Skill Priority Guide

An all you need to know Skill priority Guide to help invest in you Nikke.


  • Added Red Hood and Quiry


This guide is to hopefully direct you on what skills to upgrade with your current Nikkes!
The rating system weighs mostly upon if said unit is good and if the skills scale well at early-late investments and worth investing to. It also slightly takes into account if the unit could be part of your main team despite maybe being an off-meta unit.

Skill book consumption is listed as well as cumulative books consumed at said level, denotated by numbers put in brackets; Ex. (xx) for your convenience.

Use CRTL+F and type in the name of the Nikke you wish to search up for easier usage of this guide

Other SR units not mentioned are only used for early chapters and you do not need to invest in their skills to get through the chapters, nor will it help. DO NOT upgrade other SR units skills, save the resource for good SSR units instead. If you really have/want to upgrade them, it should be only be until level 4.

Skill Manuals

LevelSkill Manual ISkill Manual IISkill Manual IIICode Manual
10 (0)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
28 (8)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
310 (18)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
426 (44)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
542 (86)60 (60)0 (0)10 (10)
6126 (212)90 (150)0 (0)15 (25)
7168 (380)120 (270)0 (0)30 (55)
8210 (590)150 (420)90 (90)70 (125)
9231 (821)165 (585)105 (195)100 (225)
10273 (1094)190 (775)120 (315)135 (360)

Burst Manuals

LevelBurst Manual IBurst Manual IIBurst Manual IIICode Manual
10 (0)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
28 (8)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
310 (18)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
426 (44)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
542 (86)60 (60)0 (0)20 (20)
6126 (212)90 (150)0 (0)30 (50)
7168 (380)120 (270)0 (0)60 (110)
8210 (590)150 (420)90 (90)140 (250)
9231 (821)165 (585)105 (195)200 (450)
10273 (1094)190 (775)120 (315)270 (720)

Skill Income

Here are the expected skill books you can get daily after completing certain simulation rooms. the max total is

  • I= 42 skill manuals, 21 skill manuals
  • II= 30 skill manuals, 15 skill manuals
  • III= 12 skill manuals, 6 burst manuals, 6 code manuals

Events shops are also expected to give:

  • I= 160 skill manuals, 80 burst manuals
  • II= 120 skill manuals, 60 burst manuals

Books are rather very limited so please invest in your skills wisely. Please do plan ahead as they are very important sources of your DPS output.


Before heading to the list. As you can see, leveling up to skill level 4 does not take much books at all. It is recommended for newbies to at least skill level 4 your core team units for the combat score rating boost even if the skills may not be too great.

Ratings explained

<4= skills you don’t need to consider upgrading as it bring minimal team utility/ personal dps gains.

4-7= Skills you can consider upgrading beyond level 4 but any higher than 7 won’t be recommended.

8+= skills that you can consider putting all your books in up to level 10 if you have the resources to.

IMPORTANT: Assume <4 for all SR units skills.

Invest Priority Explained

This Section heavily considers where certain Nikkes lie in the meta.

Low – Nikkes that are not worth / may have rare scenarios where skills are impactful in battle/ Lower levels are already sufficient enough. Not worth planning skill books to invest towards to. Nikke’s that have above skill rating 4+ and are considered low means investment is still needed for them to be of use if wanting to slot them in a team anyways.

Mid – Nikkes with skills that have a good impact in battle. Skill levels can be raised to 5 until more priority Nikkes are finished being raised. The user can consider raising them higher after.

High – Nikkes with Skills that have major impact in battle or are very good at their Niches/ Use case scenario. Skill levels can be raised up to 7 until more priority Nikkes are finished being raised. The user can consider raising them higher after.

Highest – Nikkes with skills that are extremely potent in battle, usually universal and benefits every team. Namely DPS skills/Bursts, damage taken debuffs, or attack buffs. Raise these ASAP after getting your main team Nikke’s mid – high priority skills at around level 4 or 5 at least, as skill book costs get exponentially higher after.

NikkeSkill1Skill2BurstNotesInvest Priority
2B 7109Skill 1 Is good, but the user can hold off upgrading it as you’ll be using her with Max HP buffers for the most part anyways.

