Sin (Liberation) – Should You Choose?

We are not the source for the information on this page. There may be changes made before live release.

Sin is a Burst 2, AR, Taunter, Energy Support, and Offensive Support. All skill information below is for skill level 10.

Burst Type2




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity60
Reload Time1.00s
Base Burst Energy20
Control ModeNormal

■ Affects target enemy.
Deals 13.65% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – Full Stop

■ Activates when the last round of ammunition hits. Affects self.
Duplicate 15.03% HP of ally with the highest HP, lasts for 5 sec.
Attract: Taunt all enemies for 5 sec.

Skill 2 – Hurry Up

■ Activates after the Full Burst ends. Affects self.
Burst gauge loading speed ▲ 16.17% for 5 sec.
■ Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects self.
Effect changes according to the number of activation time(s). Previous effects trigger repeatedly
Once: Recovers 15.3% of ATK damage as HP, lasts for 5 sec.
Twice: HP Potency ▲ 51% for 5 sec.
Thrice: DEF ▲ 43.2% for 5 sec.

Burst Skill – Words can Kill


■ Activates when enemy unit(s) (excluding Nikkes) are more than 4. Affects all enemies.
Damage Taken ▲ 12.23% for 5 sec.
■ Affects enemies within attack range.
Deals 176.32% of ATK as damage.

First Impressions

Taunt All Enemies

Currently “taunt all enemies” abilities (Ludmilla, xRupee) are literally unplayable in any AoE stages of real difficulty because they die almost instantly after taunting. This severely limits Sin‘s use to only ST situations. Though technically, you can manual Sin to not trigger her last bullet effect. But it must be questioned if this would be worth the opportunity cost of manualing another unit, notably your RL energy support or your DPS.

This ability could be usable in Arena. Since in the current fast Arena meta, most teams reach first burst at 4~6 seconds in. Against the slightly slower teams, Sin’s taunt could line up with the enemy’s full burst time. Currently Diesel is used as the B2 all enemy taunter with her powerful tanking ability, but Diesel’s burst energy generation is quite low as a MG. Though Sin’s tanking ability is much weaker, she has slightly higher burst energy generation. However this does not seem especially strong compared to the other available options (Noah, Centi, Anis, xAnne).


Unfortunately Sin‘s Skill 1 description is a bit unclear here. If “duplicate” is a mechanic that will work similarly to the upcoming Max HP buff fix, she will presumably heal for 15.03% of the highest HP ally’s HP once per reload. It will have to be tested on the live version how the “duplicate” keyword works.

Sin also has life-steal on her Skill 2. As we have learned from xRupee, defenders barely heal from life-steal. Although starting from the second burst Sin also has a good self HP Potency buff, this is unlikely to be enough to heal through her taunt in AoE stages.

Since Noise‘s healing bug is getting fixed, Noise will become a weaker taunter. Though Sin is unlikely to be usable in AoE stages, she may be able to replace Noise as a taunter for ST bosses. Sin’s taunt up-time is just as high as Noise’s and she has decent self-healing. The major difference is that Noise is a 40s B1, and Sin is a 20s B2. Though Noise’s team-wide heal is a more powerful burst than Sin’s meager 176.32% damage burst (the damage taken buff does not apply against ST), Sin being a 20s B2 allows for you to bring a B3 support (e.g. Drake, Privaty, Modernia) instead of Noise while having a taunter.

Weak Burst

As explained above, Sin is unlikely to be usable in AoE situations due to her taunt, unless you constantly manual her. Sin’s damage taken debuff only applies when there are at least 4 enemies, and does not apply to Nikke, meaning it will not apply in Arena either.

This means that in ST situations, where she is likely to see the most use, her burst does a pitiful 176.32% of ATK as damage and has no other effect. Remember that Sin is a defender so it’s even worse than it looks.

Should You Choose?

These are merely my personal first impressions. There may be changes before live release.

Sin seems like a decent choice for players who desire a taunter for ST boss battles.

  • Unlikely to be usable in AoE situations due to all enemy taunt
    • Can be circumvented with manual play
  • Burst is very weak in ST situations
    • Damage taken debuff also does not work in Arena
  • Potential to be a good taunter against bosses due to 20s CD
    • Compared to Noise who is 40s CD, Sin allows for a B3 support slot
    • As we learn more about boss mechanics and i-framing, taunters are looking less important
  • You may want to consider choosing another unit (Quency, Guilty)
    • The other two options are also not particularly impressive
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  1. About as much as I expected for all three, none of them are particularly amazing, but they are free, so thats the extent that you can expect. They can fill some holes, but not completely fill them. I suppose they’re just to help people get pass the 160 wall.

  2. In game, the unit’s skill 1 description states it’s a Stun, not a Taunt. If that isn’t an error and I’m not mistaken, wouldn’t that change everything analyzed here?

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