A genius researcher who loves nothing more than machines and knowledge. As the brain of Matis, she is both perceptive, whip-smart, and capable of producing weapons in a flash.
Summary: Strong Burst damage. Good attack and charge time reduction buff on full burst.
Early/Late: Strong Late
Skill Floor/Ceiling: High Skill Floor & Ceiling
Synergies: Alice, Harran, Snow White
Skill Priority: 1 > 2 > B
Cube: Onslaught




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity6
Reload Time2.00S
Control ModeCharge

■ Affects target enemy.
Deals 69.04% ATK as damage.
Charge Time: 1 sec.
Full Charge Damage: 250%.

Skill 1: Straight Shot


■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects 2 ally units with the highest ATK.
Charge Speed ▲ 4.48% for 10 sec.
ATK ▲ 43.1% for 10 sec.

Skill 2: Spark Shot


■ Activates when there are above 5 enemy unit(s), excluding NIKKEs. Affects self.
Critical Rate ▲ 4.83%
Critical Damage ▲ 13.91%

Burst Skill: Pierce Shot



■ Affects self.
Change the Weapon in use.
Damage: 813.42% of ATK
Max Ammunition Capacity: 1 round
Additional Effect: Pierce


    • The easy way to do interception is build a shotgun meta team and use the high burst gauge generation that this type of team has at close range to abuse Liter’s skill 1.

      I don’t think that Maxwell has any synergy with this strategy or any particular advantage against Gravedigger overall.

    • Yes she is very good against any interception boss. It’s just on early level she is very lack luster. If you’re still at interception s chance is you better off using sg team

  1. Please, I beg you – bring back position tab to Tier list so you can Sort who is Sub 3 and who is Burst 3. It’s very inconvenient now

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