Interception Level S

Interception Level S: Grave Digger

Guide and strategy to clearing Interception Level S: Grave Digger.

A monster who rules the underground world.
The momentum of its giant drill must be stopped.

Interception S unlocks after clearing 9-15 Campaign. It is a Common Individual Interception that is a fixed boss type (Grave Digger).

Interception S rewards T4~T7 manufacturer equipment. Stage 6+ should be your goal, as that is when T7 equipment begins to drop. At Stage 8 and 9, any bonus drop is guaranteed to be a T7 manufacturer equipment. Even a Stage 1 clear of Interception S grants better rewards than a full clear of Interception D.

Gravedigger is always within weapon range of Shotguns, and its big body guarantees a full 10 pellet hit per shot, which makes Shotguns very powerful in this fight.

Recommended Teams

Classic Shotgun

I recommend Neve because she has the best performance at low investment level. SSR shotgun DPS will eventually outscale Neve at higher investment, but it is unlikely for players to have high investment units at this stage of the game.

LiterPepper, N102
Dolla(Core if Isabel), Rupee, Admi, Novel
NeveSugar, Isabel, Maiden, Scarlet
SugarNeve, Isabel, Maiden, Scarlet
DrakePrivaty, Sugar, Helm

Auto (AFK)

This is simply an AFK healer team for players that are too overleveled for Interception S but have yet to unlock SP Interception.

PepperLiter, any healer
CentiDolla, Yuni, any B2 healer or shielder
DrakeNeve, Sugar, Isabel, Maiden, Scarlet, Helm
NoiseAny healer or shielder
RapunzelAny healer or shielder


  1. it’s so hard clearing grave digger my squad lv 137 pepper, dolla, privaty, neve, and drake. how did you destroy the QTE easily ? i already try targeting one but it’s hard to destroy it and the drill is harder to destroy. di i need to equip all my squad with tier 7 equipment before chalenging this ?

  2. I just did a full clear for the first time with Liter, Rupee, Drake, Sugar and Maiden at lvl 131. Had to manual but shotguns helped an insane amount.

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