18-18 Guide

This guide will walk you through 18-18, a stage which is eerily similar to 15-18 at low CP.

Dangerous mobs besides boss

Same as 15-18, don’t drop one of the elite penetrator’s HP below 50% if you plan to use a stall team comp

General tips

This spot gives insane burst energy generation if spammed with rockets, it is recommended to have that spot not destroyed as it can be used for emergencies in boss wave. If you’re trying to clear at low CS, it is preferred you have Privaty in your team as her ability to stun elite mobs and boss here is very valuable as it gives you breathing time. Stalling here is also very important here as you want as much DPS when you get into the boss wave.

Team Comps

Poli, Scarlet and Noah can be replaced with Dolla, Harran, and Centi respectively (if you plan to use Centi, use her with Dolla as you will be gunned down by the sniper mobs/land mobs while waiting for or activating your burst at the second mob wave if you don’t).

Use your preferred Rocket launcher unit at the start to generate burst and use Privaty burst 3 for first wave. Destroy one elite penetrator and keep the other above 50% HP so it does not get an attack buff but damage it enough so it will start teleporting (he will block the view of the next wave sniper mobs, making it harder to hit them). when the second wave spawns, destroy some sniper mobs before the land mobs start spawning (they also hurt). Kill the squishy land mobs with your RL and force cover your other units until you get enough energy to burst again via manual rocket spam.

If you’re using Noah, the timing will be very tight as your burst might be on cool down, it may take a couple of tries to keep her alive while trying to get another full burst in, it might be preferred to not take cover using Noah when waiting for burst as if you manage to get her burst up, she is able to Tank hits without her cover being destroyed if it isn’t already. Stall the elite penetrator until you have recovered your burst then kill when ready. When using your Privaty burst here, time your burst right before the camera pans out from boss when he spawns, if you time it right, all but 3 land mobs remain, keep those 3 for a bit as killing them too early will spawn the next sniper wave if you are not ready.

kill them when either your burst is about to run out or they are about to attack. here’s where the spot I told you about earlier becomes handy, spam rockets into that spot while waiting for sniper wave to spawn, it should get you to full burst almost instantly. Delete boss after.

If you don’t have SW, A moderately invested and MLB (skill level 6+, and is able to go beyond level 160) Maxwell is a good substitute

Generate burst energy using rocket launcher unit, then use Noah burst. Unfortunately Noah’s (or taunt of your choice i.e ludmillia, diesel) purpose here is only one time use as she is used for bait in the first wave as her burst taunt’s all targets and receiving all enemy fire for a duration. Clear all first and second wave mobs except attack buffer as it will be used for stalling (remove Privaty helm and/or gloves if her burst wipes out attack buffer). Build up enough burst gen to enter boss wave with burst mode available, then hard focus on boss. A moderately invested SW should be able to one shot the boss, but you might have to fish for some luck if you’re using Maxwell as she may not be enough to fully one shot, but your team should be enough to tickle it down to 0 hp after if the raptures don’t immediately target your DPS’s.

Snow white at level 5 burst, Anne at level 4. Usually you want these higher (level 7) but even at lower investments, they get the job done even at high CS deficiencies. (don’t forget to NOT charge snow white beyond 800%~ as liter buff may expire, resulting in a weaker SW burst.)

This team focuses on sustain to be able to outlive the mobs waves at the end using Noise and Centi as defensive options. You are able to fight the boss 1v1 after all the mob waves have been defeated for a easier time.

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