Combat Power (CP)

Combat Power (CP) is a number that represents a unit or squad’s overall strength. CP is calculated from stats and skill levels.

Recommended CP

Most stages have a recommended CP level. When your total squad CP is at or above the recommended level, it appears blue. When it is below the recommended level, it appears red.

In Campaign, Campaign Hard, Tribe Towers, Lost Sector, and Story Event, when you are below the recommended Combat Power, your units receive a stat penalty. In Arena, when you are below the opponent’s CP, you receive a stat penalty. This stat penalty does not exist in EX battles, Simulation Room, Interception, or Co-Op. For more information on CP deficit stat penalty, click here.

CP Formula

Original Source (CN) / Original EN Translation

The CP Formula is as follows:

((CritFormula x ATK x 18) + (EffHealthFormula x 0.7)) x (1.3 + SkillFormula)/100

CritFormula = (Crit Rate x (Crit Damage -1)) +1

EffHealthFormula = DEF x 100 + Health

SkillFormula = (Skill 1 Lvl x 0.01) + (Skill 2 Lvl x 0.01) + (Burst Skill Lvl x 0.02)

The final CP is rounded to the nearest whole number.

Nikkes have a base crit rate of 15% and base crit damage of 150%.

What Does This Mean?

Approximately, 1 CP = 100 HP = 4 ATK = 1 DEF

As CP gain is multiplicative between its sources, higher stats will mean more CP is gained from skill levels, and vice versa.

Increasing CP

Link to CP Calculator (Google Sheet) by Pegram#7482

Below are all the sources of CP.

  • Levels: Flat stat gain
  • Equipment: Flat stat gain
    • For Attackers: Helm > Chest > Gloves > Boots
    • For Defenders: Chest > Helm > Boots > Gloves
    • For Supporters: Chest > Helm > Gloves > Boots
  • Bond Levels: Flat stat gain. See Bond guide for details.
  • Skill Levels: See skill formula above.
  • Limit Breaks: Flat Stat Bonus + Increase max bond level + 2% to all base stats (not affected by equipment or bond)
  • Cores: 2% to all base stats (not affected by equipment)

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