Skill 2 is where you’ll be getting your enormous ATK Pool from

Burst is where you’ll be hitting HARD
a2 777All skills pretty much synergize with each other, and hold almost equal value.High
admi 1.547Skill 1 requires getting hit 20 times to proc passive which is horrible.
Burst not too highly rated as reload speed slightly falls off late game if over-invested; also needs to be with Scarlet or Modernia to benefit greatly
Alice 10410Very investment hungry unit, but pays off in the late game.
Burst is main priority followed by skill 1.
Skill 2 can be raised just for HP leech comfort.
Does not perform too well at lower investment levels, only invest when you plan to commit. Huge single target damage
Need to max out skill 1 and burst with 2x overload rolls to reach 100% charge speed and achieve her maximum potential.
Anis: Sparkling Summer 8.5109Skill 1 Is where her buffs for the team lie. Really great buffs with good scaling when paired with electric teams

Skill 2 Is the meat of her damage. Works well in all content and probably the strongest skill 1/2 in the game.

Burst can stay at level 4 until you have enough skill mats to level it up to 9 as that is when Anis is able to have 1 ammo on her burst without Privaty. Leveling the burst incrementally gives little benefit in normal scenarios.
Anne: Miracle Fairy 3.538.5Skill 1 doesn’t heal a great amount, but does help a tad bit for survivability.
Burst is Amazing in SW / Maxwell teams. Still good outside SW comp but 60s CD is simply too long sometimes. Great burst in Arena.
Aria 224Aria is mostly used for shield one shot protection. Her skills don’t provide much increased DPS to be worth investing into. Leveling burst won’t toughen her shield durability enough to make a difference; it is already great for its purpose as is at burst level 1Low
Biscuit 545Skill 1, 2 and Burst can comfortably be raised to level 4-5 as they all do provide decent improvement towards survivability and damage, but not justifiable enough to upgrade much further.Mid
Blanc 4410Skill 1 is a rather weak shield, not worth investing too much skill books in.
Skill 2 is where some of her healing comes from, great in boss fights.
Burst is where her kit becomes pretty insane. Damage taken debuff + more healing. Very worth to upgrade to higher levels.
Brid 4.545Skill 1 simply increases attack by a modest amount. Skill 2 and burst deal pretty solid damage however the inability to control which raptures the skill targets hurts, as well as the MAX HP condition.Low
Centi 525Skill 1 decreases cooldown of shield, very useful on bosses that hit hard but don’t shoot too many projectiles and kamikaze’s; ineffective against enemies that shoot many projectiles.
Skill 2 serves no purpose as her shield barely has HP, increasing it by a tiny amount will not protect you from more than one shot anyways.
Burst provides a pretty useful defense shred.
Cocoa 52.52.5Skill 1 has very decent cover repair.
Skill 2 is slightly useless as Cocoa does not taunt.
Burst grants a rather modest attack down debuff assuming full stacks of Skill 2.
Crow 323Skill 1 has a modest attack debuff on enemy raptures during full burst.
Burst skill has uncontrollable targeting and also deals mediocre damage.
D 5~1 – 48Skill 1 and 2 mostly affects her personal damage, although skill 1 does it more consistently as it procs on FB and not once per battle unlike skill 2. Skill 2 also increases the stun immunity duration which is not really needed for more than 30s. Leveling skill 2 higher will increase the odds of having 2 burst cycles with extended burst timer, as the burst timer increase proc is linked with skill 2, in which i consider extended Full burst time to be a damage loss.
Burst is a final damage multiplier and the strongest part of her kit.

