Nikke Beginner’s Guide

Everything new players need to know about Goddess of Victory: Nikke to give you the perfect start to the game!

This article aims to feed you all the knowledge you need to know when starting the game, and more! Most of the articles will be touching up on already available information in the site, but in a more organized and tidy manner, all in one article. A short summary will be written and link will be provided for more detailed explanations for such cases.


Clearing Campaign stages grants leveling resources as rewards and also increase Outpost Defense level. Pushing campaign is important as it increases your main source of income for leveling up materials for Nikkes while also giving said materials per cleared stage. More on Outpost Defense later.

Combat Power (CP)

Combat Power (CP) is a number that represents a unit or squad’s overall strength, having higher CP than stage requirement should mean an easy time clearing the stage. If attempting stages that are below your recommended CP, your Squad’s stats gets penalized. Read this to learn more.

What you need to know is how to increase CP/sources of CP. Below are all the sources of CP.

  1. Levels
  2. Equipment/Gears
  3. Skill Levels
  4. Limit Breaks and Cores
  5. Bond Levels
  6. Recycling Room (unlocked later)
  7. Harmony Cube (unlocked later)


Note: This section is provided to people who aim to have good starting Nikkes in expense of re-rolling accounts, if you are not interested, skip to next section.

After finishing up Chapter 1, the pull system is unlocked. You get a tutorial banner and is guaranteed a SSR unit. For more details on what Nikkes to look out for, check here.

In short, good units to start with are 1 Cooldown reduction unit and a good hyper carry DPS. A combination of these two at the start will get your through the game pretty fast.

Pilgrim (Scarlet, Dorothy, Harran, etc) Nikkes are NOT able to be pulled from tutorial banner. standard and rate up banner have the SAME rates for pilgrim Nikkes.

Nikkes that are mentioned first in a category hold more priority than units mentioned after.

Cooldown Reduction Units


Hyper Carries


(Less Priority) Great Supports


Once you are satisfied with your Nikkes, we’re ready to play the game again!

Note 2: Blanc and Noir work amazingly well together, as their kit benefits them being in one team, Blanc performs rather subpar if she is without Noir. However Noir can still perform great by herself.

Codes (CD-Keys)

Players can obtain free rewards such as Gems, Recruit Tickets, and more with promotional codes. Some are permanent, but most of them have usage limits or have short expiry dates that you need to keep an eye out for. Therefore, a full list of active codes can be found in a separately maintained guide:

Progression Guide

While the game is a idle game at its core, one can progress faster via manual play and resource management.

Clearing below recommended CP stages (red number) is possible most of the time. It mostly depends on team composition and how willing the player is to learn about the game.

  1. Upon starting a new account and going through the initial tutorials, one should use the “auto” function, this ensures a functional team at the start of the game. As the player learns more, they can read upon the team building section that will be provided in the section below.
  2. If you run out of resources to level up, read this section and grab all the rewards you can. Proceed to upgrade your units.
  3. Begin pushing campaign stages until you reach Chapter 4 Stage 15, where Synchro Device will be unlocked. Sub-quest stages and EX stages can be skipped for now. Once unlocked, read this to learn how Synchro Device works (VERY IMPORTANT).
  4. While pushing campaign, remember to grab Lost Relic Blueprints to upgrade your Tactics Academy (VERY IMPORTANT). Tactics Academy helps tremendously in producing more resource for you to level up your Nikkes.
  5. If you get stuck, proceed to do Simulation Room and Tribe Tower for additional resources. You should also attempt Interception here for better gears to have an easier time in Campaign.
  6. Whenever you get stuck in pushing a certain stage, first refer to step 2 in this section, and then browse Youtube for stage clears.
  7. After Step 5, proceed to push campaign again. If you get stuck this time, time for idle gaming AKA wait for outpost to generate enough resource for further levelling up your Nikkes. Or learn more in regards to team building.

Team Building

Burst order (BI BII BIII explanation)

The most important thing in combat to learn in Nikke is burst order. Burst is basically a sort of special move by each character, read this article to learn more.

In short, you need to have a team that has at least 1 Burst I, 1 Burst II and 1 Burst III to activate full burst, which is crucial because all AI will follow their aim to where you are aiming manually in full burst mode, with the additional bonus of a 1.5x damage multiplier as well!

Team Composition

Following the most important rule of having at least 1 unit of each burst type in a team, you can try forming your own teams by referring to the tier list. For newer players however, it is recommended to follow this team composition guide first until you get a hang of the game.

Team Synergy is important, therefore knowing what Nikkes skills do is vital. Usually a team wants a ATK buffer, a Cooldown reduction unit, healer (very optional), A burst generator and at least 2+ DPS’s. Some Nikkes can fill two roles at the same time.

