Detailed Guide for SII Modernia and I-Framing

This guide is specifically about i-framing Modernia’s bombs. For a general guide on Special Interception: Modernia, click here.

General Concept of I-Framing

Assume there is two positions, Position A (firing/shooting), and position B (cover/reloading). Most enemies targets one of these positions depending on what position the unit being targeted is currently on. Switching positions just after the AI targets a position will result in a I-Frame, think of it as “dodging” an attack. Each Boss or mob have different timings of when they target on a unit. the timing is not always just right before they fire their attack as some attacks do have delays, but more often than not, this is the case. This method of playstyle is mostly used for SII bosses as trying to dodge Waves of projectiles/bullets in a mob wave is extremely impractical and probably impossible to do. Now that you have a general grasp, you may be able to “dodge” other bosses besides Modernia after reading this.

Taunt Importance

Sometimes Modernia attacks multiple units at the same time with her bombs, making dodging her attacks rather more difficult as there are slight delays of travel speed to each targeted unit depending at location of targeted units. Using consistent taunt units will prevent this factor as the boss will focus solely on them, making dodging easier.

Cell Cell

When and How to Iframe?

There’s two different answers here. If you’re daring enough enough to run Modernia without healers AND taunters, it is possible to complete a run if you mastered I-framing. But let’s assume you’re running a taunt unit first. You simply switch to taunt unit just when the bomb drops on her shown as videos above (VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT HAVE AI AIM ENABLED AS SWITCHING TO THE TAUNT UNIT WILL AUTOMATICALLY PROMPT HER TO START ATTACKING INSTEAD OF “DODGING”, MAKE SURE IT IS OFF INDICATED AS A CROSSHAIR ICON GREYED OUT AT THE TOP-LEFT CORNER OF YOUR SCREEN. also do note that switching to noise while she is already reloading may result in getting hit).

For teams without a taunter, and you want to bring 1-1-3 full dps. If you observe closely, the bombs have visual cues, the bombs “glitches” out slightly twice, with the second one being barely noticeable. you want to try dodging right around after the second “glitch” by force covering all your units. if you do it right, more often than not you are able to dodge the bombs. Even if you do it right, the bombs are still susceptible to target more than one unit which causes a varied amount of travel time between the two units, as you may notice if you do this, 3 bombs would hit a target and the other 3 does not in a bomb wave occasionally even if you do it right, You may want to eliminate one wing through-out the run to eliminate this RNG process. Do note that AI do targets wings outside full burst so it is unrecommended to do this early unless you are able to fly skip (yes, fly skips do work here). This method is unrecommended as it is difficult, only run full DPS team if you are either very confident in your abilities or you absolutely do not have a choice as you don’t have healers and taunters/ is not able to destroy core in sustain teams.

General Tips

Assuming you run teams with AoE Burst capabilities (Scarlet, Privaty etc), you are able to burst wipe the bombs to reduce pressure on your sustain units. If you are I-Framing instead, it reduces the amount of consistency you need to succeed if is rather hard for you to do. Laplace is able to destroy the bombs easily if you are able to Full charge her shot and aim on a wing of desired bombs to be destroyed, leaving only 3 to handle to deal with, instead of 6.

Team Comps

Please note you can experiment with team comps yourself, and may also depend on your investments. If you do not have scarlet, then pick your next best DPS (such as invested Alice, Or Snow white) to be able to destroy the core of Modernia at the start. If you are Literless, then I am truly sorry, pull her. (Pepper and dolla substitute for literless teams can do).

Bread and Butter Taunt team

Noise (taunt unit) can be substituted for Ludmila and Noah. (Ludmilla may need to be slightly raised with base level 0 T9 equipment/max T8 equipment with level 10 bond to survive 3 minutes of machine gun blows comfortably. Skill level 4 may do, same case may apply for Noah).

Scarlet-less Team

Taunt unit rules stated above still apply here. Do note Snow white is to be assumed to be at LEAST burst level 5 here, Snow white is preferred not on center as her burst will not hit core when Modernia is doing her laser attack. 2nd or 4th slot will do.

Snow White can bypass core DPS check with her burst, making her a very solid option for just getting past Node/ reward stage 3. After core break, you are able to burst her wings, hitting her wings will proc her burst to damage twice, dealing rather substantial damage. Do note that destroying both wings too early will force her into teleport phase unless you are able to fly skip. (Video of flyskip/ Guide will be implemented here specifically for this boss and comp soon, otherwise check Modernia guide in boss and stage section).

Examples of I-Frame Runs With Varied Team Comps


  1. Can you not just command your middle unit to take cover which orders other nikkes to take cover as well? Why do you need to switch the controlled unit?

  2. Man modernias fight is quite easy, break her core and one rocket launcher and make sure to not let your team break the other and that’s it, she’ll not regen and will simply repeat 3 bomb attacks which you can destroy easily.

  3. A Litetless team that worked really well to me is Pepper, Centi, SW, Modernia/Drake, Maxwell.
    Just be sure to burst with SW and break core asap, then focus one wing. And manually use Pepper to reload and shoot to keep the healing coming
    Got halfway to reward 9 with this

  4. Running Dorothy – Blanc – Snow white – Drake – Noir as my team, as they are my most invested units for gear/spare bodies etc, managed to get a full clear on this special investigation when i struggled to get past stage 7/8 on the last few i’ve tried. Not that it particularly helped me destroy the core before a lazor went off, but if you skip the cutscene as modernias face appears in the robot then all your units focus fire the core at the start of the fight.

  5. finally i can beat her, i don’t really know she had a core.
    i just use dorothy, rupe, harran, rapunzel and noir and it’s enough to break the core.

  6. I don’t have Liter, Modernia, Scarlet or Snow White. The closest I have to Modernia’s fire rate are Guillotine and Soline. From left to right, the team I’m using is Pepper, Rapunzel, Privaty, Laplace and Centi. Now, should I change my team or its order in any way?

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