Neve (Free Event SR) – Skills and Early Analysis

Our first impressions, review, and analysis of Neve, the latest Nikke.

Neve is a burst 3 shotgun DPS. Read her skills and early analysis below.

Burst Type3


Skill 1 – Bear Power
CD: 10secs
■ Affects 1 enemy unit(s) with the lowest HP.
Deals 145.45% of ATK as damage.
Skill 2 – Hibernation
■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects self.
Deals Pierce for 2 round(s).
ATK ▲ 124.8% for 2 round(s).
Burst Skill – Roar
CD: 40secs
■ Affects self.
Critical Rate ▲ 31.95% for 20 sec.
Hit Rate ▲ 22.04% for 20 sec.

First Impressions

Self Attack Buff & Pierce: Neve has a strong self attack buff upon full burst with pierce. However, this only lasts for two rounds, which makes this burst damage rather than a DPS buff. She is interestingly the first shotgun with pierce, though it remains to be seen how valuable pierce is on a close range weapon.

Self Critical Rate Buff: Worthless while bugged.

Self Hit Rate Buff: This is a good buff on a shotgun. Neve’s hitrate buff lasts for 20 seconds which is good uptime and should provide a good DPS increase. It should be noted that Pepper’s burst can give Neve’s burst self-buffs 100% uptime thanks to the stack bug.

Damage to Lowest Health: This skill should help to quickly kill off weak mobs with low HP, and is a good source of DPS in boss fights.

TL;DR: Neve is a great burst 3 shotgun DPS for F2P players who do not own Drake, Sugar, Maiden, Isabel, or Pepper. She will be very valuable for those struggling with Interception S Gravedigger, and other boss fights or close-range stages.

Should You Raise?

  • Worth raising if you do not have an SSR shotgun DPS.
  • Optional to raise if you only have 1 SSR shotgun DPS.
  • NOT recommended to raise if you have 2 or more SSR shotguns.
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