Alteisen MK.VI (Train) Boss Guide

These are general tips for Alteisen MK.VI (Train).

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Opening (Phase 0)

The opening of the boss will have you start out zoomed away from the boss. During this time, it is important to front-load as much damage as you can onto the right missile launcher, Missile 2. A good DPS check for a consistent clear is whether you are able to land 10%-25% of the HP of Missile 2.

You will then zoom ahead of the boss where the boss will launch a set of destructible slow moving missiles. After this salvo, the boss will start to rush ahead and bring you to the back of the train, where your priority would be to destroy missile 2, then the two turrets, turret 3 and turret 4. Typically five missiles will kill one of your Nikke, so it is important to kill the missile 2 as fast as possible. Once Missile 2 launches, then the two turrets will charge up and attack one target.

Once all of the parts are destroyed, you will be moved to the middle of the train. These left side parts operate by the turrets, Turret 1 and Turret 2, shooting first, then Missile 1 launching its salvo. Depending on your DPS, if you cannot clear all of the parts quickly enough, the priority will still be to destroy Missile 1 and then using cover to block the damage of the turrets.

Once you destroy all of the parts, you will zoom out and the boss will charge up a squad wide laser attack. You will not be able to interrupt the boss for the first 25% of the charge, you will see the circle indicator complete after the first 25% which is when you can attack the interrupt part. This is the start of the loop for stage 1.

Phase 1

After the opening above, you will then be moved to the left side/front of the boss where the boss will launch 2 salvos of destructible missiles. During this time you will also be able to damage the left side parts (Turret 1, 2, and Missile 1) – See Note Below.

After the two salvos, you will be zoomed out where the boss will do another laser charge. While you can damage the right side parts and while it is important to do damage especially to missile 2 Note – any parts destroyed before the laser interrupt will re-spawn after the laser interrupt.

Once the laser interrupt is complete, you will be moved to the back of the train, similar to the opening, but there will be no salvo of destructible missiles. Priority again will be the missile launchers. After destroying the right side parts (Missile 2, Turret 3, 4) you will again move got the left side. Turrets will still shoot first, however, failure to clear this stage quickly will cause the boss to also shoot a salvo of destructible missiles.

After the destruction of the left side parts, you will zoom out for the laser interrupt. Passing the laser interrupt will then cause you to go back to the start of Stage 1 loop.

Phase 2

An animation of the train being damage will signal the start of Phase 2. The boss will only move to phase 2 upon completing the opening and phase 1. This means that you are able to delay entry into phase 2 but leaving a turret up and tanking its damage allowing you to deal more damage to the boss in stage one. This is an effective strategy for dealing more damage to the boss in the opening and the first part of phase 1 where you are on the right side of the boss. Phase 1 left side is more difficult as the boss will shoot additional salvos against you.

In phase two, the boss will try to charge you and will regularly shoot a salvo of destructible missiles. Failure to to clear any of the interruption circles will cause the boss to come close giving you ample time to try to take cover before doing a squad wide attack. While it is important to destroy the missile salvos, it is also important to try to continue to damage the boss while ensuring you have proper ammo for the interrupts. The typically pattern will be Salvo, Interrupt, Salvo, Salvo, Interrupt.

Failing the interrupt, the boss will not launch a salvo of missiles while the boss is close to you.

In general having bursts that do damage to all enemies on the map can help you manage to get more damage on the boss using the burst to clear out the missile salvos.


Our recommended CP for 13-15 is 38k.

Moving to phase 2 when there is 4 bars of HP left should make the boss easier to kill than by rushing to phase 2 with 10 bars of HP left.

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