Rupee: Winter Shopper (Event Limited) – Should You Pull?

A young shopping livestreamer who brims with energy and passion. “I’ll be the one offering the finest outfits this season. Hehe… Am I getting carried away?”

Early testing results are in! Read our early analysis here.

This first impression was based on information from leaks and datamining.

Rupee: Winter Shopper

Rupee: Winter Shopper is a burst 1 AR tank and buffer. Read her skills and early analysis below.

Burst Type1
WeaponAssault Rifle
Skill 1 – Winter Premium
■ Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects all allies.
DEF ▲ 19.02% for 5 sec.
Skill 2 – VIP Gift
■ Affects all allies. Activates when any ally unit uses Burst Skills.
Shopping: DEF ▲ 1.33%, stacks up to 4 time(s) and lasts for 20 sec.
■ Affects all allies. Activates when the caster reaches max stacks of Shopping at the end of Full Burst.
Burst gauge loading speed ▲ 7.9% for 5 sec.
Burst Skill – Shopaholic Date
CD: 20secs
■ Affects self.
Attract: Taunt all enemies for 5 sec.
Recover 50.47% of attack damage as HP over 10 sec.
■ Affects all allies.
Reload Speed ▲ 63.17% for 10 sec.
Re-enter Burst Skill Stage 1.

First Impressions

Taunt + Self Heal: This is what makes Noise currently strong. Winter Rupee can only self heal on burst, so she may be a weaker taunter. However, she has strong defense buffs for herself and her allies. She is also a 20 second burst (that can also use a second burst 1 in the same chain) with other utility. This all makes Winter Rupee a strong competitor to Noise in the taunter slot (and also Ludmilla after bugfix).

Reload Speed Buff: This is what makes Admi currently strong. Winter Rupee’s buff is stronger, but Admi has more offensive buffs while Rupee is more defensive, which makes her a sidegrade to Admi. It should be noted that this skill’s value is much lower while the burst level bug is still present.

Burst Stage Reset: This is currently only in the game as a bug (Pepper, Yan). This allows Winter Rupee to not compete with Liter or N102 for burst 1, which makes her much more appealing.

Defense Buffs: Winter Rupee has good party and self defense buffs, making her a durable defender that does exactly what you want defenders to do.

Burst Energy Generation: Winter Rupee is the first unit to have an energy generation buff. Although it is unlikely to beat Harran or Centi (or Anis)’s absurdly strong energy generation, this is a very nice addition to her supportive kit. However, you must run a 2-1-2 team for this skill to proc with max stacks.

TL;DR: Winter Rupee looks to be a strong defensive taunter with good additional utility. Potentially competitive with Noise (and unbugged Ludmilla).

Should you pull?

This is simply my first impression. The unit may change and perform differently on the live server.

Edit: After preliminary testing, it seems Winter Rupee has an unavoidable 1.5 second delay between her burst and the second burst 1, which lowers her value significantly. Early testing results are in! Read our early analysis here.

  • Recommended pull if you lack a strong defensive option (Centi, Noise, Rapunzel, Poli).
  • Recommended pull if you want to make Scarlet or Alice strong but lack Admi.
  • Optional pull if you want to make Scarlet or Alice strong and have Admi.
  • Optional pull if you lack burst generation.
  • Do NOT pull if you need a DPS.
  • You may want to save for another future unit (Fairy Anne, Modernia).

One comment

  1. She really shows her insane value with a team consisting of Winter Rupee, Liter, Dolla(best for multiple targets)/Novel(best for single target)/Centi(best anti-nuke & decent debuff), Harran, and Alice. Basically turning your snipers into auto-cannons with really great team survivability. Her 1-second cooldown feels really bad when her skill 2 is still under lvl 6 where you can feel the faster burst cycle. You shouldn’t skip her as she has quite the potential of being a core character you might need in the future, thus you should just try to get her because you can always just get a new character mold for a later meta character but you can only get her now.

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