Patch Notes Preview (December 8)

The patch notes for the December 8 patch has been released by the official website. This will go over the official patch notes, with additional details and images from leaks and datamines. Please note there may be changes before the live version. This page will be updated as more information is announced. We are not the source for this information.

The current event will end after the update, so remember to use all of your event stamina and currency before maintenance! The update will also download the latest client, so if you are using a guest account, link your account before maintenance to not lose your account. You must login after the patch, so save your login details. Maintenance will last from December 8 00:00 ~ 7:00 (UTC+9).

Helm and Laplace will enter the regular summon pool after the maintenance ends. They will be acquirable from regular recruitment, social recruitment, and molds.

New Characters

Rupee: Winter Shopper (Limited SSR) (Dec 8~28)
Anne: Miracle Fairy (Limited SSR) (Dec 15~28)

3 new characters will come with the next patch. Winter Rupee and Fairy Anne will be available on their respective rate up banners for advanced recruitment vouchers and gold mileage tickets. Neve will be acquirable from the event stage normal 1-12, event login, and event mission rewards; 3 copies total to MLB Neve. All three characters will no longer be available by any means after the event ends on December 28 (unless they return in a future event, but that may not be until next December). Click to view their skills, art, and first impressions.

Event: Miracle Snow

In anticipation of Christmas, it has begun to snow at the amusement park in the Outpost. While immersed in the joy and laughter, a miracle happened to a girl who loses her memory every day.

To view the full event details, click here.

The event is divided into two parts: Miracle Snow (Part 1) which starts on December 8, and Eternal Memory (Part 2) which starts on December 15. The events end on December 28. There is also a 14 day login event which includes a Neve, 10 advanced recruitment vouchers, and 300 gems as part of the rewards.

As with previous events, there are stages which require event stamina to enter and reward event currency as drops when cleared. There will be separate event currencies for Part 1 and Part 2 of the event, which can be exchanged for items in an event shop. There will also be a minigame which can be played with its own stamina. The event stages will be featured on a special event map.

Arena (PvP)

The arena will be a new Player vs Player (PvP) game mode. It will be available starting December 8 via the Ark (where Simulation Room and Interception are located).

Arena is a game mode where you challenge opponents in the arena map to gain arena points and rewards. Upon victory, you gain arena points. Upon a loss, you lose arena points. Rewards will be distributed according to arena rank. For more information, click here.


The next co-op boss is announced to be Gravedigger. Ready your shotguns with your friends and union mates! If the reward shop remains unchanged, this will be another great chance to stock up on credits, core boxes, and battle data boxes.

Co-op will last for 3 days from December 9 ~ 11. If you are struggling to reach max rewards on co-op, I recommend asking for help in the NIKKE Official Discord.

Balance Changes

Please note these changes may not be final.

Guillotine — Skill 2: Shroud of Darkness

Before ChangeAfter Change
(Lv.1 – Lv.8) ATK ▲ 0.1% with every 1% of HP loss.
(Lv.9 – Lv.10) ATK ▲ 0.2% with every 1% of HP loss.
ATK ▲ (0.1, 0.11, 0.12, 0.13, 0.14, 0.15, 0.16, 0.17, 0.18, 0.2)% with every 1% of HP loss.

This is a nice buff for Guillotine, but does not address her fundamental issue of needing to be below threshold HP to do any decent damage.

Mihara — Skill 2: Highway to Hell

Before ChangeAfter Change
Duration: 30secsDuration: 45secs

This is a great change, allowing Mihara to stack her skill 2 and trigger additional effects on her burst.

Vesti — Skill 2: Survival Instinct

Before ChangeAfter Change
Duration: 30secsDuration: 45secs

This is a great change, allowing Vesti to stack her skill 2 and trigger additional effects on her burst. However, this change is meaningless unless Vesti’s burst bug is also fixed.

Event Pass & Cash Shop

The Winter Pass will cost $29.99 (USD) and reward Emma’s limited Christmas costume, Baby Red. View the skin below.

The event pass will work similarly to the mission pass, granting level points for completing daily tasks and rewards upon leveling up. The event pass rewards include advanced recruitment vouchers and recruitment vouchers.

New items will also be added to the cash shop on December 8, and on December 15 after maintenance.

Baby Red Emma


New skins will be available during the event through the costume shop.

Covert Nurse Maiden
Model Worker Brid
Sweetholic Poli
Joy to the Nerds Exia

  • As compensation for the paid gem banner not showing pulls in order which caused confusion, all players who pulled on the paid gem banner will receive a special “New Commander Mold” which gives a guaranteed SSR. The mold does not include pilgrims, Helm, Laplace, or subsequent characters in its pool.
  • This will be rewarded as an achievement reward, and players who pull on the paid gem banner after December 8 will be able to claim it as well.
  • UI and description of paid gem banner will also be adjusted.

Bugfixes are unlikely to be announced until the day of the patch. Please check the bug guide for the latest information on bugs.

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