Overload Equipment

Important Note: To overload equipment on a Nikke, the t9 manufacture equipment should be the same manufacture as the Nikke, for example, Scarlet/Modernia is pilgrim, therefore Pilgrim t9 equipment is required to be equipped to be able to overload said equipment on that Nikke.

This guide will explain how Overload, or Tier 10 equipment, works.

For which sub-stats to prioritize for different units, click here.
For the general equipment guide, click here.

What is Overload?

Overload Attacker Helm

Overload equipment is Tier 10 equipment. Overload equipment have higher stats than Tier 9 equipment, but more importantly, also grant up to 3 bonus sub-stats per piece.

Overload is obtained by upgrading Tier 9 manufacturer equipment to level 5 and using 1 Custom Module. Be warned: the piece will permanently bind to the unit it is equipped on. You CANNOT unequip Overload equipment.

Upgrade T9 Manufacturer equipment into Overload equipment

Attributes (Sub-Stats)

Overload Attributes (Sub-Stats)

The chance to roll a sub-stat on the first line is 100%, the chance for the second line is 50%, and the chance for the third line is 30%.

Below is the list of obtainable sub-stats. The probability column displays the probability of rolling that sub-stat at any value. The sub-stat options and probabilities are the same for all types of equipment.

Attribute (Sub-Stat)Min ValueMax ValueProbability
Increase Element Damage Dealt9.54%29.16%10%
Increase Hit Rate4.77%14.63%12%
Increase Max Ammunition Capacity27.84%85.37%12%
Increase ATK4.77%14.63%10%
Increase Charge Damage4.77%14.63%12%
Increase Charge Speed1.98%6.09%12%
Increase Critical Rate2.30%7.07%12%
Increase Critical Damage6.64%20.36%10%
Increase DEF4.77%14.63%10%
Attribute Probability

Below is the list of possible values for each attribute. The chance for attribute levels 1~5 is 60%, the chance for levels 6~10 is 35%, and the chance for 11~15 is 5%.

Increase Element Damage Dealt9.5410.9412.3413.7515.1516.5517.9519.3520.7522.1523.5624.9626.3627.7629.16
Increase Hit Rate4.775.476.186.887.598.299.009.7010.4011.1111.8112.5213.2213.9314.63
Increase Max Ammunition Capacity27.8431.9536.0640.1744.2848.3952.5056.6060.7164.8268.9373.0477.1581.2685.37
Increase ATK4.775.476.186.887.598.299.009.7010.4011.1111.8112.5213.2213.9314.63
Increase Charge Damage4.775.476.186.887.598.299.009.7010.4011.1111.8112.5213.2213.9314.63
Increase Charge Speed1.982.282.572.863.163.453.754.044.334.634.925.215.515.806.09
Increase Critical Damage6.647.628.609.5810.5611.5412.5213.5014.4815.4616.4417.4218.4019.3820.36
Increase Critical Rate2.302.642.983.323.664.004.354.695.035.375.706.056.396.737.07
Increase DEF4.775.476.186.887.598.299.009.7010.4011.1111.8112.5213.2213.9314.63
Attribute Values

Note: When first making OL equipment, All of the Rolls will be Attribute level 11, Subsequent re-rolls will be purely RNG on what attribute level you get after.


There are two ways to re-roll: Change Effects and Reset Attributes.

Change Effects allows you to re-roll for different attributes. This is recommended if you only rolled one attribute.

Reset Attributes allows you to re-roll for different values on your attributes. This is only recommended once you are happy with your rolled attributes, as your rolled values do NOT keep when you roll Change Effects.

Once you have re-rolled, you view the results and either confirm with Change Effects to apply the new sub-stats, or cancel with Keep Effects to keep your previous sub-stats.

Re-rolling costs Custom Modules, which currently can only be obtained from Special Individual Interception.

You can spend Custom Modules to lock the sub-stats that you are happy with. This locks both the attribute and the value for that sub-stat. Unlocking a sub-stat does NOT return your spent Custom Modules. I do not recommend locking a sub-stat that is not max value.

For clarification, locking 1 sub-stat (cost 2) and then re-rolling (cost 2) will cost you 4 Custom Modules in total.

ActionTotal LockedCustom Module Cost
Re-roll (NO effect, but consumes Modules)34


  1. If the manufacturer effect will be replaced by the overload effect anyway, will there be any difference if I overload an equipment while being equipped to a Nikke of different manufacturer?
    Let’s say, if I’m about to overload a Tetra attacker helm while equipped on Scarlet, will the stat value increase be greater if it’s a Pilgrim helm instead?

    • Nvm, just tried it after enhancing to lv5 (ouch, the credits), the option to overload doesn’t even appear if equipped on a Nikke of different manufacturer lmao

  2. Does the locked atribute stays locked after you reroll ? , i mean if you get something bad and you want to continue reroling do you need to lock your good stats again or can you keep reroling ?

    • It stays locked until you choose to unlock it if desired. However, it’ll cost more to reroll each time. (If you have already locked 1, each reroll will cost 2 crystal instead of 1)

  3. Does it matter if the manufacturing gear is not the same manufacture as missiles. I got an abnormal t9 piece and am wondering if I can just place it on my Centi without losing out on stats.

    • U get bonus stat if both parties are from the same manufacturer. If they don’t match, that piece will be the same as a normal t9 item.

  4. Just to make sure if I read it correctly. If I managed to get one of desired effect and lock it while I want to reroll the other effect, would the desired effect remains or gets rerolled as well? Additionally, if one of the effect is locked, does changing effect also count the locked ones since second and third line has their own probability?
    Sure it’s not recommended if I locked it before max the value, but I don’t think I personally can get all 3 into the right effect first especially with ATK mostly at the utmost priority.

  5. Please add a disclaimer in this guide to mention that overloading gear must be the same manufacturer bonus as the Nikke manufacturer to overload.

  6. If I lock a an effect (which costs 2 custom modules) and then unlock it, do I have to spend 2 more custom modules to re-lock it?

  7. If I lock a stat on the first row and then re-roll, am I guaranteed to receive at least one new roll, or is it possible to just get the already locked stat if the 50% and 30% rolls fail for the 2nd and 3rd row?

  8. I rerolled the skills on Dorothy and the attributes that I choose to keep are not kept. It goes back to the original one attribute I rerolled. I wasted modification crystals and want to know if this is a bug?

  9. Can you roll for the same stat on another piece of t10 armor? Say I have two on scarlet, could I get faster reload on both pieces?

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