Nihilister Guide

General Information


Phase 1

The first move Nihilister does is spitting out literal boulders at you, these can be easily destroyed if you target the projectiles.

QTE circles are not very tanky, however they do time out fast, full burst being ready is highly recommended when dealing with the QTE moveset. Succeeding the QTE event will deal x5 bars of damage. Failing the event will punish you with Nihilister spamming rockets at you, breaking cover if not dealt with. Below are the images of the possible patterns

After/during (depending on how fast you are able to clear the circles) Nihilister fires her machineguns at you, switching to targeted unit will preserve their HP via covering. This moves hurts if left unattended.

After MG fire, the boss will then use AoE breathe attack. Do not face tank this as the DoT when hit will most likely wipe out your team/hit units after a couple of seconds, the boss then jumps back then fires fireballs to a selected unit, simply cover. the boss then repeats the process starting from shooting boulders to your units until damaged enough to reach phase 2.

Phase 2

Nihilister opens up with a AoE attack, take cover.

Boss then starts Laser beaming Nikke’s and throwing meteors, you can face tank the lasers if you have a healer / HP is still healthy, destroy Meteors if needed. The laser beams attacks your Nikke’s in positioning order, in other words, she attacks Nikke position 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 in order. While the meteors thrown is the exact opposite; She hurls meteors to Nikke positions 5,4,3,2,1 in order. Use this to your advantage if needed.

Nihilister then summons waves of projectiles, these projectiles can be destroyed easily with an AoE burst, face tanking this is not recommended as doing so will most likely wipe a couple of your units.


Destroying Nihilister Gear L and Gear R (legs) will net you x2 HP damage each towards the boss. Nihilister after QTE Phase will bring her turrets towards her head. You can take advantage of the extra hitboxes with units that have the pierce mechanic (Snow white, Maxwell, Alice), effectively having their bursts hit 3 times when aimed right.

Team Comps

Note: If Liter is not available, the only way to have enough cover is to destroy all possible projectiles, pass all QTE’s, and face tank Shots to preserve cover. as cover is almost MANDATORY to survive her AoE breathe attack. Cocoa is also an option but the user will be forced to always save a burst when does her breathe attack.
Liters subs are always any 20s CDR (Volume, Dolla, Dorothy). Helm (Most recommended) or other healers are advised when playing without liter due to reasons stated above.

Scarlet Carry (Scarlet Overload Max Ammo)


  • Liter = CDR and ATK buffs. Also repairs cover to help with sustain
  • Novel = Damage taken debuff | Subs: Guilty, Viper = DPS, defense shred , Burst gen
  • Scarlet = DPS
  • Drake | Modernia = DPS
  • Helm = Healing

Snow White Pierce (Highly Invested Skills)


  • Liter = CDR and ATK buffs. Also repairs cover to help with sustain
  • Novel = Damage taken debuff
  • Snow white = Pierce, DPS , hahahah NUKE
  • Rapunzel | Flex = Healing. Privaty/Yulha can be used for extra ATK buff if needed (timing is needed for Yulha, but should not be difficult to time attack buff during 3x pierce window)
  • Maxwell = Pierce, Buffer, hahahah mini NUKE

Alice Pierce (Highly Invested Alice)

Skill investments:
Liter = 8/5/7
Novel = 4/4/5
Alice = 8/4/8
Scarlet = 9/5/6
Privaty = 9/5/4

127k clear in video below. Can clear substantially lower with higher Alice skill investments and/or Maxwell substitute at around level 7+ skills.


  • Liter = CDR and ATK buffs. Also repairs cover to help with sustain
  • Novel = Damage taken debuff | Subs: Guilty, Viper = DPS, defense shred , Burst gen
  • Alice = Pierce, DPS , Burst generator (spam shots)
  • Scarlet | Modernia = DPS
  • Maxwell = Pierce, Buffer, hahahah mini NUKE | Subs: Helm, Privaty

Bunny Twins


  • Liter | Dorothy = CDR, Buffer
  • Blanc = Healer, Debuffer
  • Noir = Buffer, Sub-DPS
  • Flex b3
  • Flex b3

As usual, Bunny twins get their own little section here, as they are pretty much boss killer staples. The other b3’s will pretty much just be your strongest available DPS. With preferred units being Scarlet, Modernia, Alice, Laplace , and a rather raised summer Neon.


  1. You really should add recommend Skill levels for the units.
    How invested should Alice, Maxwell, Novel be for example?

    Do Maxwell, SW, Alice need level 8+ skills to be viable or is 7 enough?

    • I tried the SW comp for a while now with 125k power.

      Synchro 220
      Liter 5/6/7 0 MLB
      Novel 4/4/4 0 MLB
      SW 7/5/10 – OL Head,Arm,Legs. +20.14%C.D, +10.06%C.R, +5.47%Atk, +6.88%Charge damage. 0 MLB
      Maxwell 10/5/4 2 MLB
      Rapunzel 5/5/4 1 MLB

      So far, my biggest issue is the lack of max ammo roll on my OL gear since I can’t break a full QTE cycle in 1 reload with SW (as demonstrated in the video). Although disregarding that (in the few instances that good RNG didn’t kill my units with the missiles), even tho I follow the video’s strategy for the most part, I’m still lacking a substantial amount of damage (15 health bars worth) and I’m not sure why.

