NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Guide to the Outpost

In NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, the Outpost is where the Commander and his Counters Squad are thrown into following the events of Chapter 2.

Following the events from Chapter 2 of the Campaign, the novice Commander and his Counters Squad are sent to the Outpost – akin to a no man’s land, this is where NIKKEs along with their Commanders try to live through dust and marbles. It’s a matter of making do with limited resources as they find harmony in the construction of buildings, guarding the outpost defense, and a simple life above all.


Outposts are where Commanders and Nikkes live.


  • Buildings can be built in empty areas.
  • Constructing new buildings take time.
  • Gems can be used to make the construction instantaneous.

Moving Buildings

  • You can change the location of most buildings.
  • They can be moved to other empty areas.
  • Some buildings that serve a certain function cannot be moved.

Outpost Defense

The Outpost Defense may be the primary thing you’d be maximizing the most in the entirety of this new area, and you don’t even have to sweat on it. How so?

An offline in-game system where NIKKEs guard the Outpost for you, and accumulate a lot of EXP points on your behalf while you were away is basically the whole of it.

This way, you’re bound to speed up your level in no time, and you gain rewards as well such as Credit, Battle Data Set, Core Dust, and tons of Equipment.

However, even better and more rewards await you when leveling up the Outpost Defense. You just have to clear 5 Campaign stages to upgrade its defensive capabilities, and you get 100 Gems with each time that you do. So, nothing here is at loss, really!

Also, something important of note would be the Wipeout function – which quickly gets rid of the enemies surrounding the Outpost and you will obtain rewards equivalent to defending the base for 120 minutes real time. You can do this once a day as the first attempt is free, with the remaining attempts should cost you Gems that increase with each use.

Command Center

Besides the Campaign where the main story of NIKKE should unfold before you, the Command Center is also another form of story progression but more from the side of Andersen’s guidance and the involvement of the central government. With him being the one who’s made the decision to send you and the rest of the Counters to the Outpost, it’s no surprise.

Described as the Commander’s workspace, the Command Center has four utilities found once you enter inside, namely: Recollection, Lost Relics, Advise, and Jukebox.

Now you may ask, what exactly are these utilities, and how might they help you?


Recollection is where you can look back at the story of NIKKE so far from your own progression.

The Main menu lets you replay plot-related cutscenes and are divided into their corresponding chapters, while Brief Encounters lets you replay conversations you’ve had with NIKKEs. These are the chat encounters you’ve had with them as you go over certain buildings with an indication to speak with them.

Lost Relics

Lost Relics are said to be mementos lost by the people on the surface, as such objects can be found throughout the map in the Campaign – they appear along the road to be these shiny, small things that are so elusive most of the time.

If you’re actually into NIKKE’s lore and would love to know more about its world prior to the arrival of Raptures, they might be a good read as they are categorized into Memoirs, Call Logs, and Data. But as it stands, they are meant to be collectibles that you can gather over time, and in the long run, you get rewards once you’re able to acquire a complete set of mementos.


Advise, at most, absolutely feels like the Otome mode of NIKKE. Each of the characters you’ve obtained through gacha will have their respective Bonds, with a rank that you can increase by advising and giving them gifts.

Basically, you have to win their hearts and affection and in return, their stats may have a way of going up as well.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about your waifu, this is the way to go. You can navigate through their Episodes as you spend time and get to know them even better.

For a more detailed guide on how to increase the Bond Ranks you have with your NIKKEs, we have it covered so you can go and head over here.


Jukebox, from the name itself, allows you to change the background music in the Command Center. It consists of the entire discography found in the game, and similar to most gacha games, NIKKE is no exception to having amazing music.

Tracks that can be played and heard inside the Command Center can be obtained from mementos found in Lost Relics, or rewards from the Campaign. That said, collecting more tracks in each album will grant you rewards.

Tactics Academy

Tactics Academy is a research facility that educates NIKKEs on combat tactics. It is said to have instructors that are strict, but the passion that courses through their classes is as impressive as their intensity.

While it offers various classes, students must meet certain conditions in order to take a lesson and then activate its effect.

From a gameplay perspective, Tactics Academy makes life at the Outpost and the Ark much better because it has the means to boost your overall gameplay experience just by completing lessons and constructing buildings. 

