Recruitment Wishlist Guide August Update

Which Nikke should you go for? This guide will help you plan characters and teams for each manufacturer. Updated August 10

This Article has been updated as of August 10

Change Log

  • Added Nero and Mast
  • Adjusted Soline and Guillotine Rankings to better reflect their standing post buff
  • Adjusted some Nikke’s ratings to better reflect current meta (Emma, Novel, Rupee, D, Vesti, Sugar) while also slightly tweaking their notes
Wish list does not work if you do not select 15 Nikkes.

The Wish List is a system available in the Regular (Standard) Banner after summoning 40 times on the Regular Banner.

Wish List allows players to select up to 15 units of their choice to have increased rates for summoning. Only non-Pilgrim units can be selected for the wish list, and 5 units per manufacturer can be selected. You must have 15 units on the wish list, the wish list WILL NOT work if there’s less than 15 units chosen.

When a full 15 units are selected, all other non-Pilgrim SSR units will be removed from the Regular Banner summon pool. The wish list does NOT affect the rates of Pilgrim units nor the rates of SSR overall. The wish list does NOT affect the rates of other banners or molds.

The most important thing to keep in mind for newer and F2P players is that reaching Synchro Level 161+ requires 5 MLB SSR units. If you do not yet have 5 MLB SSR units, that should be your main priority when drafting your wish list.

Generally, you should draft your wish list based on: units you do not yet have that you need or want, and the units you plan to use long term that you wish to collect more copies of. Below are my recommendations for each manufacturer rated by how they compete with each other.


Unit NameWish List RatingNotes
Privaty10Simply best unit from Elysion, versatile support that provides good ATK buff and reload speed buff. Burst also provides a 3s stun that can be crucial in many campaign stages especially under high CP deficit.
Helm9Often used in single boss fights where healing is needed, also provides a small ATK buff. Performs well in Union Raid and 3 Special Interception fights.
Guillotine8Machine gun unit so she does fine versus raptures with shield broken by hit counts such as Glasses, frequently seen in Chapter 19 and 20. A Rather strong MG unit after her buff. Needs a proper team that could synergize with her kit though.
Mast8Pretty good burst 2 buffs. Mostly used for boss stages. synergizes well with units such as Guillotine and Scarlet. Solid burst 2 unit for elysion tower if paired with Guillotine but not so for normal campaign clearing.
Poli8Provides good ATK buff and a decent shield from burst, which can be useful in certain fights even for campaign/tower. Performs well against Special Interception: Chatterbox.
D7Provides huge damage boost against boss parts, which sees her being useful in certain spots such as Union Raid. Skill 2 provides unique stun immunity which counters Sentry raptures in boss waves. Her burst also provides AOE damage, which could be useful in Elysion tower.
Diesel7Decent 20s B2 for Elysion tower and also helps quite a bit in Special Interception: Alteisen, which is a nightmare for most players who just started SI.
Miranda7Decent 20s B1, but your only good B1 option for Elysion tower. Miranda also plays a crucial role for Snow White team.
Soline7Dual SMG unit so she does fine versus raptures with shield broken by hit counts such as Glasses, frequently seen in Chapter 19 and 20. Now deals good damage post buff, however has a very troublesome condition to proc her attack buffs (Max HP to keep damage buffs). One of the Main DPS carry in Elysion Tower
Maiden6Strong in Arena. Outside of that, she can be a decent replacement vs Gravedigger.
Vesti6She performs well against bosses with parts in close proximity such as Chatterbox.
Emma6Decent in PvP, good healing however at the cost of 40s CD
Brid4Performs okay in Elysion tower if you have no other B3 units.
Eunhwa3Only used in Elysion tower if you have no better options for B2.
Signal2.5Only used in Elysion tower if you have no better options for B2.


