Rupee: Winter Shopper Early Analysis


Burst Type1
WeaponAssault Rifle
Skill 1 – Winter Premium
■ Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects all allies.
DEF ▲ 19.02% for 5 sec.
Skill 2 – VIP Gift
■ Affects all allies. Activates when any ally unit uses Burst Skills.
Shopping: DEF ▲ 1.33%, stacks up to 4 time(s) and lasts for 20 sec.
■ Affects all allies. Activates when the caster reaches max stacks of Shopping at the end of Full Burst.
Burst gauge loading speed ▲ 7.9% for 5 sec.
Burst Skill – Shopaholic Date
CD: 20secs
■ Affects self.
Attract: Taunt all enemies for 5 sec.
Recover 50.47% of attack damage as HP over 10 sec.
■ Affects all allies.
Reload Speed ▲ 63.17% for 10 sec.
Re-enter Burst Skill Stage 1.



Let’s first address the major problem that became apparent with testing: there is a 1.5 second delay between Rupee: Winter Shopper’s burst and the next burst 1, meaning there is a 2.5 second delay between her burst and full burst mode. So she is unable to benefit from ally burst and full burst buffs for the first 1.5~2.5 seconds of her taunt and lifesteal, and other units cannot benefit from her reload speed buff and their bursts and full burst mode at the same time for 1.5~2.5 seconds.

Though 1.5 seconds does not seem like much at first, over time it delays all your future bursts and could mean you lose out on your last full burst rotation. Against bosses like Gravedigger, where maximum full burst uptime is crucial, the delay can be very painful. The delay also hurts her viability in Arena, as it is paramount to reach burst 3 and full burst mode before your opponent.

It is not known if this delay is a bug or intended, but this is a major blow to Winter Rupee.


Unfortunately, Rupee: Winter Shopper’s survivability is much lower than we had hoped. She relies on her defense buffs and lifesteal to survive her own taunt, but her defense and attack stats are not high enough to support her kit. She starts to struggle to survive past her first burst from chapter 14 onwards, and dies almost instantly when the CP deficit stat penalty is too high.

Especially with the delay, she loses out on damage buffs for the first 1.5~2.5 seconds of her life steal, and so is only able to heal for a small amount. She rarely survives her full map taunt against waves in higher level content. Noise and Noah remain the only viable taunters in most situations.

However, Winter Rupee does better in stages without CP deficit and against single boss stages where she only taunts one enemy. In those situations she is much more viable, which leaves her room for a niche.

Burst Reset

Rupee: Winter Shopper resets the burst stage back to 1 on her burst, which allows for a four burst 1-1-2-3 chain, meaning her burst can be used alongside Liter’s. This makes her a fifth slot sub that can actually burst every rotation with her 20 second cooldown burst.

However, due to her forced 1 second delay on every rotation, this “extra burst” is not as valuable as originally thought. It may be better to simply bring a sub that does well without bursting.

Reload Speed

Rupee: Winter Shopper has the strongest reload speed buff in the game (now that Soldier OW has been nerfed), at 63.17% at burst level 10. This puts her in direct competition with Admi, who also buffs reload speed on burst by 50.91% at level 10. Since reload speed stacks additively and caps at 100% (at which point, there is no reload animation), in certain teams it is even more valuable than attack buffs. However, reload speed teams require heavy investment into skill levels for their full strength to be apparent.

Admi, when paired with Privaty and the resilience cube (reload speed cube) is able to reach 100% reload speed. Winter Rupee, with her 63.17% reload speed at max level, is able to reach 95.67% reload speed alone with just the resilience cube, which makes her a viable solo reload speed buffer for Scarlet. and possibly Alice (currently being researched). This could mean that a Winter Rupee reload team can potentially build the highest ST DPS team against single bosses in the late game. Though future units, testing results, and bugs and bugfixes can always change this, so take this theory crafting with a grain of salt.

