Land Eater Guide

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Land Eater’s Phase 1 is pretty dangerous as it has rather “instant kill” targeting, firing multiple barrages of blue projectiles towards Nikkes, which can one shot in higher CP deficits if fully landed. In Phase 2, Land Eater also has a chance of using this move as well however most of the time, it will use QTE circles that you need to break.

Notable Land Eater encounters are in Chapter 5-20 Hard and Tribe Tower. (With the most notorious one being Elysion Tower Floor 130)

Attack Patterns (Phase 1)

The bomb attacks are not too dangerous as they can be easily handled by AoE attacks such as Scarlet, Privaty, Noir, Harran.

The blue projectiles are very dangerous, though it can be i-framed if a unit is in the firing position and Land Eater targets a Nikke (Blinking red lights). If such a situation occurs, simply cover when the projectiles are about to land.

Youe may also deal with the projectiles by bringing units such as Diesel (If raised enough, can tank the shots) and Makima. Land Eater will cycle between bomb projectiles and blue projectiles as long as the parts are not destroyed for Phase 1.

Destroying all parts of Land Eater AND after Land Eater finishes its current moveset will trigger Phase 2. (similar to how Land Eater gets stuck in Phase 1 even after reaching Stage 9 in co-op if it is in the middle of using a move)

This is very important because it allows you to control when to enter Phase 2, particularly in Elysion Tower Floor 130 where you are forced to use weaker DPS units.

Attack Patterns (Phase 2)

There really isn’t attack patterns for Phase 2 as it will only activate QTE prompts. Failing the QTE prompts will either activate a shield (Video above, the tankiest of them all) or will fire barrages of blue/bomb projectiles and mouth beams.

The QTE’s that don’t activate the shield are rather untanky and can be easily taken care of. Do note that the QTE for the shield has 2 consecutive prompts all the time, and is recommended to either save full burst, or having full burst currently active.

Note 1: The QTE can be very difficult to destroy under high CP deficit (higher than 25%) for Elysion Tower Floor 130 as you have no real DPS carry there. You would have to have burst ready before entering Phase 2 by controlling Phase 1, and sometimes delay bursting to prepare for QTE.

Note 2: If you fail QTE for shield and uses mouth beam, you can either cover or have Centi/Blanc shield up. It will completely negate an instance of damage.

Team Comps

Note: Scarlet and Modernia is always replacable in teams, Simply use your highest DPS/performing units unless stated otherwise.

Bunny Team

Liter/Volume = CDR
Blanc = Debuffer / Offensive Support
Scarlet/Flex = DPS
Modernia/Flex = DPS
Noir = Buffer

Classic bread and butter team. The only units that can’t be replaced here is Blanc and Noir. Scarlet and Modernia Can be replaced with your currently strongest DPS units. This team is great as Noir Helps deal more damage against QTE circles by a very good amount, trivializing the DPS wall needed to break through them.

Dorothy Team

Dorothy = CDR/ DPS
Novel = Debuffer
Alice = DPS + Pierce
Flex slot (Preferably a Raised Maxwell, otherwise your strongest DPS will do)
Privaty = Buffer

A team that focuses on trying to destroy the parts at phase 1 as soon as possible to transition into phase 2. However this team might struggle on QTE circles depending on who your flex unit is. If Failed QTE occurs and shield is up, Alice is still able to deal damage on her burst via Pierce.

Taunt Team

Liter/Volume = CDR
Diesel / Makima = Taunt/Tank
Scarlet/Modernia/flex = DPS

Alternative team

Ludmilla = Taunt/tank
Dolla = CDR
Biscuit = Support
Flex b3
Flex b3

Teams focuses on surviving Phase 1’s projectiles if the User simply can’t survive phase 1 no matter what they do. A raised diesel may be needed to tank through the projectiles and how many waves she can taunt. One may Pair Biscuit and Makima/Sin to live even longer through the projectiles.

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