  2. In the Scarlet overload team, why does she start with 60 max ammo before any burst skills have been used? Mine has a max of 20 and the max ammo cube doesn’t give her nearly that much.

  3. There’s a small misconception about her machine gun fire here. She starts firing immediately as soon as QTE starts, but each QTE circle interrupt pauses or interrupts her fire. This can be staggered out ever so slightly to reduce damage somewhat.

  4. I really wish your guides weren’t always “use Liter or you’re an idiot”. The whole purpose of multiple team comps is to account for when some people don’t have all the Nikkes in the game.

    This site would be more useful if there were more comps that didn’t include Liter or Scarlet. We get it. They’re really really good units. Suggesting them in the team is not exactly groundbreaking advice.

    • The guides are made with meta in mind, and there are always several build for every guide. There are also known substitutes for every unit, but the difference is noticeable. You can’t expect them to make a million different builds which work 100% of the time or a custom tailored build just for you and your units, that’s the part of the game, figuring it out by yourself and trying it out. I’ve been stuck on Nihlister for over a month now, cause I’m in a weird limbo of having both “too much” and “not enough” damage, I also don’t have a Liter or Scarlet, but what I do have is patience, trying to level my units, trying different builds, and waiting for either to drop. At the end of the day, that’s the idea of the game: “looks cool, makes you want to play more, but you can’t because you lack certain units and you have to spend money to pull them 🙂 ” I haven’t paid a single cent, so I know the frustration… XD

      • No one is asking for a million different builds, but it would definitely be nice to see one that doesn’t use Liter. You know, like almost everything else in this game that you can side out Liter and use someone else.

        20-31 is like the only one that’s like “oh you don’t have Liter? Come back when you have T10s and level over the recommended power”, meanwhile my friends have already beat it at 120k because they have Liter

  5. My guide to Dragon Mom

    Compo = Liter and dps. No healer. 1 AOE burst helps but is not mandatory.

    1. Phase 1: focus legs first
    2. Select left nikke. Cover each projectile by switching nikke. You can also destroy some.
    3. Burst and do the QTE pattern
    4. Cover the nikkes which are focused by machine gun
    5. Cover the team for fire breath
    6. Burst, kill a leg
    7. Short cover for the missiles
    8. Repeat

    1. Phase 2 – Focus one head
    2. Cover the team for breath
    3. Select left nikke, cover each laser by switching nikke.
    4. Remove the missiles (AOE burst if available)
    5. Cover the team for breath

    If you don’t reach the timer with your whole team, practice to avoid more stuff
    Otherwise you need more dps /power.
    That how it went for me 🙂

    My winning team was Liter, Novel, Snow, Modernia, Privaty
    My Scarlet was dying too easily without heal.
    Healers makes the fight easier, often no need to cover before laser. But, you will probably have to wait for more power before taking her down.

    • such a good guide , having liter like the guide CLEARLY states having……tf is the point of this post? o.o

  6. bring dorothy if any of you dont have liter. dont have it too? just reroll into new account with liter or actually whale for liter.

  7. As much as it sucks hearing ‘just use Liter bro’ for the thousandth time, the fight is one big check to see if you have her. You’re not getting thru without her cover repair unless you’re so overleved you can brute force it. It’s not the fault of the comp makers, it’s the fault of the developers for tuning content to where you *need* Liter and Modernia to advance.

    I finally pulled Liter after a three weeks of being stuck on Nihilister and beat her at 121k with Liter/Bunnies/Modernia/Alice. My 135k team of Dorothy/Pepper/Modernia/Centi/Alice couldn’t get to the second part. That’s how important having hard hat girl is. A heavily invested Alice and quick firing skills is helpful too.

  8. So what I am getting here is “Have Liter or get fucked by dragon mommy”.
    But seriously, as much as I understand the nature of this fight, it’s still so ridiculously dumb that it is practically mandatory that you need her if you intend to defeat the fight early.

  9. I did managed to kill nihilister without liter and with 124k power after a few tries, but I had a few Overload equipments. To anyone who wants to try it I’ll let my comp here:

    Dorothy with overloaded helmet(Charge speed 2,28; Charge damage 9,70; Critical Damage 9,58) and three T9 equipments(LV 5 glove).
    Blanc with overloaded helmet(Critical rate 5,71; Charge speed 4,92; Critical damage 16,44) and three T9 equipments.
    Modernia with overloaded vest(Charge speed 4,33; Max Ammo 56,60) and boots(Max Ammo 68,93; Atk 6,18; Hit rate 9,00), helmet(LV 5) and gloves T9.
    Noir with three T9 equipments(only helmet LV 5).
    Privaty with full T9 equipments.

    For the skills everyone with lv 5 skills, except for modernia and privaty that have lv 7 skills.

    No special strat, only focusing on destroying the gears first then focusing on the weapons, whenever nihilister uses her breath just cover.

  10. Utterly impossible to do unless you have modernia and or scarlet, even if you have litter and the bunny girls, the damage requirment is utterly ridiculous and the massive debuff is just another case of garbage boss design.

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