Alteisen MK. VI I-Frame guide

This guide is specifically for i-framing Alteisen. For a general guide that includes team composition for Alteisen, click here.

This guide will show you how to I-Frame the infamous train. It will not make train any easier, but at least you’ll have a shot to reach Reward stages level 7-8 with rather low invested units. Reward stage 9 is rather extremely difficult without Very raised units due to the nature of this comp.

You are not able to vary too much from this team comp. Unless your other units are very well raised.


Liter= CDR, Damage boost
Defender= Preferably a dps booster and damage such as rupee or admi will do. Dolla if you don’t have liter, Diesel to comfortably tank a 1/2 turret damage barrage
Noise= Taunt machine, you will be controlling her for the most part. MANDATORY unit, do not attempt this strat without her. She is unable to be replaced by Noah, Diesel or Ludmilla.
Scarlet= DPS, AoE wiper for phase 2
Modernia= DPS, Consistent AoE wiper for phase 2 (may be replaced or substituted for another dps but you will most likely not get through p8, replace if only you have no choice or you’re okay with having stage 7 rewards).

Basic Mechanics

The train has has 3 parts in its left and right side. 1 Missile launcher and 2 turrets. Although you may think destroying one the turrets will reduce the overall damage taken from them, that is false. Destroying one of turret will “enrage” the other one, increasing its damage, basically hitting twice as hard, making no difference for the amount of damage received.

How to I-Frame train

Green Missile Launcher

There are patterns to the train projectiles. However I believe listening for the sound of each projectile shot is easier, and you’ll still learn the pattern that way once you’re used to it. The Missiles have distinct firing sounds. Every 4th shot, you have to switch between covering and shooting. I have made a video below for visual references. (Turning off music in settings can help if needed).


The timings for the turret iframe is varied but I have noticed successful iframe attempts between the instant when the red circles appear or the first red circle flash, or just before the instant where the turret fires(the duration of iframe window is not that long, they are very tight, these are just 3 different windows on when you can successfully iframe, future Gifs will be posted below regarding this, further research is also needed). There are also ways to tank a turret barrage, destroying one of the turrets DURING when it is firing has the added bonuses of halving the damage the turret barrage usually does. This enables the ability to be able to tank one barrage which is very essential for the run. See videos below

Actual Rockets

The Actual Rockets isn’t too hard, just cover right before the rockets hit. However, it is very much hard to do when also worrying about the circles you have to break during Phase 2. Although seemingly useful, do only as last resort as having the train ram into your whole team is worse than a unit dying. (Only works on units with certain hitboxes, does not work on liter, admi and other unknown characters, but does work on modernia, scarlet, and noise)


You do not want to destroy the missile launcher at all, you want to burst down the two turrets first, then hit the other side of the train (do note that this part of the guide assumes you’re playing mobile landscape, or 1080p emulator). If you are playing in portrait, simply hit the train itself and not the missile launcher, you want to stall the train here as long as you can before AI destroys it with no full burst targeting. doing this method makes the left side of the train easier to destroy, and the ability to skip the rocket launcher attack pattern in phase 1.

Quick tip

When using Modernia, you can use her MG to gun down the QTE circle outside of full burst. Make sure it is ramped up before the circle appears., MG’s are very accurate if fired long enough and she is capable of solo breaking the circle if needed.

Phase 2

Nothing too unique you can do here. AoE the rockets using modernia / scarlet burst, find timings where you can successfully rotate between the two when the rockets spawn. Break circle when needed and iframe rockets when needed. Congratulations on your p7-p8 rewards. Reward stage 9 is extremely difficult or impossible without a very invested scarlet with good gears or a DPS with the similar requirement stated.

Video sources


  1. I have no idea how Noise taunt literally works. I tried copying the composition, but both rocket and green missiles always hitting the other nikkes, EVERY GODDAMN TIME.

  2. I’m confused on what you’re supposed to do for the i-frames for the turrets. I get there are three different openings for the i-frames, but you don’t explain what actions to do. As far as I’m concerned with the videos posted. U went in and out of cover rly fast. Can someone explain in detail?

    • You need to have the taunted unit in whatever position you were NOT in, during one of the 3 openings. Because it’ll shoot where you were.
      If you follow the video guide ‘exactly’, it has a good rhythm because you can stay in ‘shoot’ mode to dodge the last green missiles and this will let you target fire the gun turrets with your burst.
      In the first video at 0:10, the gun turrets are targeting Noise because she taunted with a fully charged shot. They will shoot her covered position because they snapshotted that location when the red circles appear. To avoid the gun turrets (and dodge the green missiles at the same time), Noise stays in firing position until they are over.
      If you get this exact timing down it’s the easiest one imo.

  3. This interception is the bane of my existence and at this rate i cant get passed the first partl launcher always targets other enemies. Just gonna use train interception day as a pass day tbh

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