Reroll Guide

Note: As of August 7th, Emulators have been restricted | Prohibited when playing Nikke. Doing so will kick you out of the game. Do not use Emulators to reroll or even to play the game.

rerolling here refers to creating multiple new accounts and playing until Stage 2-1, where you get 11 pulls on regular banner (includes the 10 tutorial pulls) and 4390 gems which amounts to another 14 pulls. The account with the most top tier units acquired will be kept as the main account for further progress.

The recommended rerolling method is using salted emails, which needs a Gmail account. This method allows you to use the same Gmail account to create multiple Nikke accounts.

To use a salted email, you basically add a +anything between the name and @gmail part of your Gmail account. For example, if your email is, a salted email will be It is recommended to use numbers for the anything part, so that it’s easier for you to keep track of your rerolled accounts.


  • Original email:
  • Salted email:,, and so on

It is highly recommended to use a sheet or text file and record what units you get for each rerolled account. Once you have decided whichever rerolled account that would be your main account, bind that account to one of your social media platform. This allows you to log in even if you forget about the salted email linked to the account.

Steps for rerolling

Step 3 would be playing through the game until you clear stage 2-1, where you get to unlock the in-game mail system to collect 4100 gems and other rewards. Remember to also click into mission tab and collect the 1 pull from challenge.

Step 4 would be using all pulls in recruit. If you are unsatisfied with the units acquired, start again from step 1 after logging out.

If using PC client, simply exit the game by using ALT+F4 and logout from PC client.

PC Client

Mobile Client

If you are unable to run the game on a PC, only choice left is to reroll on mobile, which is more tedious than the PC client because of long loading times.


The tutorial banner pull does NOT give pilgrims, it is ideal to pull Liter from the tutorial pull if possible. Standard and the Advanced summon share the SAME rates for pilgrims, meaning you will always get the same amount of pilgrims whether if you pull from Standard or Advanced banners.

Which units to reroll for

Feel free to explore the tier list and team composition guide here to understand how these units work.

Highest priority units

Scarlet and Modernia are the top DPS options in the game. Liter is the best support buffer that provides huge ATK buff, and is often the best, if not 2nd best option for Burst 1 in every team. Ideally you want Scarlet/Modernia and Liter.

If you want to take it easier, getting 1 of Scarlet or Modernia should be fine.

Mid priority units

Harran performs great early but falls off slightly in late game, while Snow White has very very high late game scaling. Getting 2 of these units should be equal to getting 1 of the highest priority units.

Lower priority units

Getting 3 of these units should be equal to getting 1 of the highest priority units.


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