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Alice Complete Guide

Our complete guide on Alice, a strong Nikke for your late game team comp.
Alice Pick Up Recruitment

Tier List Rating

Very strong self DPS buffs on burst that scales extremely well with reload speed and charge speed buffs. Good charge shot support. Good AoE from pierce. Must be kept above 80% HP for pierce, but this is easily achievable thanks to her passive.


Alice begins rather weak, however, she becomes very good late game. The reason behind this is because her Burst scales extremely well when invested high enough (+8), it is not recommended to raise her out the gates as a newbie, but rather a unit to keep an eye on and to prepare to raise mid-game as her campaign clearing abilities are rather limited due to the lack of AoE capability. Which campaign is the most important content to clear as a newbie since clearing campaign gives outpost levels which raise resource acquisition.

Skill Priority

Numbers listed below recommends what skill levels you are able to comfortably level on this unit, factoring how good her skills are to raise and if it is worth the skill books as skill books are very limited.

10410Very investment hungry unit, but pays off in late game really well.
Burst is main priority followed by skill 1.
Skill 2 can be raised just for HP leech comfort.
Does not perform too well at lower investment levels, only invest when you plan to commit. Huge single target damage

Cube Priority

Priority is listed as most important from left to right (Starting from Resilience). This is assuming user has no overloaded equipment yet. Refer to this page to see when User can unlock said cubes.

Resilience Cube – Reload Speed Increase
Wingman Cube – Max ammo Increase
Adjutant Cube – Charge speed increase

Overload Gear Priority (Late Game)

Tier 9 Manufacture equipment are dropped from Special Interception, which can then be upgraded to Overloaded equipment, the table below shows what stats are recommended.

Attribute (Sub-Stat)PriorityRecommendedNotes
Increase Element Damage Dealt★★★☆☆2-3xUseful against bosses such as Train
Increase Max Ammunition Capacity★★★★★2-3xGet ASAP, will be spamming sniper shots with Alice when high charge speed is achieved, mandatory for high DPS
Increase ATK★★★☆☆2-4xShe scales pretty well with attack rolls
Increase Charge Damage★★☆☆☆1-2xAn ok roll, but Alice would still want higher priority skills; OK to keep if wanted.
Increase Charge Speed★★★☆☆1x1 only needed max, as you will cap 100% charge speed at high skill investments + Maxwell, which you will pair with often
Increase Critical Rate★☆☆☆☆0xBeneficial to have, but by a minimal amount, Re-roll to better stats if possible.
Increase Critical Damage★☆☆☆☆0xBeneficial to have, but by a minimal amount, Re-roll to better stats if possible.

Early to Mid Game

Alice is an okay boss killer at modest skill level investments (burst at level 4-6) when starting out. She is rather in the average – above average side. However she can still be used against bosses with multiple parts (Big Bosses with named parts with HP bars such as left turret, right rocket, etc etc) and would perform rather well. This is due to her pierce mechanic on her skill 2, the skill allows her to hit the part/s AND the boss body in one shot, effectively multiplying her damage output depending on how many parts are hit. Do note Alice HP needs to be at 80% and above to maintain the pierce effect.

Late Game

Alice becomes a beast in late game, where she unlocks Overloaded gear. she scales extremely well with Charge speed and attack, she will want as much charge speed as she wants, up to 100%. She is used in multiple bosses, such as Union raids, Interception, normal chapter bosses and would do extremely well.
She’s able to fully charge her Sniper shots during her burst instantly because of her burst effects and with the help of Overloaded gear and units that help with charge speed (Yuni , Maxwell).

Note: Do keep in mind that this unit requires a lot of investment to be able to perform very well, do raise your other Core dps units before hard focusing on Alice.

Pierce Mechanic along with synergy with MX shown in videos bellow.


She can be used in Arena when invested, she will be able to hit units hard and fast. However, as she is a sniper rifle unit, team burst generation is slow and a team with Alice will most likely not burst first. Pairing her with Noah is highly recommended if not being used for other teams or any tank that is able to tank for the team.

Alice will do well against stall teams (Teams with Noise, Emma, and etc), but will struggle against teams that have the capability to nuke teams fast (Scarlet/harran, jackal teams) because of the Alice’s innate slow regen speed and her burst by nature. She’s still not an Amazing character to use in arena even at high investments, but she definitely can be used and can form a solid team.

Video is to specifically show case how Alice’s Burst (skill level 9) can perform in arena and how much ST damage she can do if left to her devices (which stall teams allow her to do). however this specific scenario in video shown above is not realistic as Noah died before getting her burst up.
117k (alice) vs 119k (scarlet)

Possible Comp (Team 3)

Makima replacement = Noah, Sin
Maxwell replacement = Anyone with high burst gen, such as any of the clip reload shotgunners and RL’s
Pepper Replacement = Jackal (If not used in nuke team), Neon, Ludmilla (Sometimes aggro focuses on Pos 5 depending on time, and weapon aggro, Ludmilla is a safeguard just in case Slot 5 is targeted instead of slot 1 at the start of the match)

This team will prevent Alice being killed via biscuit and makima invulnerability passive, with team taunt as well, this enables Alice to safely go through her burst, dwindling down the opposing Nikke’s fast. This team will not work against the usual Nuke burst teams, but would effectively do well against everything else, depending on how raised Alice is.

When using this team, Alice is recommended to be at burst level 10 with some overloaded gear, but some leeway can be considered and can be used at slightly lower investments.

Team Comps



  • Centi: Burst generation, Shield
    -Substitutes: Anis, Admi, Dolla (if using N102 and do not have Liter or Volume)
  • Alice: Boss Killer, DPS

Boss Stages


  • Alice: DPS
  • Maxwell: Nuke burst, Damage buffer
  • Flex unit (any unit that User would deem useful against said boss)

100% Reload Speed Comp

100% reload speed is achieved by using a raised Admi (burst level 4 or 5 depending on Privaty Skill level), Privaty (burst skill level 9 or 10 depending on Admi’s skill level) with Alice using the Resilience cube all in one comp. This comp allows her to shoot infinitely during full burst as having 100% reload speed as a sniper has a interesting quirk, where the sniper reloads every shot you take. It looks great in paper, however, using a damage buffer such as Novel is still a better pick for bosses and ST damage. This team is still a good substitute however if the user does not have novel. See video below.


  • Amazing late game unit
  • Self-Sustain
  • High ST damage
  • Can be used against all Interception bosses when geared and do well
  • Excels against bosses with parts via pierce mechanic
  • Cute


  • Starts out average
  • Very investment heavy
  • Limited AoE capabilities
  • too cute


  1. Is she still good if you don’t play her manually to motion cancel repeatedly? I tried practicing consecutive motion-cancel but it was too hard, my arm got tired.

    • you can leave her on auto, and she’d do pretty well, but it is highly recommended to manual use her for optimal damage, especially against bosses with parts.

      • I tried playing her manually, it ended up with much lower DPS than with full auto. Is it because i don’t have OL gear for her yet?

      • Auto does aim for core automatically, which may be easier for some people who have trouble aiming small cores/raptures. Shots are slightly delayed when on full auto, this is much more noticeable at higher charge speeds. But auto may not be able to hit multiple parts of bosses like manual does, as the AI does not prioritize that.

  2. I tried the Alice Arena Comp 3. But for some odd reason, my pepper was targeted first and dies. Which results my team unable to burst and loses. First battle, I positioned my Pepper on the 3rd slot, and the next battle i positioned her on the 4th slot. Does it still work if she is on the 5th slot? OR should I just replace Pepper with Jackal instead?

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