Staff officer of the Exotic Squad. She can manipulate any human with her verbal trickery and physical beauty.
Early/Late: Strong Early
Skill Floor/Ceiling: Low Skill Floor




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity9
Reload Time0.56s
Base Burst Energy45
Control ModeNormal

Deals 220.4% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – Snake Sense

■ Activates when the target appears. Affects all allies.
ATK ▲ 25.98% for 10 sec.
Hit Rate ▲ 11.13% for 10 sec.

Skill 2 – Snake Scale

■ Affects self.
Hit Rate ▲ 3.43%.
■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects self.
Vamp: Excludes 1 ally unit from enemies’ targets for 10 sec. Loses effect when the caster takes damage.
Invincible for 1 sec.

Burst Skill – Snake Bite



■ Affects designated 1 enemy unit(s).
Deals 462.85% of ATK as damage.
■ Activates when the designated enemy unit(s) include the stage target. Affects the same enemy unit(s).
DEF ▼ 19.83% for 10 sec.


  1. Seems like she’s going to be a really good burst II alternative to Rupee and Dolla, Attack and hit rate buff for a shotgun user is strong, she will be a crux of shotgun teams for sure, and may be a general player for a lot of different comps. That’s a decent burst move too, big chunk of damage with a defense down debuff on the target, which is rather lackluster but still strong alongside her other benefits. This may definitely be one to pull for ASAP if you don’t have Dolla or Rupee, and want a strong burst II buffer with what seems will be pretty good overall dps.

  2. Actually she seems pretty bad. Due to the fact that there is no cool down for skill 1 and skill 2, assuming that those skills only trigger once when the boss appears. This means that she only buffs her team ONCE per battle, which is pretty useless.

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