DONT over invest in skill 2 nor go over 4 because of stated reason above, it will simply gimp overall damage
User may even keep skill 2 at level 1 if desired.
Diesel 6.52.55Skill 1 needs high investments to work; does good in Arena and tanking when skill is invested enough; assuming Diesel is getting hit by many small damaging bullets rather than single target nukes.
Skill 2 takes too long and too many stacks to be helpful. Taunt duration is tied to her burst level.
Dolla 7.533.5Skill 1 Modest attack buff basically half the entire fight.
Skill 2’s strength is from cooldown reduction, which is fixed at level 1 to 10, other buffs Skill 2 give is negligible.
Burst is a decent uncontrollable ST nuke.
Dorothy 9.548Skill 1 improves CDR and massively increases team damage against parts. (By massively I mean very massive)
Skill 2 pretty solid damage, however not enough to justify high investment.
Burst % values start out pretty high and scales ok. Higher nuke is never bad.
Drake 647Skill 1 has decent hit rate and ATK buffs on full burst. Skill 2 has good mob clearing / extra damage.
Burst deals huge selected AoE damage, with a self ammo buff.
Emma 62.55.5Skill 1 is great for Arena in specific teams.
Skill 2 has a very troublesome condition to proc passive with not much benefits.
Burst heals for quite a lot already for lower levels.
Epinel 7.536Skill 1 upgrade is essential for her damage but falls off extremely against bosses.
Skill 2 buffs are quite minimal for dps gains.
Burst hits pretty hard at full stack burst 1 which should take out all weaker raptures.
Eunhwa 3.55.52Skill 1 bumps her personal DPS a bit.
Skill 2 has a solid; basically permanent defense shred on target if manual play is considered.
Burst does virtually nothing.
Exia 3.553Skill 1 has decent attack down and def debuff however needs full Skill 2 stacks.
Skill 2 bumps her personal DPS a little bit .
Burst does too little damage to consider upgrading
Folkwang 453Skill 1 has shield and healing buff which is nice.
Skill 2 has taunt and a rather large Max HP increase. Burst heals an insane amount for your attackers and is already very solid at lower levels such as 4 or 5, therefore no further upgrades needed beyond that.
Frima 3.555Skill 1 has decent defense shred.
Skill 2 and Burst have decent healing scaling.
Guillotine 485Skill 1 crit buff is a pretty welcome additio
Skill 2 is her main dps gain, It is a big ATK boost but with a rather bothersome condition.
Burst is an uncontrollable hard hitting ST nuke with a not so hard condition to fulfill.
Guilty 92.55Skill 1 is a very good chunk of her Overall DPS, just because it scales on your highest ATK unit. Skill 2 provides too little attack, and the stack gain is fixed, so there’s not much purpose to upgrade this skill at all.
Her burst does pretty good damage though, with the welcome bonus of def shred.
Harran 477Skill 1 does decent AoE damage, but more importantly provides good burst generation.
Skill 2 is where she gets massive DPS gains from but comes with a big downside of needing kills which falls off extremely late game.
Burst can be slightly underleveled as it will take out most fodder mobs anyways.
Helm 575Skill 1 has decent crit rate attack buff.
Skill 2 also is a damage multiplier (not the same bracket as ATK), which means it’s a pretty good dmg buff, however the values given is still rather lacking.
Burst has great healing with decent ST nuke and can be left at lower levels and will still do a great job; no further upgrades needed beyond level 5 or 6.
Helm: Aquamarine 383Skill 1 Adds negligible damage, but damage nonetheless.
Skill 2 is her skill she’d be used for. Niche but strong
Burst does negligible damage.
Isabel 4.546.5Skill 1 has decent self offensive buffs, but stacking does take 3 burst cycles and at best case scenario, would proc at the later half of the fight with the exception of boss stages.
Skill 2 has decent AoE capabilities but not too important to upgrade.
Burst has a very good debuff that scales rather well, with the downside of fixed full burst time reduction.
Jackal 1 has a decent debuff on proc, however, getting hit 10 times to proc is troublesome, invest if you focus on Arena.
Burst is okay if under the assumption you have ST nukes units in the such as Helm, Brid and other similar bursts.
Julia 554Skill 1 and 2 have good synergy, unfortunately crits aren’t as beneficial as pure ATK, but a big increase to her personal dps nonetheless.
Burst is a decent AoE clearer that can possibly one shot tougher mobs.
Laplace 247Skill 1 has radius increase, which is not very useful in most scenarios at all.
Skill 2 increases personal dps slightly with a bonus of self buff part breaking damage which is only decent against bosses.
Burst is where most of her damage comes from and scales rather well, does good damage against bosses.
Liter 9510Skill 1 and 2 are great, mid-high investments are recommended for both, as both greatly increases offensive capability and defensive capabilities for the team.
Burst is also great as it does buff B2 and B3 burst AoE /Nuke outputs immensely and scales rather well.
Ludmilla 2.553Skill 1 has rather weak debuffs against 1 target that also applies on last hit of mag, and Lud’s mag is rather large meaning it takes a considerable amount of time to empty a mag.
Skill 2 at base level already makes her rather tanky and does scale well, however investing in skills that prevent you from being hit via more dealing more damage is more recommended still.
Burst hits for peanuts.
Maiden 26.54Skill 1 is strong on paper, but the condition to proc makes it practically useless; getting hit 20 times is a death wish in campaign, but can be proc’d in Arena. Skill 2 however is big buff to her damage despite the taunt implemented in the skill.
Burst does okay AoE damage but condition to deal more damage is having Skill 1 proc which is horrible outside Arena.
Makima 314Skill 1 may prove useful here and there, but still rather situational as it will not proc in most stages.
Skill 2 does not make her Invincibility longer through upgrades, not worth considering to upgrade.
Burst helps with sustain, however her personal DPS is still horrible being a defender SMG making Life leech rather ineffective.
marciana 54.55Skill 1 and 2 share similar invest Priority.

