15-18 Guide

This guide will walk you through clearing the difficult 15-18 stage, even at low CP.

General Information

Below are some general tips that may be useful for the stage.

Dangerous Mobs besides boss

These mobs may require more attention by either special mechanics or being focused on being killed first.

Dangerous if under 50% health, as its attack gets buffed, potentially being able to one shot your units.

Sniper mobs always hurt, your cover should be able to tank some hits from them though.

General tips

You are able to spam rockets towards this bus, which generates a massive amount of energy.

This broken bridge is also a good source of burst energy in case of emergencies in boss wave.

It is in your best interest to have a strong AoE wiper or a stunner such as Privaty as most mob spawns here are able to damage your Nikke’s severely almost instantly after spawning. Privaty is recommended as well because she enables wave stalling as she stuns all the enemies for breathing time and isn’t quite able to one shot the waves in this map. If you do one shot the waves, you might want to consider removing privaty’s helm and/or gloves if the burst timings get tight, as one shotting the waves spawns the next wave faster and your burst may be not ready yet and on cooldown.

Specific teams comps guides


This part of the guide assumes you are trying to clear at lower combat power and uses Scarlet/Harran, Liter and Noah.

Use rocket launcher to gain burst and stun first wave via B3 Privaty (It is necessary to leave the mobs alive to avoid second wave from spawning immediately. If Privaty instantly kills the wave with her burst, you may want to unequip her helmet and gloves to reduce her attack), you may want to leave one elite mob alive though as it will be used to stall boss wave or if your second AoE burst doesn’t do enough damage to kill attack buffer in second wave, leaving the attack buffer alive and killing the elite mob instead is preferred.

Note: if you don’t have the team comp as shown in this video, you can try Dolla paired with another rocket launcher (Centi or Laplace). The second wave timings will be a bit tighter though as you don’t have emergency i-frames from Noah but you will be able to burst faster with 2 CDR units. You want your burst up before the second wave of snipers are able to shoot you.

You want your burst up before killing whatever mob you’re stalling. After getting your burst up, you’ll have to time your Privaty burst entering the boss wave, if you use it too early, you will not be able to hit all the mobs that will spawn shortly after boss. kill all the air mobs if possible and don’t aim straight for the land mobs on the first floor, as killing them too early will spawn the next sniper mob earlier, and will hurt your run if your burst timings are off. aim at the 4 sniper mobs that spawn with your rocket launcher and you should be able to gain burst mode instantly. after taking care of all the mobs, focus down the boss.
(tip: you can stall waves by force covering your units and leaving a unit alive. use cover when necessary.

Please note that this is Pre-nerf CP stage, this was the lowest recorded CP clear known at that time.

Snow White Nuke

This part of the guide assumes you are trying to clear with a moderately/heavily invested Snow White with Liter, Privaty, Centi, and Yulha/Anne/Poli.

Use rocket launcher to gain burst and use SW burst and aim for both elites when they align. clear remaining mobs. use Centi again to gain burst back, take cover when necessary. Use Privaty burst to stun second wave and clear all stunned mobs except buffer. (if you’re using Yulha, kill buffer at 0:36~ second mark so the boss spawns when Yulha buff is active. If using Anne, use first burst during the first wave where 2 elite bosses align, then stall attack buffer until Anne burst is ready again, it should be ready at the 0:30s~ timer left mark. for Poli, just burst first in first wave, you don’t need to stall for extended amounts beyond getting burst up.) Prepare snow white burst when elite mob drops (not the boss) then aim for the core for the boss, don’t charge snow white burst beyond 800%~ as you run the risk of losing liter buff as her 5s buff usually only lets her charge up to that mark before expiring. If boss is still alive, just focus down on the boss and hope you deal enough damage for the left over health. (check video link below, video link is also from pre-nerf era. Clearing at 58k CP then was rather still impressive.)


AOE clear+Privaty

This part of the guide assumes you are trying to clear with Liter, Centi, Scarlet, Privaty, Harran/Drake.

The strategy for this team composition is to use Centi to recharge burst gauge fast, utilize Privaty’s burst and Scarlet’s burst to control the mob waves and enter the boss wave with full HP and cover available on everyone (except Scarlet due to her skill 1), in order to survive the boss’s attacks at low CP. The last slot should be a high dps sub B3 unit, with Harran being the best option. Drake is a good replacement here if you don’t have Harran.

58k CP clear when the stage required CP was 74k (pre-nerf campaign)

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