Anne: Miracle Fairy

Anne after being reborn as a winter spirit upon receiving some gifts from Rupee. Rupee's infectious positive energy has made her more cheerful and optimistic than ever before.
Summary: Very powerful attack buff, healing and resurrection on burst, but with a 60s CD. Strong in Arena. Good in short battles with Poli or Noah for a 40s>60s>40s rotation. Not as good in boss battles as hoped due to awkward long CD, but strong attack buff can still be helpful. Unique enemy healing down on S2.
Early/Late: Strong Late
Skill Floor/Ceiling: High Skill Floor & Ceiling
Synergies: Snow White, Maxwell, Poli
Skill Priority: B > 2 > 1
Cube: Onslaught, Adjutant




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity6
Reload Time2.00S
Control ModeCharge

■ Affects target(s).
Deals 63.13% of ATK as damage.
Charge Time: 1 sec.
Full Charge Damage: 250% of damage.

Skill 1: Fairy Dance

■ Affects all Supporter allies. Activates after 3 normal attack(s).
Recover 6.07% of attack damage as HP over 5 sec.

Skill 2: Fairy’s Jest

■ Affects all allies. Activates when above 90% HP.
HP Potency ▲ 23.46%.

■ Activates when the last bullet hits the target while having over 90% HP. Affects all enemies.
HP Potency ▼ 78.93% for 10 sec.

Burst Skill: Blue Butterfly Slumber



■ Affects 1 random fallen Attacker ally unit(s).
Resurrect with 99% HP. Activates once per battle.

■ Affects all Attacker allies.
Restores HP equal to 38.61% of the caster’s Max HP.
ATK ▲ 77.22% for 10 sec.

One comment

  1. She’s a PvP unit basically that if you invest in also makes some PVE fights a breeze. That’s all really.

    I’d love to see anyone running Noise and Noah at the same time. Because damn do they got issues, but that’s about all that will stop it when you use Miracle Fairy against Noise.

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