Burst may be useless occasionally if Marciana isn’t able to heal more than what Raptures are able to dish out to your team.
Mary 545All skills just heal or increase healing; scales okay.Low
Mary: Bay Goddess 645Skill 1 is where most of her healing will come from, most likely won’t need to upgrade it past level 6 or 7+, due to her being able to heal a lot already.
Skill 2 although great in paper, No team can realistically take advantage of it as of right now unless specifically building a raised mono water team.
Burst will realistically be just used for Max HP healing and buff.
Maxwell 1 is a big attack boost to two highest unit attacks on full burst.
Burst needs investment as it starts out weak but very strong at high invested levels; very good scaling.
mast 745Skill 1 has pretty good scaling for crit damage, with the side of def shred
Skill 2 is only 30s, 1/6th uptime in a boss fight, not recommended to raise at higher levels.
Burst level is entirely dependent on how much Max HP value you need to reach certain HP thresholds for units. Level as needed
Milk 5.524Skill 1 has a very modest team attack buff for 10s.
Skill 2 has a rather hard condition to fulfill with a rather lackluster team buff anyways.
Burst has decent life steal that can easily heal attackers to full at low- mid investment.
Miranda 1.567Skill 2 and Burst have great synergy with other bursts that do very high burst damage such as Maxwell, Alice, SW and etc; assuming those units have the highest attack in team.High
Modernia 1095Skill 1 and 2 have very good buffs for Modernia’s personal damage.
Burst doesn’t need very high investments as her wave clearing abilities under burst is already phenomenal; also has low scaling and damage is also increased by skill 1 anyway.
Naga 857Skill 1 provides the most DPS potential out of all her skills, despite the values being high, its damage buff is limited to the core.

Skill 2 Provides Great healing and decent core damage potential, upgrade beyond 5 if needed for sustain.

Burst provides a decent 10s ATK buff, even more so when paired with Tia. Stop at 4 if Tia is not available for use.
Nero 554Skill 1 increases Damage resistance. Useful but not worth investing too high into unless very pvp orientated
Skill 2 has a good amount of utility packed to it, but the scaling is pretty bad.
Her burst can stay at level 4 or 7 because of taunt duration break throughs. Level burst as needed.
Nihilister 434All skills simply don’t do enough to warrant investment towards to.Low
N102 114Skill 1’s main value is in the extra 3 ammo, upgrading this skill increases crit rate which doesn’t do much.
Burst gives a decent ATK buff to the entire team, however she will be immediately replaced by Liter if you get Liter. Better to only upgrade this to level 4 and use the resource in other characters instead.
Neon 11.51Only Skill 2 is even worth considering to upgrade, and that’s if you are using her to reduce RNG grinding crit on Snow White one-shot team. Even there, only upgrade until level 4.Low
Neon: Blue Ocean 362Skill 1 is rather Niche as it requires burst to proc to take advantage of it. However Bursting with her is such a DPS loss, that it really won’t be worth investing skill books towards to.

Skill 2 is rather decent against water weak enemies.

