An aerial partner with a twisted mind. She will track her target to the ends of the earth, regardless of whether they're friend or foe. It's because of her that Inherit is a force to be reckoned with in the skies.
Summary: Lowers full burst duration, allowing for faster rotations with CDR. Strong in long fights like boss fights where she is able to stack her Skill 2, especially against large bosses as she is a shotgun.
Early/Late: Strong Late
Skill Floor/Ceiling: Low Skill Floor
Synergies: Liter, Dolla, Volume, Vesti, Centi, Harran, Mihara, Sugar, Neon
Skill Priority: 1 > B > 2
Cube: Assault




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity9
Reload Time1.86S
Control ModeNormal

■ Affects target enemy.

Deals 210.7% ATK as damage.

Skill 1: Marked Target


■ Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects self.
Marked Target 1: Critical Rate ▲ 6.26% for 45 sec.

■ Activates when using Burst Skill during Marked Target 1. Affects self.
Marked Target 2: Critical Damage ▲ 18.03% for 45 sec. Previous effects trigger repeatedly.

■ Activates when using Burst Skill during Marked Target 2. Affects self.
Marked Target 3: ATK ▲ 17.28% for 45 sec. Previous effects trigger repeatedly.

Skill 2: Pointed Feather



■ Affects 5 enemy unit(s) with the highest DEF.
Deals 170.58% of ATK as damage.

Burst Skill: Sonic Chaser



■ Affects all enemies.
Deals 149.85% of ATK as damage.
Effect changes according to the caster’s status. Previous effects trigger repeatedly.
Marked Target 1: Damage Taken ▲ 39.96% for 5 sec.
Marked Target 2: Deals 299.7% of ATK as additional damage.
Marked Target 3: Deals 349.65% of ATK as additional damage.

■ Affects all allies.
Full Burst Time  5 sec.

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