Tribe Tower 105 Quick Guide

Quick Cheese Strat

This stage is taxing if under levelled, however, you may be able to cheese this stage using stalling strats. Otherwise, just clear at higher CP and it will be much easier.

Privaty is essential here because she is able to stun the Air suicide bombers, you are able to stall them for bonus points for the base defense (unequip helm and/or gloves if she one shots the air mobs), all what is needed is that you are able to clear up to the bomber wave with one full burst. Try to get your burst up again (Make sure your RL unit is loaded before the bombers spawn as you will to spam them to get burst energy if you don’t have already). After bomber wave, clear as normal.

Centi/Anis is interchangeable in this team, However Anis is preferred as her b2 does not damage air mobs which might kill them early. You can use 2 flex attackers with Privaty, preferably one of them being Modernia. She makes the wave clears up to the bombs easier.

Unfortunately there is not much recorded clear sources for this specific floor at low CP levels. I will update with more team comp variety if there are more recorded sources in the future.


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