Interception Level D

Interception Level D: Alteisen MK.VI

Guide and strategy to clearing Interception Level D: Alteisen MK.VI.

A runaway train that is occupied by Raptures.
It’s loaded to the teeth, so watch your back, particularly for the Main Particle Cannon.

Interception D unlocks after clearing 3-9 Campaign. It is a Common Individual Interception that is a fixed boss type (Alteisen MK.VI).

Interception D rewards T2~T5 equipment. Stage 8 and 9 should be your goal, as there is a chance for T5 equipment on the bonus drop at Stage 8 and 9.

When battling Alteisen it is highly recommended to play in landscape mode so that you are able to hit the missile launcher and turrets that are normally out-of-screen in portrait mode.

AoE Bursts, SR and RL are recommended to be able to destroy the missile projectiles. Shielders and healers are recommended to survive the missiles and turret damage. High DPS is recommended to destroy the missile launcher and turrets ASAP.

As the easiest Interception, this boss can be full cleared with an SR team with good strategy and mechanics.

Recommended Team

It is not necessary to bring an optimal team for this boss. Any substitutions can be made as desired.

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  1. Wow! This guide / Play is awesome, Thank you for taking time to Pause and telling us how you did it on such parts and suggestions! I hope i can do this to in the future. Day 4 of playing ehehe

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