15-30 Guide

Boss Information and Attack Patterns

This boss has 4 Destructible parts, 1 big and 1 small canon on each side. With the core being the yellow bright spot of his body.

the boss has 4 attacks, the first image is where he charges up his core (you can easily take cover to avoid the damage), the second image where he fires a missile barrage (does not do much damage), in the third image is where he just one shots a unit or severely damages a unit. You can’t cancel or do anything about it as it also pierces cover, the last attack just uses his small guns to his side to attack your units, not dangerous at all unless your units are already very low.

Suggested Team Comps

Rapunzel provides less RNG for your runs if your units get one shotted from his third attack pattern, also being able to help sustain your team, manual Centi for burst generation, Bring at least 1 AoE unit to handle the mobs at the back.

Pierce Team

if you do not have Rapunzel, you can run 1-1-3, although you might want to restart a couple of times if Laitance does his one shot move. You can run Helm and an AoE unit such as Privaty if you need sustain from mobs, but this is most likely not needed as only a very select few mobs hurt. Snow white can be used here to take out one full side of his destructible parts, Maxwell and Alice to a Lesser extent can do this too.
Alice and Harran have the ability to Shoot through elite mob shield, use them if you have trouble clearing the first mob waves

Source: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1BW4y1M7af/?spm_id_from=333.788

General Tips

Nothing too special here, just clear out the waves then focus on 1v2’ing the boss. Focusing on the elite mob is not preferred as he is tanky, just shoot down the bombs that he shoots if needed. you can chip down the gun health during the mob waves to make it easier for you later. If you destroy both of his big side guns, it (sometimes?) removes his ability to do his one shot mechanic, making the run easier. Focus on damaging the core after, as the guns on his sides are too small to hit accurately, resulting in DPS loss.
However, if the boss Jumps in front of you, that’s when you can start full focusing on the small guns as it is much easier to hit. The only dangerous mob to look at for is the Flying discs, take them out asap as they will hurt. They spawn after when the elite Shield mob jumps towards you units

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