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For the purposes of this guide, let us number each position as shown in the battle preparation screen.

CP Deficit Stat Penalty

CP deficit stat penalty has been confirmed to exist in Arena mode. This makes low CP units a bit difficult to use, but CP deficits can be overcome by using a strong Arena team composition. Up to 4k CP difference does not seem to make much of a difference, and up to 15k deficits have been proven to be able to be overcome for an upset victory.


At the start of the battle, each unit’s targeting will individually be randomly set to prioritize either P1 or P5, then move left or right-wards.

I.E. Targeting will prioritize P1 > P2 > P3 > P4 > P5, or P5 > P4 > P3 > P2 > P1 at random.

Targeting is reset whenever:

  • The unit reloads
  • The unit changes weapon (Snow White, Laplace, Maxwell)
  • The target goes into cover
    • The target reloads
    • The target is a charge shot type (RL, SR), between each charge shot
    • The target is stunned
  • The target’s taunt ends
  • The target is killed

The important thing to note here is that charge weapon types (RL and SR) will reset the attacking opponents’ targeting between each charge shot. Therefore, if you position your Privaty at P2 and Rapunzel at P1, Privaty will be focused when Rapunzel briefly takes cover between a shot.

Simplified Battle

Range & Hit Rate

We have been unable to confirm if a true range or range bonus exists in Arena mode.

However, we have confirmed that units have 100% hit rate in Arena mode. This may suggest that the range is 0, but more likely that Arena mode simply sets hit rate to 100%.

This makes shotguns very strong in Arena, as their biggest weakness is low hit rate. This also means that you should never use Assault Cube in Arena mode, since you will waste its hit rate buff.

Skill Delays

There are no skill delays in arena mode.

Skill delays have been confirmed to be related to VFX, and Arena mode uses different simplified VFX that do not result in delayed skills.

Burst Energy Generation

Energy generation works the same in Arena mode as regular battles. Refer to the burst gauge generation guide for more details.

Often, being the first team to reach B3 and FBM results in victory. It is then crucial to include energy support in Arena teams to ensure you are able to fill the burst gauge before your opponent.

Hitting the opponent or their cover grants base energy per hit.

RL are able to hit the units next to their target on either side, generating extra energy from AoE. Therefore, RL are always generating x2 or x3 their base energy per shot (single target scenario not considered since burst advantage is no longer a factor against a single opponent). This makes RL valuable to have on your Arena teams. Jackal, Centi, and Anis have the highest base energy in the game and generate high amounts of energy.

SG generate much higher energy than normal in Arena mode thanks to the increased hit rate. RL have higher energy generation than SG when hitting 3 enemies. But when RL are hitting 1 or 2 enemies per shot, then clip SG actually generate the highest amount of energy per second in the game. Nowadays, most players position around RL to prevent x3 hits and so SG generate higher energy than RL on average.

Jackal generates energy on her Skill 1, which triggers from hits on both the two highest ATK units on the team and herself thanks to her Skill 2 damage share. Even without this ability, she has impressive energy generation (equal to Anis). But with the interaction between her Skill 1 and Skill 2, it is almost guaranteed that she will generate more energy than even the clip SG. Note that each pellet hit of SG count as separate hits for her Skill 1, meaning SG trigger her Skill 1 with each shot. Against higher RoF teams, Jackal’s energy generation reaches absurd levels. E.g. a team of 2 SG, 2 RL, 1 AR, 1 MG (a common Arena composition) would trigger her Skill 1 18.2 times (even assuming RL only hit one Skill 2 linked ally per shot), generating 6464.6 additional energy for a grand total of 9127.1 when hitting only 2 enemies every shot. This also does not factor in Scarlet, who can be paired with Jackal for more triggers on her own Skill 2 which also generates 45 energy per proc.

Scarlet generates energy on her Skill 2, at her base energy which is 45 energy per proc. He skill 2 only has a 30% chance to proc per direct hit (cover hits do not count). Since Scarlet quickly empties her ammo and reloads for 2.3 seconds of the first 5 seconds of battle, she does not actually trigger this ability too many times even when in a vulnerable position (P1, P5). However, she can generate decent energy from this skill when paired with Jackal.

Harran generates energy on her Skill 1, at her base energy per tick of the DoT effect. It has been confirmed that Harran’s Skill 1 actually takes 4 seconds to complete all 5 ticks as the first tick is triggered immediately. Since Harran fires 0.73 shots per second on auto (NOT accounting for reload time), in 5 seconds she can fire 3.64 shots and trigger her Skill 1 five times, to generate a whopping 2504.5 energy. However, there is a chance that Harran’s Skill 1 may not trigger quickly enough for all 5 ticks and a low chance it may not trigger at all.

Max burst gauge is 10,000 energy. The chart below assumes that 250% full charge shots fire 0.75 shots per second, and that 350% full charge shots fire 0.53 shots per second. It is assumed that MG fire 110 shots in the first 5 seconds. All units other than scarlet take >=5 seconds to empty ammo, so this does NOT take reload time into consideration other than Scarlet. Scarlet is only able to unload one clip and finish a reload in 5 seconds. On average, it takes 5~8 seconds for most teams to fill the burst gauge in Arena.

Weapon Energy TypeEnergy per ShotShots per Second (First 5 Seconds)Energy over 5 secondsUnits (By Energy; By Alphabetical)
Jackal (God)3550.752681.3~10000+ Jackal
Clip SG4501.463285Drake, Neon, Sugar, Maiden, Pepper, Product 23, Viper
Clip RL (Anis)710~10650.752662.5~3993.8Anis
Clip RL (Centi)690~10350.752587.5~3881.3Centi
Double Shot RL (Noah)600~9000.752250~3375Noah
Harran290 + Skill 10.751087.5~2577Harran
Double Shot 2.0s SMG20202000Crow, Quency, Soline
2.0s SMG15201500Ludmilla
Full Clip SG2001.461460Ether, Guilty, Isabel, Mary, Neve, Poli, Soldier FA
>=1.5s AR25101250iDoll Sun, Mihara, Snow White
> 2.0s RL290~4350.751087.5~1631.3Laplace, Rapunzel
2.0s SR2900.751087.5Eunhwa
2.0s RL280~4200.751050~1575Anne, iDoll Flower, Mica, Noise, Vesti
2.0 SR2800.751050Dolla, Exia, Helm, Maxwell, Milk, Solder EG
<1.5s AR20101000Brid, Folkwang, Julia, Privaty, Product 08, Rapi, Rupee, Sin, xRupee
<=2.0s SMG10201000Epinel, iDoll Ocean, Liter, Miranda, Novel, Signal, Soldier OW, Volume
<2.0 SR265~2750.75993.8~1031.3Yulha; Admi; Delta, Frima
>2.0s AR4510 + Reload Time900 + Skill 2Scarlet
2.0s Long Charge RL280~4200.53742~1113Belorta, N102, Yan, Yuni
2.0s Long Charge SR2800.53742Alice
MG522550Aria, Diesel, Emma, Guillotine, Modernia, Product 12

This chart is very surprising, since reload is not taken into account (except Scarlet). After the first 5 seconds, energy generation becomes more normal and similar to what we are used to.


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