Tia Bond Story Summary

Tia Bond Story

Episode 1:
Naga reminds Tia to sit properly in order to keep her spine straight. Tia corrects her position and thanks Naga for reminding her. Then, Tia asks Naga if she’s already done with the career aspiration form that they need to fill out. Tia doesn’t know what to write in it so it’s been blank for a while. Tia asks Naga what she wrote in her form so she could copy it instead, but Naga insists her to think what she want to do. After some thinking, Tia thinks that she does not want anything. Naga tells Tia that she should not copy other’s work and think for herself instead. In order for Tia to find out what she wants to do, the two goes to the Commander to ask for help.

Episode 2:
In order for Tia to find out what she wants to do for her career, the Commander attempts to give Tia a hands-on learning. First, Tia works as a maid in the Maid Café and is being trained by Cocoa and Ade before the shop opens. As the business is now open, Tia is able to perform spectacularly as a maid. However, the customers are having problems when Tia is handling the desserts and also affect the workloads of the other maids in the café.

Episode 3:
The next day, Tia and the Commander visits the animal shelter that is being handled by Biscuit, Nero, and Leona. The Commander thought that since Tia likes animals, maybe taking care of them would be her calling. Before they begin, Biscuit explains Tia’s responsibilities for the day. The moment they start, Tia is, once again, able to perform her job wonderfully. Nero is able to see how good Tia is as a caretaker of the animals in the shelter. However, a problem occurs when Tia puts Max on the top of stacked boxes, thinking that animals love heights. After hearing a loud meow, the Commander rushes to the source of the sound, only to see Tia attempting to give the kitten a bath. According to Tia, the kitten is filthy and thinks that all animals like water. So, she decides to give the kitten a bath. Nero reminds Tia that cats do not like water, to which Tia apologizes for her mistake. As the Commander tries to recall the things that Leona and Nero said, the Commander asks Tia what animals does she specifically like. Turns out that Tia actually likes reptiles. The Commander suddenly thinks that being a caretaker won’t cut it and, thus, time to find another job that will give Tia’s calling.

Episode 4:
When the Commander asks Tia what else she likes aside from sweets and animals, Tia replies that she likes the Commander and immediately gives the Commander a tight hug. Tia expresses how much she likes the Commander while being close enough to engage in kissing. However, the Commander stops her as their lips are about to touch. Even though the Commander tries to show professionalism, Tia still can see how the Commander’s face become so red. After some moment, Tia thinks that she wants to become the Commander’s secretary. As the Commander agrees and tries to give Tia her first work, the Commander asks Tia if she could prepare his breakfast. However, hours went by and Tia returns to the Commander’s room while carrying loads of boxes of desserts. As they were placed on the table, Tia grabs her phone to take a few snaps on the desserts before eating it with the Commander. However, in the afternoon of the same day, the Commander feel sick after eating lots of sweets from earlier. Tia asks if the Commander is okay but the Commander insists that he’s feeling fine and must not take a break as the Commander has a lot of counselling to do for today. At first, Anchor enters the Commander’s room as per the schedule of the counselling between her and the Commander. The Commander wants Tia to leave for a moment as the sessions were typically done one-on-one. However, Tia insists to stay as her secretary in order to keep record of the Commander’s sessions. The Commander rejects the idea as information from sessions were highly confidential. Tia gives up on insisting and finally leaves the room. However, with Tia feeling down (which the Commander sees as Tia leaves the room) and feeling sick from the desserts, the Commander cannot concentrate properly on his work. In the end, the Commander thinks that Tia won’t be a good secretary.
As the Commander is about to leave his room, Tia is waiting for him outside, wanting to thank the Commander before she left. Tia is grateful for the things that the Commander made her experience even though it only lasted for a day for each profession that she tried. As Tia leaves with a smile, however, the Commander thinks that Tia gives was a bittersweet smile.

Episode 5:
While in school, Tia still doesn’t have any clue on what she wants to do and keeps on slouching on her seat. Naga reminds her again about slouching back which could hurt her back. As Tia corrects her sitting position, Naga asks Tia if she finds anything that she wants to do after consulting with the Commander. However, Tia is still unsure of what to do. As a result, she writes “N/A” to her career aspiration form. Naga praises Tia for thinking what’s best for herself. In exchange, Tia wants to know what Naga wrote in her form, but still wants to keep it a secret and doesn’t tell Tia anything about it. Before Tia pass the form, Naga changes the word written in Tia’s form and write “Undecided” instead, thinking that the word feels more appropriate to Tia’s situation. Tia passes her form and concludes that all of her assignments are done. Tia thanks Naga for helping her as Naga showers Tia with praises for doing her best. Tia decides to buy a lot of desserts again and visit the Commander to eat the sweets with him.
On the other hand, Naga recalls what she wrote in her career aspiration form. In her form, she wrote “whatever the school wants”. To her, the surveys are meaningless as the school they’re attending to is not a real school at all.



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