How to Play In Landscape Mode on LD Player

This guide will walk you through the steps to play Nikke in landscape mode using the emulator LDPlayer, which is part of our guide on how to full clear the SP Interception boss Alteisen (Train). This is also a helpful strategy for other iterations of Alteisen.

Step 1: Download LD Player

Download LD Player.

Click here to download LD Player. Install the emulator when the download completes.

Step 2: Download and Install Nikke from the LD Store

Download and install Nikke from the LD Store

Download Nikke from the LD Store

Step 3: Change Your Settings

Go to Settings > Other Settings > Forcibly Lock Landscape

Forcibly Lock Landscape

Go to Settings > Advanced > Customize. We recommend this custom resolution for Alteisen (Train). If 4000 x 900 is too wide for your taste, you can try LD Player’s Ultra Wide settings.

Set Custom Resolution to 4000 x 900

Other Tips

We also recommend enabling high frame rate in Settings > Game Settings.

Enable high frame rate

Restart the program when you are done. Now you can go battle the doom train. Good luck!

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