Anne: Miracle Fairy Early Analysis

A fairy whose smile must be protected at ALL COSTS



Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity6
Reload Time2.00S
Control ModeCharge

■ Affects target(s).
Deals 63.13% of ATK as damage.
Charge Time: 1 sec.
Full Charge Damage: 250% of damage.

Skill 1: Fairy Dance

■ Affects all Supporter allies. Activates after 3 normal attack(s).
Recover 6.07% of attack damage as HP over 5 sec.

Skill 2: Fairy’s Jest

■ Affects all allies. Activates when above 90% HP.
HP Potency ▲ 23.46%.

■ Activates when the last bullet hits the target while having over 90% HP. Affects all enemies.
HP Potency ▼ 78.93% for 10 sec.

Burst Skill: Blue Butterfly Slumber


■ Affects 1 random fallen Attacker ally unit(s).
Resurrect with 99% HP. Activates once per battle.

■ Affects all Attacker allies.
Restores HP equal to 38.61% of the caster’s Max HP.
ATK ▲ 77.22% for 10 sec.


Unfortunately, I have not been able to collect as much testing data as I would like for Anne: Miracle Fairy before writing an analysis, for two main reasons:

  • Fairy Anne is an Arena (PvP) focused unit, but currently only Rookie Arena is open and there are a very limited number of opponents available for testing per account, and also each attempt costs 100 gems after the first 5 attempts, which makes collecting and collating data quickly very difficult.
    • Also because of this, we have not yet finished researching Arena mechanics and it is too early to know if Anne is good in Arena and how she competes with the meta, because we are not certain of the meta yet.
  • Fairy Anne has potential to be strong in certain boss fights, but Special Interception bosses rotate daily and we have not yet been able to test her against each boss, and the rotation order has meant we have not yet been able to test her against the boss she may be strongest against (Alteisen).

Still, I will publish this analysis prematurely so that players can make more informed decisions on whether or not to pull for Anne: Miracle Fairy, as these problems will take at least several more days to be overcome.


There is a delay on the application of Anne: Miracle Fairy’s burst attack buff. This is a problem for obvious reasons, as a B2 attack buffer that cannot buff instant cast Burst 3 bursts loses a lot of value.

However, this delay is NOT present in Arena mode. The delay has only been confirmed in other modes, and does not affect her performance in Arena mode.

Anne: Miracle Fairy’s burst attack buff is applied without delay in Arena.

I will take this opportunity to clarify the order in which skills cast and apply (delay skills are not delayed in Arena and apply instantly).

Skill UsedSkill AppliedExample Unit SkillSeconds since Burst 1 (approx)
Burst 1Burst 1 (Instant Cast)Liter Burst0.0
On Burst 1 Cast (Instant)Liter Skill 1 (second half)0.0
Burst 2Burst 2 (Instant Cast)Poli Burst0.5
On Burst 2 Cast (Instant)Delta Skill 20.5
Burst 1 Cast (Delay)Volume Burst0.75~1.1
On Burst 1 Cast (Delay)Volume Skill 2 (second half)0.75~1.1
Burst 3Burst 3 (Instant)Harran Burst1
On Burst 3 Cast (Instant)Vesti Skill 21
On Full Burst (Instant)Privaty Skill 11
Burst 2 Cast (Delay)Anne: Miracle Fairy Burst1.1~1.5
On Burst 2 Cast (Delay)Dolla Skill 2 (second half)1.25~1.75

Interestingly, it seems the delay of the non-instant skills can be somewhat reduced by pausing and unpausing. The inconsistency of which skills have delay and which don’t, and the fact that delay time is affected by pause could mean that this is a bug. This subject will continue to be researched further.

While this hurts her synergy in teams that rely on high damage instant cast Burst 3’s, this does not affect Anne’s synergy with Snow White nor her ability to provide high DPS during full burst mode.

Healing Potency (HP Potency)

Healing potency has been confirmed to NOT interact with Max HP Increase healing (Noise, Rapunzel, Frima, Solider FA). This means that Anne: Miracle Fairy CANNOT reduce an enemy Noise’s self healing, nor buff an ally Noise’s. This is likely due to a bug with Max HP Increase skills, and not a bug with Fairy Anne. This may come as a disappointment to some, but this was the expected scenario.

Still, Fairy Anne’s Skill 2 lowers regular healing such as Rapunzel’s healing on-hit. The skill also applies to enemies in PvE content. There may be powerful applications for this skill in future content, but is currently a niche skill.

Revive Bug

There is a bug where at times, revived units will actually revive at 0 HP with a grey portrait that eventually returns to normal if the unit is healed a sufficient amount. Sometimes, the revived unit will not be able to attack, use skills, or be selected by the player.

The revive bug was already present since the December 8 patch with Rapunzel’s revive, but unfortunately, we still have not yet been able to comfirm the trigger nor the exact trigger rate. After Anne: Miracle Fairy’s release, this bug has been known to affect both Rapunzel and Fairy Anne’s revives. The bug behaviour appears the same for both units.

