Nikke: Goddess of Victory Tier List

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  1. Alice, Maxwell, Snow white Buffed Rating buffed more Due to Overload and skill investment scaling and finding some PvP comps they are able to be used on
  2. Laplace nerfed as she slightly fell off the meta.
  3. Added new units
Snow White
overall: 8.66 => 9.04
wave: 8.5 => 9
interception: 9.3 => 9.8
arena: 6.5 => 7
overall: 8.56 => 7.78
wave: 8.5 => 7.5
waveboss: 9 => 8
interception: 9 => 8
overall: 7.77 => 8.17
wave: 8 => 8.5
waveboss: 8.5 => 9
interception: 8.3 => 8.5
arena: 6 => 6.5
overall: 7.22 => 8.44
wave: 7.5 => 8
arena: 2 => 7
Newly Added
Newly Added
Newly Added

overall: 7.3 => 8.61
wave: 4 => 8.5
waveboss: 8.5 => 9.5
interception: 8.7 => 9.5
arena: Liberation => 6.5
Newly Added
overall: 7.11 => 7.22
waveboss: 9 => 9.5
Newly Added
overall: 4.61 => 4.83
waveboss: 6 => 7

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Any feedback, testing results, and new bug reports appreciated at SJayKin#5253. Please include screenshots and video if possible. Thank you.
Thank you to Darestine, Chills, Earl, Fierywind, Neppity, Rayel, and other helpful friends from #strategy and #team-building from the official Discord and #Research Dungeon from the community Discord.

Ratings Explanation

Ratings are given based on how each unit competes with others in their positions and roles for each given category, then collated into an Overall score. Unfortunately, this system is not too kind to niche units that are strong in their own niche. To view the more detailed break down of the ratings, hover over a character or click List View

Numbered ScoreLetter GradeExplanation
10SSSBest in Slot (Best in position or role for category)
9 ~ 9.9SSGood ~ Very Good (Meta)
7 ~ 8.9A ~ SGood (Strong)
5 ~ 6.9B ~ AMediocre ~ Above Average (Decent)
3 ~ 4.9D ~ CNot Worth Slot ~ Below Average (Weak)
1 ~ 2.9F ~ EUnviable, Better F2P Options


WaveA unit's ability to deal with waves of enemies with AoE damage, AoE burst, fast RoF, or how well the unit helps allies to do so. (Most battles in Campaign and other modes)
Wave BossA unit's performance against bosses and waves of enemies at the same time. (Most Campaign Bosses). Some power deficit is assumed.
InterceptionA unit’s performance against Interception bosses. This rating also applies to the same bosses in other contexts (Campaign, Tower, Co-Op, etc). See the Interception guide for more details.
ArenaHow the unit competes in the PvP game mode Arena. Scores are currently focused on SP Arena as it is the more important Arena mode.

Skill Priority

After learning where your favorite Nikke's are in the list; click here to see which skills to invest in!