Bursting with Neon: Blue Ocean is such a DPS loss. Needs high investment to even get a slither of DPS gains, and that’s assuming against water weak enemies with parts.
Noah 2.544Skill 1 is too RNG for a rather small defensive buff. Skill 2 has a rather good permanent attack down debuff on boss raptures but not worth investing compared to offensive skills.
Burst provides huge defense buff on paper, but DEF scaling as of right now is rather disappointing and will not help your survivability as much as you think it would; burst starting level DEF buff is already pretty high anyway.
Noir 794Skill 1 increases team attack basically permanently, good skill to invest towards to.
Skill 2 increases max ammo capacity to 4 at level 5, so it is recommended to at least reach there. the next break point is level 9 at max ammo + 5. Ammo refresh is amazing to make sure maximum firing uptime during full burst.
Burst is rather situational with the boss raptures we have currently, therefore no reason to overly upgrade it as of right now.
Noise 4.577Skill 1 is great in Arena but not so much in PvE content, invest if PvP focused.
Skill 2 is her tool to live forever; but skill scaling is rather low, still extremely helpful for her survivability nonetheless to invest modestly into.
Burst gives good max HP buff and team healing that also scales rather well.
Lower Investments if not PvP focused.
Novel 239.5Skill 1 and 2 affects gameplay minimally.
Burst, however, is very good for long duration boss battles and even better with very high burst damage units such as Alice, Maxwell, and SW; good skill scaling as well; great skill in Union Raids in Solo Raids.
Pepper 72.56.5Skill 1 has insane sustain/healing under manual play and especially paired with Privaty; very useful in boss stages that demand survivability instead of raw damage; despite rather low skill scaling, still worth investing into moderately.
Burst also does great healing with a rather strong ST nuke; stacks are easily gained by manually controlling Pepper.
Poli 3.527Skill 1 has a basically permanent uptime; but very nerfed score because of how small the buff is.
Burst has a good attack buff that lasts 10s and also comes with a shield; decent sidegrade to Anne: Miracle Fairy for SW and Maxwell teams.
Power 726Skill 1 is good to upgrade, more attack equals more damage.
Her burst is deals good damage, which can easily be used against Bosses, however it does not scale too well, so higher levels of investments are not quite worth it.
Privaty 8.544.5Skill 1 has really good scaling regarding the reload buff, and also gives a good attack buff; also scales well late game as her reduced mag debuff does not account for max ammo increases from Overload equipment. For example, if Scarlet has 30 ammo, Privaty would only reduce her ammo by 10 instead of 15 as Scarlet’s base ammo count is only 20 unbuffed, basically reducing the mag debuff handicap even more.
TLDR: Privaty’s Skill 1 has great scaling for units that have OL equipments with the ammo max increase stat.
Skill 2 can hit hard in PvE mob content, but useless in boss stages
Burst is not very important but still worth some investment; not very important as her stun is the main sought after part of the skill, not the damage.
Quency 25.55Skill 1 basically just activates once per battles under auto play, useless to invest into. Skill 2 does give pretty high uptime on a modest ATK buff.
Burst Is where her healing comes from, so some investment is required there.
Rapunzel 764Skill 1 and 2 are both good sustain skills to invest into. Burst won’t be used often and is used for emergency heals or resurrection.Mid
Rosanna 427Skill 1 at level 4 gives 3 buff dispells. Which can be useful in arena.

Skill 2 Requires a Nikke to be taken out of action to benefit from skill. Which is obviously not wanted nor worth trying to build towards to.

Only invest in Burst if PvP focused.
Rupee 26.56.5Skill 2 has big influence on her personal DPS.
Burst also gives a rather modest attack buff with a 20s CD.
Rupee: Winter Shopper 22.55.5Burst has very good reload speed scaling and self life leech, but due to the nature of how her re-enter burst 1 Internal cooldown works and how useless life leech is on a defender, score is brought down.Low
Sakura 244+Skill 1 and 2 are not very beneficial as defense has rather bad scaling and does not reduce much incoming damage, and small amount of CDR is not worth very high investments. Burst can be upgraded to higher levels if needed to make train clears more comfortable.Low
Scarlet 958Skill 1 has high level 1 base buffs but scaling is rather on the low side. However, it is still very worthwhile to invest into as she simply deals great ST damage and more attack makes her better.
Skill 2 has a very minimal crit damage buff but her counter does well in Arena with the right team, invest if focused in Arena.
Burst does a massively damaging AoE wipe, amplified by her Skill 1 stacks as well; also gives a nice critical rate buff when under 50% HP during cast.
Signal 22.53Skill 2 has big life steal but due to the nature of how her kit works; life leech is kinda useless without soaking damage via taunt skills which she does not have.
Burst has decent def shred.
Sin 542Skill 1 and 2 are her main survivability tools, with Skill 1 being more important as it provides constant healing.
Burst does not need consideration as the damage dealt is miniscule, and damage taken debuff will never proc in stages she’d often be used in.
Snow White 37.510Skill 2 synergizes with Burst with proper timing.
Burst has insane scaling and insane damage when paired with the right team. She just needs high skill investments to plow through everything.
Soda 66.52Skill 1 and 2 Synergize with each other; both need to be raised to get optimal healing from her. Soda’s skills scale rather well but high investments are not recommended unless she is your only healer.
Soda’s burst is not even worth considering upgrading.
Soline 177Skill 1 is broken. Doesn’t give Fire rate at all.
Skill 2 post Soline buff actually gives her a big dps boost when max HP
Burst Additional proc hits 3 times instead of once (max hp), making it a hard hitting burst. Unknown if bug will be fixed anytime soon.
Sugar 3.567Skill 1 required getting hit to get ok buffs.
Skill 2 and Burst synergize well with each other. Higher skill investments would greatly benefit Shotgun teams.
Tia 1054Skill 1 Is the meat of her offensive support capabilities. Extremely good buff, level asap for solo raid and union raid usage.

