Red Hood Guide (Updated)

Red Hood Nikke guide: Best builds, analysis, how to play, best teams, and more.

Note: Updated, Now reflects Red hood buff patch

Basic Info

  • Skill 1: Glaring Eyes
  • Skill 2: Wild Tooth
  • Burst: Red Wolf
  • Cooldown: 40s
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: III
  • Weapon: AR
  • Class: Attacker
  • Element: Iron
  • Manufacturer: Pilgrim
  • Squad: Goddess
  • SR name: Wolfsbane


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1: Glaring Eyes

Activates when casting a normal attack. Affects self
Charge Speed ▲ 3.81%, stacks up to I0 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec.
Activates when entering battle. Affects self.
Convert excess value over 100% of Charge Speed to Charge Damage
Charge Damage ▲ 240% of the excess value continuously.

Red hood starts with a basically permanent 38.1% Charge speed, and can be spammed to proc max stacks faster. This enables Red hood to deal decent damage off burst.

If there is an excess of charge speed beyond 100% (from burst), each % will be converted into charge damage at a 1:2.4 Ratio.

Ex. 6% extra charge speed = 14.4% Charge Damage
14.4% Charge damage + 250% (Base) = 264.4% total charge damage.

Skill 2: Wild Tooth

Activates when entering battle. Affects self.
Gain Pierce continuously.
Activates during Beast Cage. Affects all allies.
DEF ▲ 50.68% of caster’s DEF for I0 sec.
Activates during The Last Howl. Affects self.
Recovers 23.04% of attack damage as HP for 10 sec.
Activates when casting Red Wolf. Affects self.
ATK ▲ 71.42% of caster’s ATK for I0 sec

Red hood permanently gains pierce which greatly increases her burst generation and damage output potential.

The buffs given from this passive corresponds to what burst she is used in.
Beast Cage = Burst I
Last Howl = Burst II
Red Wolf = Burst III

Her burst I gives DEF ▲ , although the values look big, the impact of this skill in regards to survivability is miniscule and should not be looked at as a survivability tool in any means. This is due to how the damage formula works in this game, which heavily does not favor defense in most scenarios.

Red Hood Activates a very decent life steal when she attacks. Due to how high the values on her life steal are, she can sustain quite a bit of punishment before going down under high investments, especially if the boss has parts. The big issue with this skill is, you’re locked out of using her burst I or burst III after using it more than once. Making this skill extremely situational.

Grants a Big ATK buff for herself. Which is very needed due to how her burst value multipliers. More information about that in the burst section.

Burst: Red Wolf

When used in Step 1: Beast Cage
Affects all allies.
ATK ▲ 77.55% of caster’s ATK for I0 sec.
Affects self.
Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 40 sec. Activates once per battle.

When used in Step 2: The Last Howl
Affects self.
Attract: Taunt all enemies for I0 sec.
HP Potency ▲ 74.88% for 10 sec.
Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 40 sec. Activates once per battle

When used in Step 3: Red Wolf
Affects self.
Change the Weapon in use:
Damage: 51.6% of final ATK
Full Charge Damage: 250% of damage
Last for: I0 sec
Additional Effect:
Expand Pierce range by 100% for 10 sec.
Charge Speed ▲ 100.8% for 10 sec.

Steps here refer to the Burst number proc’d. She has a unique mechanic that allows her to burst in any slot, each providing a different set of buffs depending on what burst is used.

Since Red hood’s Cooldowns between bursts are NOT independent (Ex. If using her burst I, Her burst II will be on cooldown, and so on). This passive lets the player ignore that cooldown for one time. Allowing for one possible solo full burst rotation.

A Huge team ATK buff that lasts 10s, despite the 40s Cooldown. It is based on caster’s ATK, so investment in Red hood is needed to optimize her buffing capabilities.

This Burst is surprisingly great in early game and late game campaign. Well, for early game, everything kind of dies pretty fast, so let’s just gloss over that in regards to Burst I.

For late game high deficit clears, she works as a great buffer for some Hyper DPS Nikke’s. Due to how hard mode stages (chapter 12+) are structured, most stages end in 2-3 full burst rotations, any longer and the team gets wiped out due to how much damage raptures can do.



Of course, every Nikke can benefit from her burst, but these are the only Nikkes that can clear a stage efficiently enough in where the stage would be completed in 3 Bursts, more on that on the campaign section.

Unfortunately, outside campaign, the viability of this skill goes down. a 40s CD does not bode well against bosses. which means a burst 1 Nikke needs to be slotted anyways.

Taunts Raptures for 10s, a death wish in campaign however it may see its very rare use in boss fights because of her ability to self sustain, and due to a mechanic called i-framing. More on that on the special interception section.

