Blacksmith Guide and I-framing

Blacksmith is relatively easy if you have the right units. However, it can be rather difficult if you’re trying to clear without survival units, AoE screen wipes and solid DPS units. The fight is straightforward with a few gimmicks mixed in.

Blacksmith Basic information

Blacksmith has a very predictable attack pattern. Before stage 7, he has an attack pattern that contains two move sets. He shoots two different units or focus fires one unit with his machinegun, then fires a wave of bombs.

Phase 2

During phase two at stage 7 and above, Blacksmith adds two different QTE’s in his move set. These moves are done after firing his machinegun barrage and bomb waves. The boss jumps back into mid-far range indicating that it will use his QTE attack. Saving ammo or reloading is recommended as the circles can be slightly tanky and you may fail when caught off-guard. getting hit with either of these will be punishing and will most likely warrant a retry if your goal is to clear for full rewards.


There is one I-frame mechanic that is able to be done here. Doing this tech at the start of the run is recommended. it is impractical to do it more than once during a run as it is rather inconsistent. The reason for this is because the mechanic involves dodging the waves of bombs it releases during his attack pattern. The bombs scatter to 2 different units occasionally at varying speeds making it hard as you are practically trying to dodge two things at slightly different timings. The process to I-frame is simple, you just need to take cover by not shooting, switching units or force covering all units when the bombs are just about to land. Video reference below.


The benefits to this tech (when done at the start of the run) is to get easier timings for your Full Burst. Teams such as Scarlet + Harran/Drake/Laplace will benefit from this when you Full Burst immediately after gaining your burst meter; as opposed to saving it to AoE clear the first wave. Your Full Burst will be ready at the start of the second bomb wave and concurrent waves; instead of the burst being on cooldown when bombs might be close to your units, potentially killing them. See video above for reference. Drake is able to burst immediately at second wave of bombs without needing the aid of Dolla. Instantly wiping out the bombs when they spawn.

Quick tips

When using Liter in your team, you want to spread damage between shield cover and HP of a unit. A good idea is to face tank one or two shots on targeted units and take cover. Doing this ensures that your cover isn’t completely destroyed, allowing liter to still be able to repair cover; as Liter is unable to repair cover if fully destroyed. Another tip is in Phase two; using Full Burst right after destroying his QTE circles and before it does its machine gun barrage allows you to have your burst back when it throws its bombs again. Allowing you to AoE wipe the bombs for breathing room. Aiming for the core is also extremely important as it multiplies your damage, try aiming there as often as possible.

Team Comps and Roles

Besides comps listed here (click to return to general information/ team comps)

Liter: CDR and damage buffs
Centi: One block from a machinegun hit and burst gen/ survivability / slight DPS as boss has 3 parts.
Modernia: Wave clearer / DPS
Scarlet (or flex attacker unit with AoE capabilities such as drake): Wave clearer / DPS
Rapunzel (or Sustain unit such as manual pepper): Sustainability and healing

Modernia Burst Timing

Modernia is able to destroy two waves of bomb waves if timed correctly without compromising DPS or survivability. Timings are shown on video below.

TLDW: wait a second or two after bombs launch then use Modernia burst. This Allows comfortable two bomb wave clears. (Timings may differ depending on Device difference/DPS)

Future Comps will be updated. Stay tuned!


  1. bullshit
    absolutely same team trying to i-frame = instant kill (full 8 tier)
    ABSOLUTELY SAME. Mobile, PC, emulator, landscape/portrait = instant kill. 3*.

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