The comparison between Rupee: Winter Shopper and Admi is as follows for their BiS reload speed teams:

BiS Reload Speed Teams Burst 1Burst 2Burst 3Burst 3Sub
Winter Rupee (Max Skill + Cube Level)LiterCenti/RupeeScarletAliceWinter Rupee
Winter Rupee + PrivatyLiterCenti/RupeeScarlet/AlicePrivatyWinter Rupee
Admi + PrivatyLiterAdmiScarletAlicePrivaty
Admi + Privaty (Centi)LiterAdmiScarlet/AlicePrivatyCenti
Admi + Privaty (Harran)LiterAdmiScarlet/AliceHarranPrivaty
Winter Rupee + AdmiLiterAdmiScarletAliceWinter Rupee
Winter Rupee + Admi (Harran)LiterAdmiScarlet/AliceHarranWinter Rupee

Winter Rupee is able to free up B2 for Centi’s burst energy generation, since she does not require Privaty to reach near 100% reload speed.

Admi’s team has much lower energy generation without Centi, and is only able to bring one of Scarlet or Alice if Centi is included. However, bringing Harran is also a great option as she deals good damage as well as generate high energy, and she scales decently with reload speed, though not nearly as much as Scarlet or Alice. Harran instead brings a strong AoE burst that is sometimes preferred over Alice’s high DPS during full burst mode.

It is also possible to bring both Winter Rupee and Admi. However, Winter Rupee’s burst energy buff is not as impactful as we had hoped (explained in further detail in the next section). Bringing Harran here for energy generation and AoE burst is an option as well.

Currently, most players’ skill levels are quite low, so this is mostly theory crafting. But as long as the way reload speed buffs stack and apply is not changed, reload speed teams likely will have the highest DPS output in the late game. Winter Rupee having a high value reload speed buff could mean she has potential in the future, though it is possible that other reload speed units (and burst energy generation units) will be released by the time we are able to reach high skill and cube levels.

Burst Energy

Rupee: Winter Shopper generates 20 energy per hit, like other ARs with a 1 second reload time. This is mediocre energy generation at best. However, she has a unique burst energy generation buff that buffs the whole squad’s energy generation by 4.34% at level 1, up to 7.9% at level 10. The buff kicks in after full burst mode ends which is ideal for the second burst onwards. This does not help generate the first burst, and the buff only lasts for 5 seconds which may not always be enough time. Although if you assume that you only use Winter Rupee against bosses, 5 seconds is usually enough.

Centi and Harran still remain at the top for energy generation as expected. In an average energy generation team, Winter Rupee’s Skill 2 will add approximately 30~50 energy per second depending on skill level and the team’s base energy generation. This is certainly valuable, but much lower than Centi’s 345+ energy per manual spam or Harran’s 290+ energy per second. Winter Rupee falls quite short of being a premium energy generator, and her Skill 2 should be regarded as a bonus rather than a main feature.


Rupee: Winter Shopper does not have the stats to back up her own taunt, and fails to survive in higher level stages with a CP deficit. This makes her a niche unit that can only be used when there is no CP deficit stat penalty, or against single boss enemies.

Winter Rupee has an unavoidable 1.5 second delay between her burst and the second burst 1, which delays future bursts, and lowers the value of her burst buff. This makes her unviable in Arena and other situations such as against Gravedigger, where fast burst rotations is paramount. It is not known if this is a bug or working as intended.

She has strong potential as a reload speed buffer, but reload speed builds require heavy skill level investments to truly shine. She has competition from Admi, though at max skill level Winter Rupee can potentially be superior (with an upgraded resilience cube). Although Admi is not limited by a ST niche the way Winter Rupee is, Winter Rupee’s reload teams do have potential to be the highest ST DPS teams against single bosses in the late game with max skill levels and upgraded cubes. Note that this is theory crafting and can always change with future unit releases (or future bugs and bugfixes).

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