How do I increase CP in Early Game?

Leveling up

When a user has enough battle chips and credits, they can level up Nikkes. in the early game, the team’s main DPS can be a few levels higher (around 10~ levels) than the supports, as they’ll do most of the damage. Stronger DPS’s = Faster clears. 10 level difference is recommended as the cost of leveling up Nikkes do get more expensive per level.

Early game refers to Nikke levels that are below level 100.


Gears give more stats and can be acquired from Outpost Defense, Interception, Campaign, Arena Shop, General Shop and Cash Shop (spending real money).

The best gears you can get at your current level are acquired from Interception and Cash Shop. Other sources such as Campaign and Outpost Defense will only provide you with lower tier gears that you already have.

Do not over invest (Level 5) in lower tier gear, as they will get replaced pretty often. Gear EXP is rather scarce and needs to spent caringly. A good stopping point for gear levels is 3, with helmet being the most important gear to upgrade as it gives a sizable attack boost. Tier 8 gear is a good tier to start leveling beyond level 3.

Upgrade priority: Helm > Gloves > Chest (can ignore) > Legs (can ignore)

Read this to learn more about gears.

Skills and Skill Manuals

Skill books are used to leveling up skills. They are rather scarce and are only obtained from sim room and occasional events.

Nikkes have unique skills, some of which can be tide-turning in battles and some that are kinda useless.

Skill 1 and 2 uses books called “Skill manuals” and bursts use “Burst manuals“, both obtained from simulation room that was introduced in the tutorial

Upgrading skills to level 4 is not very costly, however levels after that exponentially increase in books used. It is wise to invest your main team skill levels to level 4, and plan which skills to invest after.

To know what skills to start leveling and more information, check here.

Bond/Relationship Level

Bond level gives some amount of stats to a unit. To increase bond level, Commanders can advice their Nikkes for a maximum of 100 bond points per day, the amount of Nikkes that can be advised is also limited. For correct bond answers, click here.

While the max bond level for Nikkes are 10, this can be further increased via dupes. Each dupe further increases the cap by 10. With the max bond levels being up to 30 for non-Pilgrim Nikkes, while Pilgrims can go up to level 40.

Dailies and Introduction to Game Modes

Intercept D | Intercept

After clearing chapter 3-9, this game mode will be unlocked. This game mode provides beginner gear which can be used to further increase combat power. Gear obtained depends on how much damage is dealt towards the boss.

The goal is to reach stage 8 if possible as it starts dropping tier 5 gear at certain rates. More advanced intercept modes get unlocked the further you are in campaign. The advanced interception modes give better gear but are also more difficult.

Tables below include normal drop rate along side special drop rate (extra reward slot) accordingly for each interception.

Interception Guides found here.

Simulation room

This game mode is unlocked during the tutorial (chapter 1), and is your main source of skill books. it is a rogue-like game mode where if your units get damaged or taken out, their statuses will carry on until the sector is fully completed.

You get buffs through out the sector to aid with your progress, to learn in more detail, check here.

Tribe Tower

Two types of Tribe Tower as shown above, Normal Tribe Tower and Manufacturer Tower.

Normal Tribe Tower is mainly cleared for resources to level up units, especially in early game since the amount given is considered huge at that point. Manufacturer Tower is cleared to acquire Manufacturer Mold shards, which can be used to acquire SSR units.

Read this to learn more about the gameplay mode. Read this to learn about team compositions to be used in Manufacturer Tower.

Note: Every 10 floors cleared for each tribe tower grants you a “Flash sale“, in which future spenders can spend their real life money in. Usually these flash sales give core dust, manufacture molds and gems.

Arena (Rookie)

This mode is unlocked at 3-16. This game mode allows you to fight other players using a set team, the currency there is called arena exchange vouchers. You can buy code manuals which is used to upgrade skills starting at level 5. These code manuals are important for future use, so try buying them off the shop daily.

For more info, click here.

Note: Don’t use arena exchange vouchers for equipment, it’s very costly and gear bought will be replaced soon after anyways.

Arena (SP)

Two types of Arena, Rookie Arena and Special Arena. Both grant Arena Exchange Voucher which can be used in Arena Shop. More important is Special Arena, since it grants gems (premium currency in the game).

The main difference between SP arena is 3 teams need to be set up for attack and defense instead of 1.

Browse through the articles here to learn more.

Lost Sector/Harmony Cubes

Lost Sector is a gameplay mode where you solve some puzzles and get decent rewards, mainly unlocking Harmony Cubes and upgrade materials for them.

Browse here for guides on some stages for Lost Sector.

