Modernia Boss Guide

These are general tips about the Modernia boss.

For SP Interception Modernia, click here.

The boss Modernia has 4 distinct phases.

Phase 1

The first phase starts when the boss has two wings and a core. When no parts are destroyed, the boss will cycle through a small machine gun attack which does light damage, then a cross laser attack, then launch destructible grenades from their win launchers. Destroying the core is the first priority as the boss will perform a double cross laser attack which will stun any NIKKE that is hit directly. Then proceed to destroying the wings.

Hint Destroying the wings as the boss closes them up and flies backward will cause the boss to enter a regeneration phase, which will restore the two wings but prevent the boss from proceeding to the next phase until the end of the next cycle.

When sufficient damage is dealt, the boss will then go to phase 2, where the boss will teleport far away, regenerate any wings, and then teleport around the map launching fast moving missiles at you. These are difficult as they start far away but rapidly approach, causing units like AR’s, SMG’s and Shotguns a difficult time shooting this missiles down as they approach you. If you were able to sufficient damage a wing before entering this phase, destroying the wings after the regeneration step will stop the boss from launching any missiles, greatly increasing your survivability.

Phase 2

The boss will always teleport in the following locations:

  • Start
  • Top Centre – Regeneration
  • Top Right
  • Left Side
  • Right Side
  • Top Centre
  • Bottom Left
  • Right Side
  • Top Left
  • Centre

Once the teleporting ends, after 3 seconds, the boss will regenerate their core and reenter Stage 1.

Hint Timing your burst after waiting two seconds can allow you to enter the core burst stage with your full burst giving you the highest chance of breaking the core before the boss can do their cross laser attack.

TIP 2 – Turning on simple burst animations and timing your bursts properly as above will allow you to realign your reticle so that you can attack the core immediately without wasting any damage.

Phase 3

After the boss performs the cross attack, the boss will show two interruption circles side by side, after which the boss will charge you slightly. Failure to break the interruption circles will cause the boss to shoot an enhanced machine gun attack at you.

Phase 4

The boss will disappear from the map and will reappear in front of you with their core regenerated and will perform a cross laser attack. After the cross laser attack, you will see two interruption circles in a slanted pattern. Failing this interrupt will cause a piercing cross attack which will stun NIKKE’s even if they are behind cover.


Breaking the parts will destroy 4 bars of HP and is very important in meeting the time requirement if you are fighting below power level.

The boss will cycle between phase 1 and 2. Successfully doing the stage 1 wing break at the right time will keep the boss going to phase 2, but you may take additional cover damage unless you clear the missiles.

The boss will automatically go to phase 2 if you break 40-45 bars, after this point the boss will continue to cycle through machine gun, cross blast, two sets of bomb attacks, and then teleport.

The boss will transition to phase 3 after you break 20-25 bars

The boss will transition to phase 4 after you break 5 bars. Ideally you should do a core break on the boss below 10 bars to try to skip phase 4.


  1. Damn…Modernia feels impossible to kill. I recently started playing, and my characters are all level 122-123 with Synchro. Modernia just seems to one-shot my squad. Am I just underlevelled right now? I noticed that the boss video guide had their squad at level 130…
    My squad is Liter, Centi, Sugar, Drake, and Noir/Laplace. I think maybe I got lucky on the RNG, cause I got this squad almost immediately at the start and I’ve basically not gotten stuck anywhere until here. But I just can’t live long enough to get to past Stage 2, and if I do I die immediately at Stage 3.

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