Unit NameWish List RatingNotes
Liter10Best in slot (BIS) B1 for most teams in ALL game modes other than Arena.
Centi10Best energy support and shielder in the game, BIS B2 in all situation other than single boss fights such as Union Raid and Interception.
Maxwell9.5Very strong in boss battles, especially boss with multiple parts, where Maxwell is able to deal damage to multiple parts with her burst at the correct angle. Maxwell also performs well in campaign stages since she allows players to use double burst (by holding her burst and stalling like Snow White), and provides a strong ATK buff to 2 other carries.
Note: Maxwell does require high skill investments, so she shines less in early game (Chapter 1 to 13).
Drake9Strong Sub B3 for all game modes, however with a lower ceiling, which hurts in late game.
Laplace9Performs well in boss fights, but is BIS DPS against boss with parts placed in spots where her burst is able to deal damage to multiple parts, such as Chatterbox.
Pepper9Performs well in every situation (strong in Arena), but she does get outclassed by Liter if you are forced to choose between the two. (Not an issue in Union Raid where you have to field multiple teams)
Note: Lower priority if you already have Liter and want to focus more on PVE content.
Jackal8.5Oppressively strong in Arena, but sees little usage elsewhere.
Note: Very very high priority if you want to focus on PVP.
Admi8Good B2 in single boss fights (good option for Interception), since she provides good reload speed buff especially if using Alice/Scarlet as carries. Often used in Union Raid since multiple teams have to be used.
Epinel6Her burst provides AOE wave clear, but damage suffers at high CP deficit. A functional B3 option for Missilis tower if there is no better option.
Yuni5Decent in Arena. Rarely sees usage elsewhere.
Julia4Rarely used unless you have no other B3 options in very early game.
Crow1.5Almost never ever used except for copium ATK debuff against certain boss in Union Raid. Outside of that, SR units perform better than her.


