Ark: Tribe Towers Guide

Here's everything you need to know about Art: Tribe Tower in Nikke: Goddess of Victory including five towers and rewards.

As you make progress in the game, you will be able to unlock different game modes with different objectives and rewards. Upon entering the Ark, you will soon enough gain access to various game modes— Lost Sector, Tribe Tower, Simulation Room and Interception. But in this guide, we will specifically go through Tribe Tower first. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the Tribe Tower Guide featuring how to unlock it, its mechanics, the five towers and rewards.

How to Unlock Tribe Towers?

Tribe Towers does not unlock on its own at the start of the game. In order to access the Tribe Towers, one must first go through the Campaign and reach Chapter 3 Stage 3 (3-3).

Tribe Tower

Tribe Tower is a special game mode that places you at the bottom initially. Eliminating targets or completing objectives permits you to advance to the next stages. As you forge ahead, you will encounter stronger and more menacing enemies, which then increases the difficulty of each floor. However, take note that after finishing the previous stage, you can no longer go back and repeat it.

Tribe Tower currently has 350 stages. As mentioned above, completing the objectives will become more difficult to achieve as you enter higher levels. Having said that, enhancing your Nikke and having the appropriate and better team is a must. Learn how Nikkes work and how to make them stronger than they are right now using our Nikke Profile and Leveling Guide.

Fortunately, Tribe Towers provide a quick information about the enemies you’re about to encounter and the stage itself.

  • Mode: To complete each stage, one must first complete the main objective. This can either be Destroy, Defense or Base.
    • Destroy: Win by defeating target.
    • Defense: Win by preventing enemies from advancing within the time limit.
    • Base: Increase occupation percentage by killing enemies or keeping the defense zone empty. Win by keeping occupation percentage above 50% when the time ends. Win by increasing occupation percentage to 100%.
  • Weak point: This part indicates its weak point, this can either be Fire, Wind, Iron, Electric or Water. Ideally, you would want to use the element that particularly counters it. For instance, if Wind is its weak point, consider using Fire weapon as it will deal 10% more damage to it. However, Burst types and class must be prioritized first before the element in deciding the best team you can deploy.
  • Effective Range: In this section, this will show you the amount of targets you will need to destroy within a certain range. This will help you in deciding which weapons to use.
  • Battlefield info: Battlefield Info includes their weakpoint, effective range and the enemies. This will also show you their skills, and abilities.
  • Recommended Power: Similar to campaign, it is best to enhance or upgrade your Nikkes first to make sure they can meet the recommended power. Unlike in other games, Recommended Power must be met, otherwise they will be affected by the stage penalty, which then makes your Nikkes weak.

Tribe Tower Rewards

Tribe Tower grants a generous amount of Gems and Credits for each stage clear. For every five stages, you will however receive an additional Core Dust.

Manufacturer Towers

Aside from the main Tribe Tower, Manufacturer Towers will open soon enough after reaching Stage 7-13 in the Campaign. Manufacturer Towers are divided into four; Elysion Tower, Missilis Tower, Tetra Tower and Pilgrim Tower. Compared to the Tribe Tower, you can only deploy Nikkes from that particular manufacturer. This poses a problem to Pilgrim Tower as they are the rarest of them all, and pretty hard to acquire unless you’re lucky enough.

Elysion TowerMonday, Tuesday, Friday
Missilis TowerMonday, Wednesday, Saturday
Tetra TowerMonday, Thursday, Sunday
Pilgrim TowerMonday, Wednesday

Also, unlike Tribe Tower, you can only clear three stages per Tower each day.

Manufacturer Tower Rewards

The rewards for clearing the Manufacturer Tower are similar to Tribe Towers. But apart form these, SSR molds of the respective manufacturer will be given out as well. These are like the High-Quality Mold and Mid-Quality Mold but this only allows you to receive Nikkes from that manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Tribe Tower is a great source of resources like Gems and Credits which are essential in team building and own progression in the game. That said, make sure to clear Tribe Tower and Manufacturer Tower regularly. Learn more about Nikke: Goddess of Victory with our in-depth guides by visiting Did this guide help you? Let us know in the comments!

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