On the upper right of your screen, the Class Certificates are categorized into five, and it shows you the many upgrades, modifications, and extra rewards that you’ll receive whenever you finish studying the corresponding lesson. Such additional effects can be applied in the Outpost Defense, Dispatch (Bulletin Board), Synchro Device, Outpost, and Interception.

From Class B onwards, besides the amount of Credit needed, you will be required to construct buildings so that you can still enter the class and take the lesson. Only in this way will it push through, and it’s not like the construction of buildings takes too much effort in NIKKE.

Blueprints for the construction of buildings can be found all throughout the Campaign, so as long as you’re doing it, you’re most likely to have some of them in your inventory now.

Soon enough, you’ll notice a handful of plus signs appear in your screen that are found in the Outpost, and these indicate locations where you can construct whatever building of your choice is. It only takes literally seconds to build one and before you know it, it’s done and working.

Synchro Device

Synchro Device is a blessing in disguise as this makes leveling up your NIKKEs more efficient and cost-effective.

This allows you to have five of your highest leveled NIKKEs to be put automatically into the device and have them synchronize their levels to other NIKKEs.

How it works depends on the situation, so let’s say those five NIKKEs are all Level 80, then the Synchro Device will determine Level 80 as their default regardless of other NIKKEs’ level. But if it so happens that those five NIKKEs have different levels, some of them Level 80 but one of them is just Level 60, then the Synchro Device will determine the lowest instead, which makes Level 60 the default level of other NIKKEs.

The assigning of other NIKKEs that you wish to synchronize with are going to be displayed on the screen through five empty slots at most. However, you can still add more slots, just that you have to spend 500 Gems to do so.

To add on, removing a NIKKE from her slot will revert her back to her original level, but that particular slot will undergo a 4-hour cooldown. Obviously, during this time, you’ll be unable to replace her with another NIKKE just yet.

It can honestly be quite tricky, but getting the hang of it can save you tons of resources.

As a general tip for beginners, it’s more than okay leveling up the NIKKEs of your choice that make up your Squad formation until Level 80 and just enjoy the game to the fullest. But if you’ve reached mid to late game, the Synchro Device is available at your perusal.

There’s a trick that the NIKKE community have been playing up their sleeves to reach the maximum levels of SSR NIKKEs without the need for Spare Bodies to Limit Break, which was explained in the Synchro Device section of this guide over here.

Recycling Room

Recycling Room is a research facility that focuses on improving combat power by using surplus NIKKE parts. It is said that, for them, even the smallest parts are held in high regard.

Divided into three categories, the Recycling Room offers different kinds of research which guarantees power spike and much better stats for your NIKKEs as long as you level them up.

  • General Research increases the power of all NIKKEs and only requires General Research Materials
  • Class Research increases the power of NIKKEs in the class (Attacker, Defender, Supporter) you selected for the research and uses RE-Energy from corresponding classes and General Research Materials to accumulate EXP
  • Manufacturer Research increases the power of all NIKKEs from the manufacturer (Elysion, Missilis, Tetra, Pilgrim) you selected for the research and uses RE-Energy from corresponding classes and General Research Materials to accumulate EXP

Infrastructure Core

Infrastructure Core is a research facility where Commanders can receive various benefits by completing the list of achievements.

As such, it allows you to unlock a number of Chips with each one of them granting you perks that are sure to help you big time at the Outpost.

These perks can be seen on the upper right of your screen under the “Chip Info” button, and they include additional Advise attempts, Max Stamina for more Brief Encounters, Dispatch missions, Auto-Dispatch, and Common Shop Free Resets.

Moreover, upgrading the Infrastructure Core for much better benefits requires you to reach the maximum value of the current level, and these Infrastructure Points can be acquired by completing achievements.

You will see the exact number of Infraction Points that you currently have by taking a look at the Infra Stage displayed on the lower half of the Infraction Core menu.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is generally an expedition where missions are posted, and you will have to dispatch NIKKEs among your roster for them to get to work. After a designated time, they will come back with rewards that you can claim, and you can do it all over again the next day as it refreshes on a daily basis.

Do take note that the Dispatch Level Range on the Bulletin Board will change according to the lessons completed at the Tactics Academy. As previously mentioned, it can be seen on the Class Certificates, and once they are achieved, missions with increased challenge but better rewards should become available to you.

Lastly, we also have a guide on how to progress and level up efficiently in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory which you can find over here.

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