Unit NameWish List RatingNotes
Alice10Performs well as a DPS carry in all game modes for early-mid game. However, she shines brightest in late game against single boss fights such as Interception, Union Raid and Co-op.
Note: With high skill investments, Overload gears with Max Ammo+ and proficient manual play, Alice also performs extremely well in campaign/tower stages with mob waves under high CP deficit.
Blanc10Amazing burst 2 unit that offers Healing, Damage taken debuffs towards enemy raptures, and shields. However she must be paired with Noir to enable her 20s Cooldown
Noir10Great burst 3 unit that offers offensive buffs and decent personal damage. Versatile but mostly used to enable Blanc’s incredible burst 2 buffs.
Noise9Performs well in 4 Special Interception fights, and is the core unit to Stage 7-9 Alteisen with correct manual play even in early rotations of SI. Outside of that, Noise is also strong in Arena.
Dolla9Only B2 unit that provides CDR, which is crucial for every scenario outside of Arena.
Note: If you already have Liter, there is lower priority for Dolla since using both of them in same team is suboptimal unless unit with 5s full burst such as Vesti and Isabel is used.
Novel9Second BiS B2 in single boss fights where you aim to deal as much damage as possible for late game, such as Union Raid and Co-op. (Novel does not perform as well in Special Interception since only fixed amount of damage is required)
Outside of that, Novel sees no usage.
Note: Lower priority if you are still in early to mid game and do not have the other units mentioned above yet.
Rupee8Provides decent DPS and team ATK buff, which makes her good for every scenario outside of Arena. (Early to mid game)
Note: She does get outscaled by units such as Novel and Guilty in late game. She also has terrible burst generation, and is thus rarely used in campaign/tower with large CP deficit since you get wiped before using burst with poor burst gen.
Sugar8strong in close range boss battles, notably Gravedigger where Sugar can be considered a core unit. This is important as Gravedigger is faced in Interception S and Special Interception. Sugar is also strong in Arena.
Biscuit8Does well in Special Interception: Alteisen when paired with a defender such as Noah/Makima, provided you have strong enough DPS. Strong in Arena too if paired with Makima.
Viper8Does well in every situation, but has a lower ceiling compared to other options. (Novel/Guilty for boss fights, Centi for campaign, rarely used in Arena)
Soda7Provides decent healing, but is rarely used unless you do not have Pepper, Rapunzel or Helm.
Volume6.5Provides crucial CDR buff being a B1 unit, but heavily outclassed by Liter since Volume provides crit buffs which are terrible in this game.
Yulha6Useful unit for Snow White team if you are able to line up her Skill 2 passive with Snow White’s burst, especially for stages with mob waves.
Note: Lower priority if you do not have/not planning to use Snow White.
Nero6Damage sponge. Ok for PvP in stall teams and preventing one hit kills from bosses with enough HP, that’s about it.
Cocoa6Provides decent utility removing debuffs and repairing cover, but is rarely used outside of Union Raid against certain bosses such as Nihilister, since multiple teams have to be used.
Sakura 6Provides huge survivability against wind type boss and stages, notably Special Interception: Alteisen and Bowtie. Not much usage elsewhere.
Note: Higher priority if you are struggling with SI Alteisen, especially if you already have Noise but have problem i-framing turrets.
Milk5.5Provides decent ATK buff and lifesteal but has a 40s CD burst. Sees little usage being heavily outclassed by Liter.
Aria5.5Provides a shield to EVERY member of the team, which can be useful in certain situations such as Special Interception: Chatterbox and Modernia in Union Raid.
Rarely used elsewhere.
Folkwang5Provides shield and lifesteal, can be useful in certain stages especially boss fights.
Ludmilla4.5Only used in Special Interception: Alteisen with Sakura. Sees zero usage elsewhere, especially in campaign/tower with large CP deficit, where she suicides with her taunt.
Rosanna 4Rather niche unit and requires too much sacrifices to make her work. She does OK in arena.
Yan4Rocket launcher unit that provides decent charge buff, but is rarely used outside of Tetra tower if you do not have Volume.
Exia3Only used for Tetra tower if you do not have better 20s B1 options.
Mary2.5Provides healing that is inconsistent and unreliable due to 40s CD burst and her Skill 1 only heals 1 unit at a time. Heavily outclassed by other options such as Pepper and Rapunzel.
Frima1.5Only used for Tetra tower if you do not have better 20s B1 options.


    • Is Jackal going to be added to the permanent pool in the future or something? Because she doesn’t show up in the probability info in-game, nor is she currently selectable for me in the wishlist.

      • Yes, she is going to be added to the permanent pool in future. According to the patch notes when Jackal was released: After her banner ends, Jackal will be obtainable from the general pool (regular recruitment, friendship recruitment, molds)

  1. Thanks for the suggestion and detail also I must add some detail about burst

    Like burst I/II/III but overall really helpful

  2. Epinel is vital for missilis tower because she has screen wipe skill, basically a budget harran but still

    I’m struggling at missilis tower because i don’t have her in my team. Julia is so-so I’d say

  3. Rupee is higher than Dolla and Novel on the tier list but lower than both on the Wishlist. Is there a reason for that? An explanation is given for Novel, who scales better, but it seems like Dolla is well worth it on a Liter-less team, but shouldn’t they be either on the same tier, or same priority on the wishlist?

    Similarly, Mast below is average on the tier list, but high on the wishlist.

    • Great question, I was already planning to adjust the tier list. There is a distinct lack of good buffer burst 2 units, with 2 rather OP ones (in one category in another) being able to be summoned. Novel and blanc. If you don’t have those two, Mast/Rupee is your next bet for general bossing. Additionally,
      Rupee is a unit that’s gonna get slightly axe’d in the ratings, as Rupee does get overshadowed in late game, and her campaign rating is much higher than I would like it to be at the moment.
      I hope that clarifies things.

  4. No mention about Ludmilla’s PVP ability, especially for defense teams (with or without Biscuit) which should bring her rating higher

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