another 2 bullets.

However, if running Reload teams (Privaty or admi), Resilience straight up beats Bastion.


Increased ammo capacity

An ok cube for mid game purpose. Mostly used for RL’s and SG’s. Can be used for core DPS’s units but not as a first choice option.. The reason why it’s not better than Resilience or Bastion is because the max ammo is additive and not multiplicative. In other words, if you already have Max ammo rolls from overloaded gear, it does not multiply the ammo count, but rather just adds the base ammo to the magazine (Ex. Scarlet base ammo 20 x (Overload Max ammo % + Wingman ammo %)). meanwhile Resilience and Bastion are effectively final multipliers for ammo count.


Increased charge speed

A situational cube used by units such as Alice, Snow white, and even Rapunzel. Since Alice has high charge speed when you have high skill investments on her, and even more with Overloaded gear with charge speed rolls, every charge speed towards 100% counts. getting 100% charge speed on Alice is convenient as Alice is able to have full charge on frame 1 when she is able to fire, increasing her damage ceiling if the User can play her optimally; this can be the clutch for her if needed, otherwise User can use Resilience cube on Alice instead.
Snow white Benefits from this if using her alongside with Liter and/or Novel, as the user is unable to fully charge her burst to 1000% in under 5s, any longer than 5s and the buffs of Liter and Novel will expire. In other words, using adjutant cube for Snow white enables her to squeeze some extra charge % in her burst before said buffs expire.
Putting this on Rapunzel slightly increases her healing output, although Putting Resilience on her will fare better for her.


Increased hit rate

Mostly used for SG’s or stat sticks. Enables Low accuracy weapons such as SG’s, SMG’s and to an extent AR’s to hit targets slightly further away and to hit rapture cores slightly better. Using Resilience (more priority) /Wingman cubes on SG’s is still recommended if they are available to be used.


Increased charge damage

Mostly used for RL’s or Snipers. It is also be used for Maxwell for a slight bump for her Burst damage, also usable for Snow white assuming user is not running Liter and/or Novel team, otherwise use Adjutant for Snow White. Onslaught cube does not increase the amount of time it takes to charge up Sniper or RL damage meter, this rule also applies to any bursts that has a charge mechanic (Currently only Maxwell and SW); Charge damage increase is also additive and not multiplicative (For ex. Snow White can charge up to 1000% via her burst, an Onslaught cube that gives 3.81% charge damage boost will increase the charge up to 1003.8%, not 1038.1%).

Cube Upgrade Priority

It is recommended to at least Level 3 Bastion, Resilience and maybe Wingman first if wanted. Then focus for Resilience level 7 for late game purposes, then level 7 Bastion.


  1. Charge speed is not additive, it is multiplicative. The only charge speed buffs that are additive are Simulation Room charge speed buffs. It’s not possible to get 100% charge speed on anyone outside of Simulation.

    • Charge speed can be 100%’d outside simulation room via Alice paired with Maxwell (which is done very often anyways), Yuni and/or Overload gear charge speed rolls. Which would work the same as if user was to have 100% in simulation room, Full charge at frame 1 when you’re able to fire sniper rifle.

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