Cocytus Boss Guide

These are general tips for Cocytus, the 16-28 stage boss.

General Information

Boss stage. This stage is slightly unique as the wave spawns are endless, which makes clearing mobs too fast a possible detriment to your run.

Mob List

Boss Information and Move Set

This boss is rather simple, with a few move sets. The boss has a move that buffs currently alive raptures (indicated by a wide red ring that appears for a second), it also has a Debuff that decreases your Nikke’s attack (black ring that appears for a second). Its attack move set isn’t too special, when you see 2 glowing circles around his turrets, it is preparing an attack that targets either 2 separate Nikke’s or one Nikke, take cover to prevent taking severe HP damage. When you see multiple red circles on the bottom of Cocytus, it is preparing a missile barrage towards a unit, simply take cover when the missiles are approaching your targeted Nikke.


The most important tip is: don’t manual aim as it is hard to aim for the core manually, set the option for AI/Auto aim on and just redirect your crosshair to the boss core if it strays too far, optimizing DPS is very important as the longer you are at this stage, the more oppressive the mob waves will feel. Having a Liter and Centi is greatly preferred as they greatly mitigate damage from boss by either repairing cover or blocking a canon shot. There is also a way to stall wave mobs by having 1 AoE and 1 non-AoE burst if you can’t handle dealing with the mob spawns, it will be showcased in a video below.

only enable this, when aiming for boss core. do NOT full auto

Team Comps

Bread and butter team. Manual Centi when needed for burst generation. You can ignore some mob waves that don’t attack instantly and wipe them out later with B3 burst of choice. Drake burst also enables Stalling if needed.

Please note that this is pre-nerf stage power. This video will still work current update at low CP. Also remember to enable Auto-aim instead of manual aim like what is showcased in the video, as it will result in DPS loss because of inconsistent core hits.

Manual Centi for burst gen. use snow white burst to aim for the core of the boss (do no exceed 800%~ as you run the risk of liter buff expiring). Privaty is there for breathing room AoE burst if needed. (Check link below for Snow White run, it also showcases mob Stalling)l.

Stalling Strategy

You are able to stall waves (preferably weaker hitting waves) by keeping enough of them alive. Having a non AoE burst will help a lot here as to not accidentally kill them. You can run a sustain unit such as helm or Repunzel so you are able to face tank the wave longer without getting punished. When you are outside of full burst, it is preferred to force units to cover and manual Centi on the boss to get burst back as AI might target the stalled wave. By doing this, you might be able to skip the elite mob (octopus) and able to just hard focus boss. See video at 1:16~ below.


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