Storm Bringer Boss Guide

These are general tips for Storm Bringer, the 18-33 stage boss.

Unfortunately, this boss has little to no skill involved due to how the boss is designed, however. There is one Strat you may be able to use that may help you clear the stage. Further team comp ideas will also be named.

General information

Phase 1

Boss is simple, and has 2 phases. At phase 1, he has two memorable attack patterns, one is flying towards your screen and flying up (You do not want this happening as it is time loss) or a move where you have to destroy 3 red circles, if you don’t destroy the circles, One Nikke will mostly likely drop dead or will be severely injured. See image below for reference. It stops moving for a bit before either of the two moves, so reload your weapon or get your burst ready if needed. the circles are not that tanky, however you may be caught unprepared if you are in a middle of a reload animation.

Phase 2

Phase 2 happens when the boss drops below <56x hp. Instantly after going into phase 2, Storm bringer will charge up an attack, you are still able to attack him for a bit before getting punished as it takes awhile for him to charge up. When he’s about to attack, simply take cover. Storm bringer then just flies around for 30 seconds~.

After 30 seconds, the boss then does 2 sets of 3 breakable circles. if you fail the first set, the boss does a AoE damage wipe, having at least a sliver of blue cover here will help as it will block the entire attack if you fail. If either you fail or break the circles, it will then transition into its next attack set, if you fail the second one, it wipes two Nikke’s from the face of the earth or at least severely damages them, also pierces cover. After both of these attacks, boss flies towards you and up for a few moments. (Do note that when the boss flies towards you, it also fires missiles at you, do take cover if needed).

General Tips

The boss has destructible parts near the wing, destroying those will deal 4 1/2 bars of hp~.
When the boss flies towards your screen, it is possible to cancel or skip the animation if you drop it below <56x hp bars. The boss has a core, it is on its chest and it shines a faint purple, auto aim should be able to aim at the chest for you if enabled. Aim for the core when destructible parts have not spawned yet.

Destructible Respawn Tech

Instead of 1 set of destructible parts spawning, two do with enough burst damage.

If you are able to find yourself with burst being ready from cooldown, and nearly have the 2 Destructible parts destroyed, it may be in your best interest to save your burst after the parts respawn, as destroying the destructible parts during respawn phase will have it instantly spawned again for a set time. This saves some time idly hitting the body while waiting for the parts to spawn again.

Possible team comps

Liter is essential in Storm bringer, as her ability to recover cover is vital for staying alive. Rapunzel is also a great sustain character, which is great for this stage as the boss doesn’t usually attack a single target for too long and the damage is spread out. Rupee for extra dps and two attackers of your choice.

Poli-cope team

Although, looking like a team that may not work, if you have 2 strong dps’s that hit hurt and fast (Scarlet, Modernia, Alice, etc), this team is viable. Poli’s damage share also help slightly for survivability. This team comp is focused on abusing respawn mechanic as Poli’s rather large attack boost with a 10 second timer. Her burst when timed with Boss destructible respawn will help ensure a faster time when destroying its destructible parts to enable instant spawning for the parts. The obvious downside is full burst is only available every 31 seconds with max liter CDR, you will need to solo burst liter occasionally. Use if you if this team gives higher CS than usual team/ High invested Poli.

Noise team

If you don’t have a Rapunzel, Noise also works as a good taunter and sustain team. However, noise may die fast if she’s not invested enough (skill levels). Rupee can be replaced with Centi if you have survivability issues.

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