Tribe Tower Compositions

Tribe tower first unlocks after clearing Campaign 3-3.

I no longer recommend basing Wish List off of the Manufacturer Tower compositions. This is because it has been found that the player CP will likely always be above Manufacturer Tower stages’ recommended CP. Instead, I recommend basing your Wish List around units that you wish to MLB and Max Core for long term use. You must MLB five SSR in order to get past level 160 and reach level 200+, and this could take a while for F2P.


Burst 1Burst 2Burst 3Burst 3Sub
Best in SlotMirandaPrivaty
Poli BuildMirandaPoliPrivatyMaiden, Guillotine, HelmSignal, Eunhwa
1-1-3MirandaSignal, EunhwaPrivatyMaiden, GuillotineHelm
Emma + BridMirandaSignal, EunhwaPrivatyBridEmma
  • Best in Slot: Privaty is the best pick from Elysion, and she is also a free welfare unit that everyone has and should aim to MLB. Miranda is the only decent B1 available.
  • Poli Build: Poli is one of the strongest Elysion picks and my personal wishlist recommendation. Unfortunately this locks your Elysion team into 1-2-2, and the other B2 options are currently mediocre.
  • 1-1-3: This may be the stronger Elysion tower team. By bringing a B3 DPS, Helm or Privaty can be moved to support and the team’s total DPS should be stronger.
  • Emma + Brid: Since Emma’s heals are so strong, Brid becomes a much more attractive option as she could actually maintain full HP. A possible option for Helm-skippers.


Burst 1Burst 2Burst 3Burst 3Sub
Best in SlotLiterCentiDrakeLaplace
1-1-3LiterCentiLaplaceEpinel, JuliaDrake
PepperLiterCenti, AdmiDrakeLaplacePepper
  • Best in Slot: Liter, Drake, Centi and Laplace are the best picks from Missilis. This leaves burst 3 or a sub slot open with no particular synergies preferred.
  • 1-1-3: This is what I believe to be the strongest current Missilis tower team. Centi provides frequent shields that can protect 3 DPS. Epinel is stronger, but Julia’s range compliments Drake better.
  • 1-2-2: A good team for those who use Scarlet or Alice, as you will likely want Admi on your wish list.
  • Pepper: Pepper has become very strong after her bug fix, and is worth considering despite having competition from Liter.
  • Maxwelll: An option for those who use Maxwell to support their Harran or Alice.


Burst 1Burst 2Burst 3Burst 3Sub
Best in Slot
2-1-2 (Noise)Exia, Volume, MilkRupee, DollaAlice, SugarAlice, Sugar, YulhaNoise
2-1-2 (Rupee: Winter Shopper)Exia, Volume, MilkRupee, DollaAliceSugar, YulhaRupee: Winter Shopper
1-2-2 (Rupee/Novel + Dolla)Exia, Volume, LudmillaRupee, NovelAlice, SugarAlice, Sugar, YulhaDolla
1-1-3Exia, Volume, LudmillaRupee, Dolla, NovelAliceSugarYulha
  • Best in Slot: There is no Best in Slot for Tetra. I recommend choosing units based on which are best for your account, and building a team around those. After the introduction of Arena, Noise has become very dominant and may even currently be the most recommended unit from Tetra. However, she is likely currently bugged and a bug fix would make her much weaker.
  • 2-1-2 (Noise): This may be the current strongest Tetra team. Noise provides all the defensive utility possibly needed. For the offensive support slot, pick one between Dolla, Volume, Yulha, Milk, and fill the rest with DPS.
  • 2-1-2 (Rupee: Winter Shopper): This team has great offensive potential with Winter Rupee and Alice, if Winter Rupee can be kept alive.
  • 1-2-2 (Rupee + Dolla): For those who want both Rupee or Novel and Dolla on their wishlist.
  • 1-1-3 (Alice + Sugar + Yulha): Another team with great offensive potential. Ludmilla is a possible defensive option, if she can be kept alive.


Burst 1Burst 2Burst 3Burst 3Sub
Best in SlotRapunzelNoahScarletHarranSnow White, Isabel
  • Best in Slot: Not much of a choice with Pilgrims. Because Rapunzel is the only B1 with a 60s burst, you can only get 1 or 2 full bursts with a Pilgrim team. Isabel can provide valuable close range DPS with her shotgun, but she reduces full burst time. Snow White is preferred if there are not many close range enemies.


  1. “This is because it has been found that the player CP will likely always be above Manufacturer Tower stages’ recommended CP.”

    How so, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m currently stuck on Tetra Tower stage 75. Can we get an update to this list now that Noise has been fixed?

    • Yes, please. Frima, Diesel and Delta got their skills buffed as well, so maybe they’re more viable now… Has anyone tested them after skill adjustment patch?

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