This has been my biggest disappointment with Anne: Miracle Fairy. The revive bug limits her capabilities in Arena and the possible team compositions and strategies she can be viable in. The hope is that this bug will be fixed soon.

Arena (PvP) Potential

The analysis below is not informed by as much data as I would prefer. A more thorough Arena analysis is in the works.

Currently, the most popular arena units are Noise, Privaty, Noah, Rapunzel and Centi. Anne: Miracle Fairy can help to counter these units.

The example scenarios below will place the units as they appear before battle, in the preparation screen, NOT as they appear during battle, to avoid confusion. Enemy unit positions become mirrored during battle. Currently, it is believed that slot 1 is targeted first, then targeting moves to slot 2, 3, and onwards (assuming no taunt).

Noise Counter

TeamSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5
Enemy DefenseNoisePrivatyScarletRapunzelCenti
Player AttackNoiseFairy AnneSnow WhitePrivatyCenti

Noise has had an oppressive presence in the early Arena meta so far. Since the defending team will always win a time out draw, regardless of difference in remaining HP or the remaining number of units, this makes a tanky Noise the most popular choice in defense teams. If the attacker is unable to kill Noise, they will lose by default.

Killing a strong Noise even after killing all her allies has proved to be a challenge for some players. In such situations, using Snow White’s powerful burst to one shot Noise has shown to be effective. Anne: Miracle Fairy can not only buff Snow White’s burst to help kill the enemy Noise, but her buff lasts 10 seconds which leaves enough time to hopefully kill a couple more enemies during full burst time.

This strategy is somewhat countered by Privaty’s stun, which can stun Snow White during her long burst charge. The stun will reset Snow White’s burst charge back to 0%, but it can be charged again.

The defending player can attempt to counter the Snow White strategy by simply placing their Noise in a lower targeting priority slot, but this forces Noise to lose some of her value in tanking damage, and the attacker can position their Snow White to get taunted.

It is worth noting that Snow White will often overkill Noise with Anne: Miracle Fairy’s attack buff with burst skill level 4+ when the CP difference is low, so she is not crucial to this strategy. The attack buff is more valuable when there is a CP difference.

Noah, Privaty, Rapunzel, Centi Counter

TeamSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5
Enemy DefenseNoahPrivatyScarletRapunzelCenti
Player AttackNoiseFairy AnnePrivatyScarletCenti

Noah provides damage invulnerability for 3 full seconds, which is a powerful counter against high damage Burst 3 bursts such as Scarlet and Harran’s bursts.

Anne: Miracle Fairy provides a powerful 10 second duration attack buff which will outlast Noah’s invulnerability to kill off some of the opponent’s units during full burst time. Her skill 2’s last bullet effect which lowers enemy Rapunzel’s healing will also come into effect around the time she uses her burst. Pairing Fairy Anne’s attack buff and healing down with high RoF units such as Privaty and Scarlet will allow them to outdamage Rapunzel’s healing and Centi’s shields.

In this match up, it is important to note which team will burst first. In this simple example, both teams have Centi, Privaty, and Scarlet. Since Noah and Rapunzel have higher energy generation than Noise and Fairy Anne, the enemy Noah team will burst first, and their Privaty will stun first. The attacking player’s Privaty will then burst second, triggering full burst and her attack buff. Along with Fairy Anne’s attack buff, this is usually enough to kill a several enemy units during their burst cooldown.

Boss Battle Potential

Despite the long 60 second cooldown on Anne: Miracle Fairy’s burst, since the scaling on her attack buff is so high (77.22% at max level) with a 10 second duration, there is potential for her to be powerful in specific battles where high burst damage at key timings is valuable.

Currently, Alteisen in Special Interception is a very difficult battle as players are unable to destroy the missiles launcher and turrets quickly enough before units are killed. Fairy Anne may prove to be a key unit against Alteisen, but due to the order of Special Interception’s boss rotation, this cannot be tested until Sunday. This section will be updated after testings are done on Sunday.


It is very difficult to be able to say that Anne: Miracle Fairy is worth your gems or investment in the current state of the game. Below are the final factors to consider:

  • She is bugged (revive bug is certain, skill delay may be intended)
    • We can expect the bug(s) to later be fixed.
    • The skill delay bug does NOT affect Arena mode.
  • She can be strong in Arena.
    • According to leaks, Special Arena will require 3 teams for both attack and defense, and the matches will be best of 3. This means any and all decent Arena units will have value to fill up your roster and make it as flexible to meta changes as possible.
    • However, we do not know if there will be better Arena rewards, and if so, how good they will be.
  • She may be strong in some boss battles.
    • This is not yet tested and only a theory. Please wait until Sunday for an update.
  • Her unique enemy healing down ability has potential to have great uses in future content
    • This is currently a luxury option that does not have many applicable uses.
    • There may be other units with this ability released in the future by the time the ability becomes more valuable.
  • Modernia is confirmed to be the next banner, according to leaks.
    • Modernia is a Pilgrim, Burst 3 Machine-gun attacker. A first impressions analysis will be posted in a few days.

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