Anne: Miracle Fairy (Event Limited) – Should You Pull?

This first impression is based on information from leaks and datamining. There may be changes made before live release. This page will be updated with any changes.

Anne: Miracle Fairy

Anne: Miracle Fairy is a support 2 healer and buffer. Read her skills and early analysis below.

Burst Type2
Weapon TypeRocket Launcher
Skill 1 – Fairy Dance
■ Affects all Supporter allies. Activates after 3 normal attack(s).
Recover 6.07% of attack damage as HP over 5 sec.
Skill 2 – Fairy’s Jest
■ Affects all allies. Activates when above 90% HP.
HP Potency ▲ 23.46%.
■ Activates when the last bullet hits the target while having over 90% HP. Affects all enemies.
HP Potency ▼ 78.93% for 10 sec.
Burst Skill – Blue Butterfly Slumber
CD: 60secs
■ Affects 1 random fallen Attacker ally unit(s).
Resurrect with 99% HP. Activates once per battle.
■ Affects all Attacker allies.
Restores HP equal to 38.61% of the caster’s Max HP.
ATK ▲ 77.22% for 10 sec.

First Impressions

Healing: Fairy Anne’s skill 2 buffs all healing potency by 23% while her HP is above 90%. This is not a difficult requirement as Anne heals herself as well as supporter allies every 3 normal attacks. She also heals attackers a significant amount (39% of her HP) on burst. However, her burst has a high cooldown (60 seconds) and she is unable to heal defenders. Though if your defender has self healing, then she is able to buff their healing.

Attack Buff: Fairy Anne has an extremely high attack buff at 77% for 10 seconds. This is only beat by Yulha (91%), but lasts 10 seconds and is able to be timed with full burst on demand. However, there is the large caveat that it only buffs attacker allies and her burst has a 60 second cooldown, so alas, Liter remains king.

Resurrection: Fairy Anne is the second character to have a resurrection ability, the first being Rapunzel, who also has a 60 second burst. Anne is only able to resurrect attackers and her healing is more conditional. However, Anne brings a strong attack buff and is burst 2, which makes her an interesting sidegrade.

Enemy Healing Down: Fairy Anne is the first unit to have an enemy healing down debuff. Some enemies with healing can be troublesome to deal with, and it is possible that there will be future content where this skill is extremely valuable.

TL;DR: Fairy Anne is an interesting sidegrade to Poli and Rapunzel. Potentially strong in PVP and other future content. Potentially strong as a second healer. Potentially very strong in certain fights where you need high burst damage at specific timings.

Should you pull?

This is simply my first impression. The unit may change and perform differently on the live server.

  • Decent pull if you don’t have a strong sub slot (Rapunzel, Poli, Noise, Helm, Dolla, Drake, Privaty).
  • Privaty is a good sub slot and she is free, though Fairy Anne brings healing.
  • Unique enemy healing down may be valuable in PVP or other future content, but is currently a luxury option.
  • You may want to save for another future unit (Modernia).

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