19-30 Guide

Dangerous Mobs

Red arrow = Mob throws bombs that require x amounts to hit to destroy | Blue arrow = Throws stun projectiles. Most Ground raptures have the ability to one shot / severely damage Nikke’s, take them out ASAP

Team Comps


Liter = CDR, Offensive + Defensive buffs

Centi = Shield + burst generation

Modernia = DPS, wave clearer , Shield breaker

Scarlet = DPS, wave clearer

Helm / Flex = Healing if needed, can be replaced with another DPS if healing is not needed.

Bread and butter team, Survivability and DPS and versatility all in one. Use Modernia burst to break down Plate’s shield

Modernia-less Comp


Liter = CDR, Offensive + Defensive buffs

Diesel (Quency can be subbed in) = Shield Breaker , Tank

Scarlet = DPS, wave clearer

Privaty = DPS, Stun , wave clearer

Soline (Guillotine can subbed in) = DPS , Shield Breaker

Aim of this comp is to compensate being Modernialess, Bringing two fast firing weapons to break down shield without taking forever, along with 2 AoE clearers. Higher CS is required to expect a clear compared to teams with Modernia.


Straight forward fight, Clear mobs before trying to do damage to plate as the mobs are easily able to wipe your team. Micromanagement is also needed as you will need to be paying attention to Plate’s attacks while trying to wipe out the mobs.

Luckily there are warning indicators on which Nikke’s are aiming at. The warning will pulse on the Nikke’s frame 4 times before the boss fires or you can pay attention to his canons, the canons will blink rapidly when it is about to fire, dealing substantial damage to a unit. You are able to switch between targeted units to cover or force cover everyone for a moment to prevent damage taken. When a warning indicator appears in screen, Plate will throw bombs and promptly use his shield, use Modernia burst to break his shield faster. Causes of Plate using his shield move seems tied to DPS and time left, unknown how to manipulate this to user benefit.

Tip: Use Aim assist / Auto aim to better hit Plate’s core (Located center of body), Preferably with a MG.

Note: This Run is rather high CS, which may not reflect accurately to your gameplay. This video just show cases how soline is able to break through shield if needed.


  1. For the first comp, can I replace Scarlet and Helm? I do not have Scarlet, and Helm isn’t really built up…

    • You can replace Scarlet with Harran, but will need higher CP to clear the stage compared to people with Scarlet. Helm can be replaced by Rapunzel or Noise for sustain. You can also replace Helm with another DPS like Drake, but that will require better play such as clearing mobs more efficiently and covering boss attack with high success rate.

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  3. I am Scarlet-less, and my high tier burst3 dps are not strong (only snow, privaty, helm, drake, laprace) who should I use to replace scarlet? I already stuck at this stage for long time ..

    • You can usee Privaty as she is AOE burst,
      Helm too for sustain, nut you need a machine gun unit to break shields.
      So Unless you got Quency from liberation system you need one.
      Not having Modernia make it especially hard.
      To me in that case you need like a 115 K CS team
      Noise for taunt + heal ( if you have her )
      you won’t have to wonder who the boss is gonna attack and you can manualy take her to cover
      Burst 2 Dolla to keep cooldown low enough and make more full burst
      if you took Noise then a second burst 1 Like Emma so you have that machine gun to break shields
      with those two you should survive but then you need your Privaty and second burst 3 to do a great deal of dammage and manage to clear the mobs then the boss in the remaining time ( that’s why you need better CS than with Modernia who is very quick to deal damage to the boss AND to the mobs at the same time )
      115 K is the bare minimum.
      Don’t worry then you’ll need 125 K to kill Nihilister, you’re not done yet.
      Hope you don’t forget to do your special interception and to do your best at it;
      I guess Snow White is your best option as she has both a AR and a Pierce shot canon.

  4. Cleared it with Scarlet Privaty Helm Liter and Diesel at 108 K CS
    Main DPS Scarlet LB0 full T9 lvl 5 and skills 8 6 7
    Privaty full T9 lvl 4 with skills 6 6 6 and Helm full T9 lvl 3 or 4 with Skills 4 4 6
    getting the hang on switching to the right Nikke to cover was hard and nearly impossible on mobile and full cover make you lose too much DPS or get you killed cause you didn’t killed the bomber drones in time

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