Harmony Cube is an extra “gear” where each character can only equip one, and gain small amount of bonus stats and special bonuses such as faster reload speed, extra ammo depending on which cube is equipped.

Read this to learn more.

Outpost Overview


The outpost contains a variety of buildings/functions that provides benefits for the player. Namely through the Tactics Academy as it helps with passive idle resource generation.

There is also other features such as Weekly stamina that can be spent to view encounters that revolve certain Nikkes. There is also the Dispatch system and the Command center where you can re-watch past events, set lobby music and more.

Tactics Academy (Priority)

Tactics Academy increases your Outpost Defense output when certain lessons are learned. These lessons are unlocked by using Credits and also constructing certain buildings, which can only be built if you have the corresponding Lost Relic Blueprints.

If possible, have the lessons learned ASAP, especially the ones that give extra resources passively. The passive resource income bonus affects boxes resource boxes opened as well.

Benefits of learning lessons and thresholds found here.

Synchro Device

Synchro device is unlocked at 4-15. This allows the user to synchronize their units to the 5 highest level Nikkes that is available. With the lowest being the baseline for the Nikkes that will be put in the device. This is great as the user doesn’t need to focus on leveling tons of Nikkes to be able to use them in battle.
It is important to maintain your 5 highest level Nikkes at an equal level post early game.

The default slots available in the synchro is 5, and can be increased via Tactics Academy or using 500 gems.

Outpost Defense (Idle Resources)

Outpost Defense produces resources for leveling your units when you do..nothing and just let time pass. The amount of resource produced is determined by your Outpost Defense Level (which is increased by clearing Campaign stages excluding EX stage and sub-quest stages), and also Tactics Academy unlocked bonuses.

Recycling Room

Recycling Room gives small amount of stats to units with each upgrade. Upgrade materials are mainly acquired for free from event stages and can also be bought from the Body Label Shop (highly NOT recommended).

General Research levels is capped depending on synchro level. Class Research unlocks at level 5 general research, and manufacture research unlocks at level 10 general research.

The amount of consoles needed to level up research also increase depending on research level.

Level 1-10 = 10 Consoles
Level 11-20 = 30 Consoles
~Level 20+ = 50 Consoles

Elevator – Liberation

Unlocks at 5-20, here you can Rehabilitate problematic Nikkes. There is three Nikkes you can choose from. When a Nikke is Rehabilitated, she joins the Nikke roster and is able to partake in battles as well.

More info here.

Extra information

There are also other features in the outpost. However slightly irrelevant to newbie progress. To learn more, click here.

Resources (Leveling-Section)

Resources used for leveling in this game are Battle Data Set, Credit and Core Dust, which are acquired from different sources.

Resource Box

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The number of hours shown on each resource box is NOT how long it takes until the box expires. (Yes, no need to freak out and open every box as soon as you get them) The number instead indicates the amount of hour of resource (outpost defense output) you will gain from using each box.

For example, the outpost below produces 649 Credit per minute=38940 Credit per hour. Using a Credit Case with 1H gives 38942 Credit, while using a Credit Case with 24H gives 38942*24=934608=935K Credit

Note: Decimal values does NOT carry over when opening multiple boxes. For example, if core dust gain is 55.8 per hour and you open two core dust boxes, you get 110 instead of 111.6 core dust.

Resource Management

Ideally, you should only open just enough resource boxes to get to the minimum level needed to push to the next outpost defense level to min-max resources.

Your level gets bottlenecked by different types of resource depending on where your progression is in game.

Read this to learn more about which types of resource to prioritize at different stages of the game.

Advanced: a sheet to plan out your resources

Gacha System✨✨

Gem Types

Two types of gems (premium currency) in this game, free gems and charged gems. Charged gems are only acquired by purchasing 30-Day supply pack or purchasing raw gems.

Free gems allow you to do various things such as pulling on banners, refresh shop, refresh dispatches and others.

A use for charged gems is to pull on the New Commander Special Recruitment banner, where 2 SSR units are guaranteed (1 from banner, 1 from mold). Free gems cannot be used on this banner.

Recruit on Banner

Gems as mentioned earlier can be used to recruit on banners. Free gems are used on Ordinary Recruit, Special Recruit and Limited-Time Recruitment banner, charged gems work the same as free gems but are also used on the New Commander Special Recruitment banner.

Social points are used on Social Point Recruit banner, and is acquired by requesting it from friends.

Recruit Vouchers are used on Ordinary Recruit banner, and are acquired from various sources such as daily missions, achievements, event shops, cash shops and more.

Advanced Recruit Vouchers are used on Special Recruit and Limited-Time Recruitment banner, and are acquired from event shop, event login stamp and cash shop.


