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Rookie Arena Team Compositions

Best PvP Rookie Arena teams for Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

This section will focus on team building tips and recommendations for the Rookie Arena in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. We highly recommend reading both the “Mechanics” and “Meta Overview” sections to at least get familiar with some of the concepts or jargon that’s gonna be thrown around in here.

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Rookie Arena Meta Overview

The Rookie Arena meta is pretty simple: There’s still no perfect defence, and you don’t have to scatter your good Nikkes amongst 3 different teams, so you pack your strongest Nikkes into one team.

Ideally you’d want a team that can fend off the 4 meta DPS Nikkes (Scar, SAnis, Alice and Red Hood), but that’s currently impossible.

Here are a few teams that try to get close though.

Rookie Arena Meta Team #1

Noise Noah Scarlet Rapunzel Jackal
Max HP buff + HealsScarlet blockerNuke + good DPS with her attacksHeals + Max HP + Rez (if you get to 2nd rotation)Battery + damage share for extra survivability

The “God comp”, this comp tends to hinder most teams in the meta (3RL).

  • Good against: Most teams, pretty much any Alice comp.
  • Weak against: Red Hood if she has high elemental damage on OL, Rosanna + buffed SAnis comps where she can outlive the damage she’d take from Scarlet

Rookie Arena Meta Team #2

Blanc Scarlet Biscuit Centi Jackal
Buffer + Indom to ScarletNuke + good DPS with her attacksInvul to BlancBatteryBattery + damage share for extra survivability

ST-resistant Scarlet comp (3RL).

  • Good against: Most comps that run Alice/RH.
  • Weak against: 2RL Scarlet setups.

Rookie Arena Meta Team #3

Scarlet Anne: Miracle Fairy Anis Centi Jackal
Buffer + Indom to ScarletScarlet buffer (Blanc also works if you have burst gen cube on all 3 of your clip RLs)BatteryBatteryBattery + damage share for extra survivability

Fast buffed Scarlet comp (2RL).

  • Good against: 3RL or slower comps that can’t protect or revive their DPS.
  • Weak against: 2RL Scarlet-Noah setups, Rapunzel surviving Scarlet’s burst.

Rookie Arena Meta Team #4

Noah Noise Alice Biscuit Jackal
Scarlet blockerMax HP buff + HealsST DPSInvul to NoahBattery + damage share for extra survivability (Needs burst gen cube to get to 3RL)

Scarlet-resistant Alice team.

  • Good against: Most Scarlet variants.
  • Weak against: SAnis stall, faster teams with Rosanna.

Low Level Players

Flex slotPrivaty Anis Neon Flex slot
Can be one of your high CP Nikkes that may or may not good in PvPAoE + stun and good single target damageBatteryBattery, can run other B1s that are either RL or clip SGWhatever choices you may have available, if it’s a RL or SG even better

Absolutely barebones team that pretty much anyone that started out recently and is low level can use, just meant to be as a starting point (try to get it to at least 3RL in this calculator: Burst Gen Calc).

  • Good against: Low-level teams that don’t know what they’re doing.
  • Bad against: Generally considered good teams.


Since Rookie Arena rewards aren’t that good, a lot of people tend to use it as testing grounds for teams to try different matchups, and then apply that knowledge to SP Arena (or you just bully people you can beat with ease).


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    • I recommend using Emma with Pepper, Rapunzel, Noah, or Diesel, or simply running offensive team(s) with the fastest burst generation you can manage.

  1. It’s ridiculous how Noise is so strong in PvP that the whole meta revolves around her. IMO Noise hp stacking was a bug, but at this point it’s a feature that will be used in the future to sell skins xD

  2. Is it good idea to pair Rapunzel+Emma with XAnne in attack team? Or who is best burst 2 if i do not have noah/poli and centi is busy in another team? Thanks for the help

    • Yes, XAnne is a good B2 for Arena. Anis and Diesel are also good, but Emma and Diesel together would make your burst generation speed very low.

  3. I play this game for the articles and strategy…what were you thinking?

    For real though, I do appreciate the work people like you put into analysing the meta and writing it all down so dummies like me can understand.

  4. “I’ve come to realize nobody really reads what I write.”

    bruh I read everything, any niche mechanics and all because im a nerd.

  5. Will this be updated with Biscuit’s release? She looks good on paper but not sure which comp she works best

  6. Guide needs a lot more detail, honestly. The recommended top meta team has new explanation whatsoever about what makes it so good or how to sub out Anne Miracle Fairy for a different character if you don’t have her. Reading the guide only mentions swapping her out once or twice on other teams and only for other specific reasons not really relevant to the top meta team.

  7. I can almost build the top listed team, but I don’t have XAnne. I don’t have Poli to sub in there either. Is there anyone else who can fit?

    • I have the same problem, no Poli, no Noah, no xAnne, and not sure what to do. Thanks to this guide, though, I was able to fend off the others in my group with the mule tactics and even still using Noise after the nerf, but 7500 cp deficit seems to be the most I can pull off.

  8. There’s no mention of any possible replacement for Anne. It’s a ñimited unit, it is not possible for everybody to have it, so saying a possible replacement for her, will be the best. But seems they don’t read the replys, so they will not do anything about it, sadly

    • Poli isn’t a bad sub, bisket is also really good imo. Blanc can be okay not sure yet how she is on her own in arena without noir. Makima isn’t terrible but not really better over most other B2. The teams listed here are like the absolute max best assuming max gear, limit break and level. I haven’t really seen many have this complete team. So just sub best you can.

  9. Thanks for all the guides. I really appreciate the substitution examples given in this one, being a new player with limited nikkes.
    Looking forward to the update!

  10. The team comp Noise, Rapunzel, Noah, Scarlet, Jackal is unkillable and is ruining pvp. It doesn’t have any counters. The few times I kill Scarlet it requires sustained burst damage like Alice/S.Anis and when think I’m gonna win she gets rezzed and does a million damage with basic attacks and I lose even if my team is full hp after she dies which feels demoralizing. I was thinking of making the fastest nuke comp with Harran/Anne but even then I’m not sure it’ll burst before Noah or if Noise burst alone tanks it. I’m not sure what to do but this has made me treat Scarlet like the cancer of this game since nothing beats her in comp invalidating every character or strategizing.

  11. Similar to my comment on the SP update….are these just defense? Mentions here a Red Hood team a lot as beating these teams, but don’t see a red hood team suggested?

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