HP potency ▲ affects healing received (Specifically to the buffed Nikke). This means that healers can heal Red hood’s HP easier. However, Max HP buffs are not considered healing by the game, even if they do technically heal.



Max HP Buffers


There are others but one can tell the difference from these wordings:

Recovers 9.58% of the caster’s final Max HP as HP.

Naga Skill 2 (Heals)

Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.
Max HP ▲ 43.87% for 5 sec.

Quency Burst (Max HP buff)

Post buff Red hood is a beast. Her burst III is able to do comparable damage to a Macro Alice on burst with rather optimal overloaded equipment. this means Red hood should be above Alice in damage early – late game for the general player base.

This burst can easily clear mobs in campaign with ease, while also being able to hit multiple parts much easier thanks to her Expand Pierce range by 100% for 10 sec.


Early Game – Mid Game

Red hood does amazing in campaign as she’s able to fill the role of a burst generator, buffer, and damage dealer all at the same time. She is able to deal devastating single target damage while also being able to wipe rapture waves with relative ease.

Red Hood Burst gen Capabilities and offensive capabilities

Team Comp (Early Game)

Liter,Blanc,Red Hood,Snow white: innocent days,Noir

Simple team. Deals good AoE and ST damage.

Burst I Replacements: Dorothy, Volume, Miranda, N102
Burst II Replacements: Naga, Dolla (If no CDR Nikke on Burst I). Rupee
Burst III Replacement (Noir): Privaty, Drake, Helm

Note: The player has 1 “free” Burst 1 proc, be sure to use it before/during the boss wave!
Note 2: Burst III replacements assume you don’t magically have all Pilgrim attackers. If the Player has Scarlet and/or Modernia, slot them in!

Late Game / Optimal Teams (High CP deficit)

Red Hood can be used either as a solo buffer or a DPS dealer. Preferably, she would be slotted as a DPS, but both are valid gameplay styles. This section doesn’t have team comps as flexible as Early game, if the player does not have the Nikkes below, refer to early game comps.

Buffer Playstyle

tia,red hood,Alice,Modernia,Naga

This playstyle needs hyper invested DPS’s as the main focus of this team is to finish the stage in under 3 full bursts. Any more than that, the timer runs out. Modernia can be replaced with Scarlet in some stages, but most preferably Modernia is preferred. If neither the school girls and Modernia are available, use Red hood as a DPS instead.

The Rotation is as follows:
Tia > Red hood > Naga > Modernia (1st full burst)
Tia > Red hood > Naga > Alice (Second full burst)
Leave 1 Fodder Rapture alive and wait until all cooldowns are refreshed
Destroy fodder rapture and enter boss wave.
Tia > Red hood > Naga > Alice, Full focus on boss.

After Second burst, wait time is needed before entering Boss Wave.
Extreme Deficit Stage Clear with Red hood.

DPS playstyle

Playstyle where most users would be using Red hood as. She’s able to clear elite raptures and bosses with ease.

Liter,tia,Red hood,alice,naga

Simple DPS rotation between Alice and Red hood. Alice also slightly increases Red hood’s damage by increasing her charge speed by 11% on full burst due to her passive. If the raptures are always targeting Tia due to her taunt, she can be used as a laser pointer instead during Red hoods burst. This relieves pressure from Tia as she won’t be taunting 24/7.

Note: Since core hits in this team is important, Aim assist is recommended so the players cursor would lock onto their cores easier.

Tia Laser Pointer. Reduces full screen taunts on Tia and no visual clutter while aiming.
Red hood burst 1 refresh saved for boss rapture, enabling very high burst damage for the final boss.

Burst Hold Variant

Red hood can also inherit the play style of burst holding, more specifically when pairing her with Maxwell.

Liter,Blanc,Red Hood,Maxwell,Noir

To learn more about burst holding, click here. Preferably you want to save her instant cooldown refresh proc before entering boss wave to massively buff Maxwell’s and Red hoods burst, most likely annihilating the boss quickly.


Red hood is a pretty great buffer for nuke comps such as Scarlet and Harran comps. Red hood is better than liter in that regard as she’s able to buff more and longer than she can.

She’s basically a better Alice in arena, dealing similar damage without she the need to reload, while also having buffing capabilities

Team 3 Set up

noah,red hood,biscuit,drake,noir

Noir/Drake can be replaced with Centi or Anis if not needed in Scarlet team for slightly faster burst generation.

Please check this document to know more about PvP burst generation:

Note: The Player needs to position Red hood depending on what burst is preferred to be used.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

Special Interception

Red hood does well against all special interception bosses due to her damage capabilities. Plug her into any team and she’d excel as a DPS.