Skill 2 Improves her cover survivability, but usually this won’t be an issue as she provides enough at low levels.

Burst simply gives shields, no investment really needed.
High – Highest
Quiry 224Skill 1 and Skill 2 has pretty horrible scaling, and buff itself is mediocre.

Her burst Actually does some good healing.
Red Hood 101010Skill 1 Gives more charge speed, which is then converted to charge damage during her burst. Can be raised to level 10 last, around a level behind skill 2 when upgrading.

Skill 2 is mostly notable as a buffer to her burst damage, which does insane damage.

Burst increases her team buffing and Burst III damage capability.
Vesti 34.53.5Skill 1 simply increases explosion radius.
Skill 2 does increase crit damage and crit rate modestly, but the ATK buff is miniscule.
Burst simply takes too long to stack to be useful in stages but still does okay.
Viper 316Skill 1 is slightly useful in campaign, but uses are simply too limited in a fight to be investing at high levels.
Burst deals decent ST nuke with good defense shred.
Volume 1.534.5Skill 1 simply never procs and the attack buff affects her minimally anyway.
Skill 2 buffs are not good and CDR is fixed on skill level 1.
Burst is decent for crit focused teams such as Julia and Maiden.
Yan 321.5Skill 1 works okay only in RL teams, which are used against Obelisk in Union Raid.
Burst is used for relocating raptures which is fixed; not for her damage.
Yulha 1.58.53Skill 1 has a horrible condition to proc, getting hit 30 times.
Skill 2 is great for SW and MX teams with proper timing.
Yuni 321Skill 1 maybe be useful in RL based teams.
Skill 2 simply provides too little to even matter.

IMPORTANT SO REPEATED HERE AGAIN: Other SR units not mentioned are only used for early chapters and you do not need to invest in their skills to get through the chapters, nor will it help. DO NOT upgrade other SR units skills, save the resource for good SSR units instead. If you really have/want to upgrade them, it should be only be until level 4.

Specific Skill levels and scaling

To see characters at specific skill levels, Click here!

To see general level 1 against level 10 scaling, Click here!


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  1. Great guide to know how to start investing these upgrades, really thank you.

    But… Did I miss something on Soldier EG?
    Absolutely a beast.

  2. why not show all nikke priority skills? Where is SR Nikke? Even if the SR Nikke is useless, at least still display it for comparison. This is an incomplete list of Nikke skills.

    • Yeah, I agree. Especially since in other locations sometimes SRs are recommended as replacements for SSRs if you don’t have them.

    • Anis is balanced, you have to up all her skills at the same time, cause she is meant to function with everything, as every skill covers a certain aspect of her gameplay but lacks another, which is couvered by her other skill… so on so forth.

    • That’s because Nihilister is dog water. Do the basic needful and get her to 4/4/4 and 5/5/5 at the maximum.

    • her character page has this information but not this page for some reason:
      Skill 1: 4.5
      Skill 2: 3
      Burst: 4

      so according to the guide, you can upgrade skill 1 and burst above level 4 if you really want, but its not recommended to upgrade skill 2 any higher than 4

      • I believe he was talking about the 4*/ Purple/ Rocket launcher variant of Anis.
        I wouldn’t invest more than level 4 skills as her actual skills serves little use.

      • Yup, I was talking about rocket launcher Anis. I heard that she was quite good in PVP even though being a SR unit

  3. She’s only worth leveling for mlb if you got her during the event. If I remember right, her skill 1 is the only useful part of her kit and even that should only go to level 4

    • 1 minimum, 4 maximum
      it just means that you prioritize other skills over that one, for example you would invest in a skill listed here with a priority of 4 before you invest in the 1.5 skill

  4. Thank goodness Soldier EG has finally been removed. Private jokes that confuse the intended audience shouldn’t be in a guide.

  5. Sakura’s skill 2 also helps taking down destructible projectiles and Thomas’ missiles are SO ANNOYING, tankier than those pesky elites feels like

    • Innocent Days skill kit is all around pretty great. She can rival Scarlet at 10/10/10, but if you don’t want to invest that much, I’d give more priority to skill 3 and probably level 1 and 2 evenly whenever you have the spare mats (which is probably never with how stingy this game is)

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