Mileage is the spark system in Nikke. Each pull on the Ordinary Recruit banner gives 1 Silver Mileage Ticket, while each pull on Special Recruit and Limited-Time Recruitment banner gives 1 Gold Mileage Ticket.

Read this to learn more about which units can be exchanged with the 2 different types of Mileage Ticket.


For Ordinary Recruitment, there is a Wishlist. Wishlist allows you to choose 15 characters excluding Pilgrim, Limited Characters and Abnormal/Collab units and have increased rates for pulling them from Ordinary Recruit.

Read this to learn more.


Molds are basically another source for you to acquire copies of SSR units. Chances of acquiring a SSR unit and which units are available vary for each mold.

There are 2 main types of mold, normal molds that are the Gold and Purple Mold, and manufacturer molds.

Normal molds are acquired from Mission Pass, Event Pass, Daily Missions, General Shop, Body Label Shop and Cash Shop. The F2P (free to play) sources here are mainly Daily Missions and Body Label Shop. Manufacturer Molds are acquired from clearing Manufacturer Tower stages (found in Tribe Tower) and also buying pop-up packs from Manufacturer Towers.

Limited Events

Day by Day

Mission rewards grant resources in amounts that are very useful in early game (particularly before you unlock Synchro Device), be sure to click on the tab and do the missions required for the day. At the end, you get a free SSR unit. Privaty


Mission Pass and Event Pass

These passes usually occur around every 1 1/2 months~. These passes are paid, however there is still rewards for free players when completing missions. Premium Rewards (paid) are as follows:

  • Mission pass = 50 gold molds + 25 Standard tickets + Skin.
  • Event pass = 50 gold molds + 50 purple molds + 10 Advanced tickets + 15 Standard Tickets + Skin.

Note: Make sure to remember actually completing/claim the mission rewards as they are not auto completed at daily reset.

Login Stamps (Events)

Login stamp grants rewards for each day you log into the game. Be sure to click claim all to claim the rewards.

QoL Settings

  • Burst skill locations should be left on mobile if you are right handed (easier to manage), and right if you are left handed.
  • Turn on aim assist and use the default value given. Aim assist helps to lock onto enemies and avoid losing damage due to missing shots.
  • Change NIKKE during auto combat should be turned off for harder stages.
  • For mobile players, switch to Horizontal Mode in battle should be turned on. This option can be found in the Nearby tab in settings on mobile.
  • For PC players, you should change the control settings for each key to your desired ones for smoother gameplay.

Social Features


Having friends allow you to send and request Social Points, which are used to recruit on the Social Point Recruit Banner.


Joining a Union allows you to participate in Union Raid to acquire Union Chips, which are used in the Union Shop.


1. Q: Is the game pay-to-win? What should I be worried about if I don’t pay?
-A: There are some modes that encourage competition, and the payers having a big advantage. However it is totally optional and won’t affect the main attraction of Nikke, Booty ✨✨.

However there is a “feature” in the game called the “level 160 wall” where many free-to-plays get stuck in. In short, this mechanic limits your level to Nikke levels to 160 unless you have 5 SSR Max limit break Nikkes (Base copy + 3 Dupes). Max limit break units can go beyond level 160.

Why 5 Nikkes specifically? As mentioned previously in the article, the Synchro device takes the 5 highest level Nikkes and sets that as the base level that Nikkes are able to inherit in the Synchro Device.

2. Q: Are Emulator’s Allowed for Re-rolling purposes?
-A: Previously, at launch, it was allowed. However due to certain events, Emulators are now prohibited and users can’t even run the game without getting kicked out/banned.

3. Q: Am I able to pull for all rate-up units? How important are Dupes?
-A: Unfortunately, there is no real pity system in the game, as mentioned previously only a spark system is implemented. So, the player can miss Nikkes on rate-up depending on luck.

However, the base rates are pretty high at 4%. With rate up banners being 2% for the featured Nikke, so it all depends on the users luck. Dupes after the level 160 wall don’t matter too much as each copy is only around a ~2% stat increase.

4. Q: What’s the gem income for the game as a f2p? Is it f2p friendly?
A: the monthly gem income is around 6k gems for more casual play which equates 20 pulls. This doesn’t include gems from clearing campaign or tribe tower. Events give at least 10+ advanced and 10+ standard tickets per month~ as well. For a more personalized calculation, check this tool

So, yes the game is rather F2P friendly, and you won’t miss out much if you can’t get dupes. Rates are pretty high, and for most cases, one copy is needed to use a Nikke to most of their potential.

5. Q: I’m stuck behind a gate | section in the overworld, how can i fix this?
A: Simply head to the settings on the top right in the overworld and press emergency escape. Wait for 30 seconds and then you should be back at the starting point of the chapter | Lost sector.


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