Was rather excited to test her out against Alteisein due to her taunting abilities however I was solely disappointed. She has an awkward hitbox in where Red hood is not able to I-frame Alteisein’s Missiles consistently even when done right. However she can still i-frame other projectiles such as Black smith bombs.

As one can expect, she absolutely excels against grave digger due to her elemental advantage and damage capabilities. Not a realistic team, but a pretty fun clip to show. (Late game / Invested team)

Union Raid

Red Hood is a amazing DPS in Union raid. She can fit into Tia + Naga teams easily, with her preferred pair to be Alice if available. Our basic union teams right now seems to be looking like this if whole roster of Nikkes are available:

Volume + Naga + Tia + Alice + Red Hood
Liter + Blanc + Modernia + Scarlet + Noir
Dorothy + Novel/Marciana + Maxwell + Snow white + Privaty/Yulha

Solo Raid

Red hood will hog Tia and Naga in most scenarios in Solo raid due to the immense damage buffs both of the schoolgirls can give, it also greatly helps that she has unlimited ammo during burst. She’ll be a staple Nikke in almost all Solo raids for a long time.


  • Flexible Unit
  • Deals Amazing damage, even more so against bosses with parts
  • Campaign Pusher Goat
  • Pilgrim Tower Chad
  • Good skill scaling (Good out the gates + Skill investments also greatly increases her damage)
  • Too cool to be alive


  • Burst II is very niche
  • Would (accidentally) backflip over you and flex about it

Should You Pull?

Yes, you should definitely pull her, like, actually have to. She’s amazing. Mileage her if needed. 1 copy is perfectly fine for F2P’s but the more competitive players / spenders should definitely get more dupes for her as she will be a staple for union raids and solo raids to come.

Temporary Rating

Overall9.8 (SSS)
Story10 (SSS)
Bosses10 (SSS)
Arena9.2 (SS)

Recommended Harmony Cubes

Resilience = Increased Reload speed
Bastion = Increased Ammo Count

Note: Resilience and bastion are still wanted as they are most likely your leveled cubes. This offsets the charge damage increase adjutant and onslaught cubes give via stat difference. However if your adjutant cube is equal to the level of your resilience and bastion cubes, equip that instead.

Skill Priority

NikkeSkill1Skill2BurstNotesInvestment Priority
Red Hood 101010Skill 1 Gives more charge speed, which is then converted to charge damage during her burst. Can be raised to level 10 last, around a level behind skill 2 when upgrading.

Skill 2 is mostly notable as a buffer to her burst damage, which does insane damage.

Burst increases her team buffing and Burst III damage capability.

Overload Gear Priority

Gear Priority = Head > Gloves > Chest > Boots

Attribute (Sub-Stat)PriorityRecommendedNotes
Increase Element Damage Dealt★★★★☆4xwanted for Union raids and Solo raid content.
Increase Hit Rate☆☆☆☆☆0x
Increase Max Ammunition Capacity★★☆☆☆1xShe gets unlimited ammo during her burst. However one roll is still wanted because of her off-burst damage and burst generation abilities.
Increase ATK★★★★★4xSimply more damage.
Increase Charge Damage★★☆☆☆1x
Increase Charge Speed★★★★☆3-4xRed hood has pretty high innate charge speed, putting even more rolls would make her fire rather fast off-burst. Excess charge speed is converted into charge damage anyways during burst.
Increase Critical Rate★★☆☆☆1x
Increase Critical Damage★★☆☆☆1x
Increase DEF☆☆☆☆☆0x

Recommended Video Guide

Not my personal video, but if you prefer guides in a neat video format, check out this channel!~


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  1. Personally, even with her meh burst 3, she’s still been doing a great job on my team as burst gen + insane buffer/burst dps character. I still think her B3 should get buffed, but she’s still a top tier character in my book because of her versatility

    • @B) s+ Combined doesn’t mean too much. She just performs decently all around which brings her combined rating relatively high, otherwise if you look at separate tier rankings, there’s a good amount of Nikke’s that are above her in every content.

  2. They just announced a buff to her burst 3, quite literally almost double the values (LV. 10, 27.8% of final ATK as damage -> 51.46% of final ATK as damage)

  3. reading this after the update, its insane how i was just about to whine about not pulling for Tia + Naga, then after a couple 10 pulls lo and behold – i get them both right next to each other.

  4. oh boy… reading all of this and watching the story makes me with more desire to spend my 400 mileage tickets and get two more copies for LMB. the hard choices of f2p guys

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