The best Interception guides to help you defeat all the bosses so you can receive maximum rewards in Nikke: Goddess of Victory.


The Interception is a daily boss battle mode which rewards equipment and equipment upgrade materials. There are a limited 3 entries every day. Entering an Interception battle and exiting will consume an attempt. However, retrying from the pause screen or force closing the game will not consume an attempt.

The example teams in our guides are listed in order of recommendation, which considers strength, required investment, and ease of play. Units are listed by burst rotation role from left to right: Burst 1, Burst 2, Burst 3 (first rotation), Burst 3 (second rotation), Sub.

If there are unfamiliar concepts or terms in our guides, first read the Team Building 101, Team Building 102, and Team Compositions guides and refer to the Index (Glossary).

Note that if you have a highly invested or high limit break/core unit, you may have better results with that unit than the suggested BiS. Liter is highly recommended for most of these teams.

Common Individual Intercepts

Special Individual Intercepts

Special Individual Interception (SP Interception) unlocks after clearing 16-28 Campaign.

There are 5 different SP Interception Bosses. These bosses rotate every day in the following order: Alteisen Mk>VI > Grave Digger > Blacksmith > Chatterbox > Modernia. In SP Interception, your level is fixed to level 200, similar to EX stages, but skill levels are NOT set to 10. This means skill levels, equipment levels, bond levels, recycling room levels, harmony cubes, and limit breaks and cores are what determine your strength.

There are two important stages to reach for: stage 5+ which has a chance to reward T9 equipment on the bonus drop, and stage 7+ which has a chance to reward T9 manufacturer equipment on the bonus drop, and T9 equipment on the regular drop. A Stage 9 full clear is still obviously ideal, as the chance for a bonus drop increases significantly to 80%, and there is also a chance for a custom module drop. T9 manufacturer equipment and custom modules are used to upgrade to Overload (T10) equipment, and re-roll sub-stats. Still, even at stage 1 the SP Interception rewards are better than stage 9 Interception S rewards.

All bosses other than Alteisen can be full cleared (stage 9) with high enough investment. It is unlikely you will be able to full clear or reach higher stages on your first couple attempts. As you collect higher tier equipment from lower stage runs, you will eventually be able to full clear SP Interception.