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The Wish List is a system available in the Regular (Standard) Banner that allows players to select up to 15 units of their choice to have increased rates for summoning. Only non-Pilgrim units can be selected for the wish list, and 5 units per manufacturer can be selected. When a full 15 units are selected, all other non-Pilgrim SSR units will be removed from the Regular Banner summon pool. The wish list does NOT affect the rates of Pilgrim units nor the rates of SSR overall. The wish list does NOT affect the rates of other banners or molds. It is not recommended to have less than 15 units on the wish list. The wish list becomes available after summoning 40 times on the Regular Banner.

The most important thing to keep in mind for newer and F2P players is that reaching Synchro Level 161+ requires 5 MLB SSR units. If you do not yet have 5 MLB SSR units, that should be your main priority when drafting your wish list.

Generally, you should draft your wish list based on: units you do not yet have that you need or want, and the units you plan to use long term that you wish to collect more copies of. Below are my recommendations for each manufacturer rated by how they compete with each other.


Unit NameWish List RatingNotes
Privaty10Very strong and versatile Sub or B3 in many teams in gamemodes
Poli9Strong attack buffer and shielder, highly valuable in certain stages and boss battles (Alteisen)
Helm8Highly versatile sub with many strong applications
Maiden7Strong B3 in close range boss battles (Gravedigger) and Arena
Emma6.5Very strong in Arena
Miranda6.5Only if you main Snow White; otherwise lower priority
Diesel5Good in Arena and niche use in Alteisen
Vesti4Some possible applications
Soline4Some possible applications
Brid4Some possible applications
Eunhwa3Outclassed by Rupee, Dolla, Novel
Signal2.5Outclassed by Rupee, Dolla, Novel, Eunhwa
Guillotine2Outclassed by most other DPS


Unit NameWish List RatingNotes
Liter10BiS B1 for most teams in ALL game modes other than Arena
Centi10Best energy support and shielder in the game, often BiS B2 in Campaign and similar content (Chatterbox) and also strong in Arena
Drake10Strong Sub, especially strong in many boss battles and Arena
Epinel9.5Only if you do not have Modernia, Harran, or Scarlet; unnecessary if you already have two strong wave clear AoE burst units. Optional if you only have one.
Laplace9BiS in certain boss battles, generally strong boss unit
Jackal8Oppressively strong in Arena
Admi8Only if you main Scarlet and/or Alice; otherwise lower priority
Pepper8Very strong in Arena and strong overall
Maxwell7.5Very strong in certain boss battles, generally strong boss unit. Very strong with Snow White.
Julia6Only good with Rupee and Privaty; otherwise lower priority
Yuni4Decent in Arena
Crow1.5Useable in Arena


Unit NameWish List RatingNotes
Dolla10BiS B2 in stages that require CDR and certain boss battle teams (Gravedigger, Blacksmith, Modernia)
Rupee9BiS B2 for many stages that require high DPS and certain boss battle teams (Gravedigger, Blacksmith, Modernia)
Sugar9Very strong in close range boss battles (Gravedigger) and Arena
Alice8.5Very strong ST DPS with reload & charge speed (Admi/Privaty/xRupee); otherwise lower priority
Novel8Strong in SP Interception and other longer boss battles
Noise7.5Good taunter, decent in Arena
Yulha7Recommended if you main Snow White or other technical manual teams; otherwise lower priority
Volume6Outclassed by Liter, Dolla, Pepper, etc
Milk5Outclassed by Liter, Pepper, Yulha, etc
Ludmilla5Only recommended at high core and/or other high investment; otherwise outclassed by Noise, Noah, Poli, etc
Frima4.5Outclassed by Pepper, Emma, etc
Folkwang4Outclassed by Centi, Poli, etc
Aria3Outclassed by Poli, Centi, Rupee, etc
Exia3Outclassed by Pepper
Yan2Outclassed by Liter


    • Is Jackal going to be added to the permanent pool in the future or something? Because she doesn’t show up in the probability info in-game, nor is she currently selectable for me in the wishlist.

      • Yes, she is going to be added to the permanent pool in future. According to the patch notes when Jackal was released: After her banner ends, Jackal will be obtainable from the general pool (regular recruitment, friendship recruitment, molds)

  1. Thanks for the suggestion and detail also I must add some detail about burst

    Like burst I/II/III but overall really helpful

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