Special Arena Team Compositions

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Special Arena

Special Arena requires 3 teams for both Attack and Defense.

The interesting thing with Jackal’s dominance in this meta is that Jackal destoys all Shotgun teams. Therefore, in the current meta match-ups, it is essentially guaranteed that each player’s Jackal team will win, and the match will be decided by the third round.

There is the option to divide the strength of you teams by fielding a weaker Jackal team to strengthen your other two teams, but if your Jackal team can be beaten by a non-Jackal team then you will most likely lose the match as the enemy Jackal team will likely win.

The meta may possibly change to evolve around the poor SG match-up against Jackal. However, there are only so many good RL and SR for Arena.

There are countless possible variations for Special Arena teams. Below are just theory-crafted examples of possible compositions. Use the units you have available to make substitutions.


It is difficult to justify running Jackal a counter team in Special Arena as the attacking player can choose the match-ups. However, if you are able to field two or three counter teams, it may be worth it. But due to the lack of good RL/SR Arena options, it seems better to simply run 1 Jackal and 2 regular teams and hope you win the third round.

Jackal, Two Shotgun

This composition runs a Jackal team and two shotgun teams, in hopes that the second shotgun team will be able to win against the opponent’s weaker team.

Jackal, Stall, Shotgun

Since only 2 round wins are required for a victory, this composition focuses strength into 2 meta Arena teams, and runs a fast nuke shotgun team as the third team.


As the attacker, you can choose how to counter the enemy team. Since only 2 round wins are necessary for a victory, it is always best to focus on 2 strong attack teams that you can be certain will win. This means that in practice, you only require 2 real attack teams for a battle and the third may be a filler team.

Jackal Vs Jackal

This composition counters the enemy Jackal team using its own Jackal, then attacks one of the weaker teams with a strong Shotgun team.

Privaty can replace Harran. Rapunzel can replace Pepper, Centi or Anis. The Clip Shotguns are interchangeable. Jackal cannot be replaced.

Two Fast Nuke

This composition counters two Nuke/General Defense teams. Privaty can replace either Scarlet or Harran. Noah can replace Anne or Poli. The Clip Shotguns are interchangeable. Jackal can be replaced with additional Shotguns.


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